Citation Alert!

In Stuffed and Starved I had a wee play on words around the speed at which we eat today, and the rise of Slow Food. The chapter title I came up with was “Your Pace or Mine”. I was quite pleased with myself for the pun, and was crestfallen to find out, a few days before publication, that it was a joke that someone else had already made. I cited the title in the footnotes.

In The Value of Nothing, I tell a joke about how The Lord of the Rings and Atlas Shrugged are both books that can change the life of a fifteen year old boy. It was a joke told to me by an old friend in one of the early conversations that shaped the book. But I’m mortified to discover that the same joke was published first by Kung-Fu Monkey. I would have attributed it if I’d had the wit to jump online and check. I’m very happy to acknowledge that it appeared there before my book was published. I’m also pleased that Kung-Fu Monkey likes Leverage, which is a guilty pleasure of mine. The premise: in today’s world, corporations and thieves have the law running their way all the time. Sometimes, to get justice, you need to grift a little.

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  1. No kidding they do…and now the supreme court, as well. Definitely seems to be betrayal by those that cannot be touched. Look forward to hearing what you have to say on this topic.

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