Call Me Brian


Growing up the first born son in a South Asian family, I got used to being quite the little prince. I wanted the privileges of primogeniture to carry on forever. When people asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, I responded with the full spectrum of acceptable answers: Doctor! Lawyer! Accountant! Dentist! Quantity Surveyor! Secretly, though, I wanted to be a prince. From what I saw of the British royal family, it seemed a job that involved a great deal of adulation, cash, and cars, and not terribly much work.

I mention this because recently a trickle, and then a flood, of email has come asking me whether I’m Maitreya – the leader of a movement that might be able to save the planet from itself. Some swift Googling and dipping into strange forums informs me that Maitreya is a leader foretold in a range of religions. Those who think that I might be the new prince of peace have been reading things from Share International.

So what, according to Share International, does Maitreya do? Through a doctrine of sharing, fraternity, social justice and cooperation, he (and it does seem to be a he, not a she) brings humanity back from economic and ecological collapse through new forms of spiritual community.

As it happens, I do think that sharing, fraternity, justice and cooperation are terrific things. I also think that prioritising the needs of the poor, hungry and oppressed is a non-negotiable part of a sustainable future. There are other similarities. The picture of Maitreya above shows the Buddhist avatar holding a water bottle, and I’m never far from mine. Apparently, stuttering is the mark of something esoteric, though I’m not entirely sure what that is. Finally, just as foretold, I did indeed fly from India to London in 1977, although the plane ride was a return trip from a holiday with my family.

Unfortunately, from I think that’s where the resemblances end. It frustrates me only a little less than it might disappoint those looking for Maitreya that, in fact, I’m just an ordinary bloke. I always wanted to be a Prince of Something. But when opportunity comes knocking, it turns out it’s to get me to sign for a package for some other dude.

It’s sad, too, that the thinking I advocate is pretty straightforward. One doesn’t need a messiah to show how capitalism has damaged our relationships, society, ecology, body politic and future. We have to reclaim it through grassroots organizing against capital, a commitment to human rights, gender equality, redistribution, and shared democratic control of the world’s resources. It’s like the end of The Meaning of Life (skip to 4:17) in which, finally, the meaning of life is revealed to be

try and be nice to people, avoid eating fat, read a good book every now and then, get some walking in, and try and live together in peace and harmony with people of all creeds and nations.

But that’s not the Monty Python scene that most immediately comes to mind. Instead, it’s this rather good bit from The Life of Brian, one that Python (Monty) productions granted me leave to quote from in my last book, Stuffed and Starved, and which I still think contains all one needs to know about how we need to create social change together.

Sadly, I’m not the Messiah. I’m just a very naughty boy.

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  1. Hello Brian,

    Hopefully, we can all transcend these petty differences and begin to look for ways to bring all of the people of the world the respect and liberty they have long deserved.

    Keep up the good work!

    Thank you,

  2. hey “the truth”

    S25:V30 Then the Messenger will say: “O my Lord! truly my people took this Qur’an for just foolish nonsense.”

    If you say “the truth is from God” then you’re not God

  3. Hi Raj,

    I am chasing down some candidates for the antichrist in my leisure time and found a boaster, who said there is no God. Of course this is just a joke, but I am really concerned that You approve the explanation of the sense of life to be
    “try and be nice to people, avoid eating fat, read a good book every now and then, get some walking in, and try and live together in peace and harmony with people of all creeds and nations”.
    How can it be that You want to explain, how the world can be saved, but have no ability to explain the sense of life?

    Best Regards
    Ralf Biermann

  4. I like the idea of giving you more time to watch Monty Python; I wouldn’t mind that myself. Seriously, you are very down on capitalism but make no mention of the greatest issues to the world; millions killed by socialist and totalitarian governments. Come on, do you truly think that this world would have been better had the US and GB not been able (through their resources from capitalism) to block Germany twice from mad escapades of war, or keep the USSR at bay through the cold war (even though the USSR’s killing of their own middle class made Nazi germany look like boy scouts – socialism/fascism at its best). The number of citizens that China exterminated widely varies but all agree it to be the worst slaughter in history; or perhaps the Muslim purging of Muslims/christians/infidels in general that goes on even today. I think that without all of these to contend with, human society would gladly work toward the goals you hold dear. Capitalism has fueled the greatest efforts of the modern era to save those in need around the world. Fix the parts that don’t work, don’t shoot the horse because the rider fell off.
    – Oh, and you are not an ordinary bloke; you are well spoken and receive media attention. You have great responsibility (regardless of all the nuts out there) to speak responsibly. Whether I consider you to be correct in your thinking or not (polar opposite actually), never fail to speak your mind. Here in the US, I think much of our troubles would have been avoided if our leaders were simply honest regardless of their viewpoint. I want to fire everybody right now.

  5. And what does Benjamin Creme have to say about that “Naughty Boy Brian”? You are about to be exposed.

  6. @Ralf Biermann. The real problem is not what Raj is doing or saying. The problem is that most people do not believe in no God. If a man talk about peace or avoid fatty food where is the problem?

    @Richard Downey. The capitalism, the communism and the socialist are ok if the governors are honest! The real problem is not the capitalism but the corruption. When capitalism becomes corrupt turns into Fascism! The Fascism promotes war everywhere (Libya, Afganistan, Iraq, soon Sirya and Iran) because a few family take money by the wars!
    I invite you to study the fascism and Mussolini story. I think that you will be able to understand that we are living in a totalitarian system.
    I agree that the communism was not perfect, specially when started the corruption

  7. Hey ‘TruthIsFromGod’, and now that you have a video, on your own YouTube channel, proving by that Maitreya’s voice that he is NOT Raj Patel? The man has a voice of that guy from the 21th Century Fox, nothing to do with Raj’s, come on…get real… (I don’t know what’s more scary, the bg music or his voice… LOL)

    Hey Raj (or Brian? LOL), it’s your voice, isn’t it? (LOL)
    Your voice filtered by a Darth Vader mask! (LOL)

    In fact, I think it’s the guy who played Darth Vader, is him connected to that Share International? (LOL) THINK: BENJAMIN CREME STATES THAT MAITREYA ‘CAME BACK’ TO THE WORLD IN 1977, EXACTLY THE YEAR THEY RELEASED THE FIRST STAR WARS MOVIE! BINGO! (LOL) DARTH VADER IS MAITREYA!

    I can even see that Maitreya being introduced to the world on october 21 (Harold Camping told it so! LOL), coming down with his ‘spacecraft’ (Vader’s Imperial Star Destroyer?) and wearing a Darth Vader mask, in order to reproduce that voice played at Creme’s lectures. (ROTFL)

    Oh my God! (LOL) Good that people isn’t skeptical like me, or that Maitreya wouldn’t have a chance! It’s so counterfeited that I no longer have any objection about he being called Christ! (LOL)

    Call him Vader! (LOL)

  8. To ‘TruthIsFromGod’ and people related,

    Stop disturbing Raj, people, Creme already said Raj is not Maitreya and even disliked the way Raj don’t support his talk on ‘the need of a messiah’ (I’m with Raj, I’m a sort of anarchist, no messiah is necessary, on the contrary, we should be saved from the saviours, that’s the only salvation we need).

    I suggest you watch carefully the following videos – the first one showing a lecture by Creme in which an audio message by Maitreya is played and the second one showing a few words by Joseph Emmanuel, the self-claimed Maitreya of the – for you to compare if the voice is not very similar at least:

    I think the voice is very similar, and if that’s the guy, it’s all about a much bigger counterfeit than people think, because what’s about that black guy who staged the ‘messiah’ in Kenya then? Creme says that it was a sort of alternative body created by Maitreya, and that the voice played at the lectures is his real voice, the voice of the man in his own body, himself. A man who can create different bodies for himself even being living in his own ‘main’ body… Sounds very yogic, and Joseph Emmanuel was taught by P. R. Sarkar (Ananda Marga), his guru, who gave him the spiritual name Maitreya.

  9. And here’s a guy whose voice fits exactly with that of Creme’s lecture and who claims to be Maitreya, from his own channel, check it out:

    He still doesn’t show his face, and he is counting his apparitions the same way Creme does regarding his Maitreya, and he seems to speak in many different languages.

    There are the guys for you to ponder about, fellows. Raj is definitely not that one.


  10. It is obvious that you are religious fanatics and fools the Americans are going to destroy if they continue with their estupideses .. There is no God outside of you fools, there is no God is yourself .. GOD IS ALL gafos not grab these books the Bible, the Koran Torat and toilet paper and use them to remove their excrement anus ONLY I AM GOD BUT GOD THERE aRE NOT sO IF YOU STILL KILLING IDIOTS cease to be GOD, GOD IS GOD OF LIVING PRO NO NOTHING of martyrs killed IGNORANT CHAO

    It is obvious that you are not no messiah and no one is no messiah, this plot and play the CIA is riding on the revolutions in the Arab countries and because of the leaders of the monotheistic religions that are engendered in this secret plan will wipe out a large part of the world population … ALL FOR THE STUPID FAITH IN AN IMAGINARY FRIEND.
    I’m sad too but people will die of the AMERICANS WITH SPACECRAFT CALL U UFO: Over a gullible people make them see demons and horses of the apocalypse with hologram effect and topple the government and so they planted consecutively nations in their new world domination system called: NEW WORLD ORDER
    And believers of lies are the good land to perform this operation successfully.
    We’re waiting here in VENEZUELA make us look the same just a hologram of this going to go but to shoot the ship with our artillery system are not going to trust the technology we rely on people just to see him shoot .. .

    Will die by an imaginary friend.

  11. hi,

    anyone can be the antichrist.

    it’s important to save your lifes and your honnor.
    Don’t follow’up the antichrist, but follow up God the One.


  12. To “truthisfromgod”

    I think it is quite rude to go onto someone else’s website and call that person a devil. You are a religious fanatic. Your manner of making your point is very untactful to say the least. Even though you are a follower of Islam, do you really think you will get people interested in your religion by accusing them like this? Do you think when you go about telling Hindus and Christians and followers of any religions who you are trying to convert that they are satanic that they will want to listen to you?

    And even if Raj Patel was the maitreya…how would you explain that the maitreya is still being channeled by Benjamin Creme if he is actually Raj Patel? Does the maitreya then leave Raj and temporarily possess Creme? And even so, do you really think you can take on satan in this manner? – satan is probably laughing at you right now! satan likes to cause strife amongst people and you are being his puppet.

    Don’t you think that this sort of personal attack and harassment can result in legal action against you?

    I don’t even know Raj Patel and I am not interested in the maitreya. But I am merely horrified at some of these posts here.

    Even if a people follow a certain religious belief which is exclusive, they can still show respect and love and kindness towards others.

  13. I don’t care if people think you’re Maitreya or a reincarnation of ANY person. I like the work you’re doing and I appreciate that you have, as some say in southern California, the cojones to stand up to capitalism and corporate greed and protest the WTO. I wish everyone could just get along. And I see you doing more than just your share in that department.

  14. ────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────
    ► • MAITREYA SPEAKS! • ◄


    “Maitreya in Nairobi – 11/06/1988

    On 11 June 1988, a man suddenly appeared before a vast crowd in Nairobi, Kenya, gathered to witness healing prayers. Instantly recognizing the tall, white-robed figure as “Jesus Christ,” the crowds fell down overcome with emotion. The editor of the Swahili edition of the Kenya Times, veteran journalist Job Mutungi, witnessed the event and took some pictures. A summary of his article as it appeared in his newspaper follows.

    About 6,000 worshippers at Muslim Village, Kawangware, Nairobi, believe they saw Jesus Christ, in broad daylight last week. The scene was at the Church of Bethlehem, where Mary Sinaida Akatsa conducts miracle prayers, praying for the sick, the blind, cripples, mad people, and the barren. Worshippers were singing Mungu ni Mwema, a popular Swahili hymn, when Mary Akatsa interjected. She announced that God had spoken to her and told her to “await a miracle because a very important guest would be coming to give her a very vital message.

    Five minutes later, she asked those who were singing to stop as the messenger had arrived. “Jesus! Jesus! Jesus of Nazareth!” went the loud whispers from the crowd as they raised up their hands in divine welcome.” (…)


    I Say No! No! Jesus Christ No!, Do Not Offend the Master, Please!, This Little Face Is Unmistakable!… This One there Is the Teacher of Warfare of Life! He Came to Teach Men How to Fight for Really!

    The Hungry Crowd Recognized Maitreya as “Jesus Christ!” (…)

    Oh! Irony That the Scariest! The Dancer and Teacher of Warfare of Life Compared to the God of Ordinaries and Vulgars!

    Jesus Christ : Taught to All Men As to Be a Dog!, Gave a Lesson of Life… of Life of Rat of Sewage! Distributed… Excrement, Mud and Crumbs of Mouldy Bread to Pigs and Mongrels (Curs)! and in the Name of the Most Sacred Lies!

    Maitreya : Distributed Bread… But the True Bread… the Bread of War! the War Which Is Found in the Dough! Will Teach to All Mankind How to Be Unusual, Bright and Warrior… But the Way Up There Is Short, Fairly Short… and Is for a Few… Is the Path of Extraordinaries… Is the Path of a Super-man! (…) And Still Blessed the Bread and Put in the Mouth of Each One of Them, Huh! (…)

    Je Dis Non! Non! Jésus-Christ Non!, Ne Pas Offenser le Maître, S’il Vous Plaît!, Ce Petit Visage Est Inconfondable!… Celui-ci Est le Professeur de la Guerre de la Vie! Est Venu à Enseigner les Hommes la Vraie Lutte! (Comment se Battre de Vraiment!)

    La Foule Affamée Reconnu Maitreya Comme “Jésus Christ!” (…)

    Ô! Ironie Que le Plus Effrayant! Le Danseur et Professeur de la Guerre de la Vie Par Rapport à le Dieu des l’Ordinaires et Vulgaires!

    Jésus Christ : Enseigné à Tous les Hommes Comme Étant un Chien!, Donné une Leçon de Vie… de Vie de Souris d’Égout! Il a Distribué… Excréments, Boue et des Morceaux de Pain Moisi aux Porcs et les Cabots! et au Nom du Mensonges Plus Sacrés!

    Maitreya : Distribué le Pain… Mais le Vrai Pain… le Pain de la Guerre! la Guerre Qui Est Dans la Pâte! Va Enseigner à Tous les Hommes Comment Être Inhabituelle (Singulier / Rare) et Lumineux, et Guerrière… Mais le Chemin Jusqu’à Ce Qu’il n’y Est Courte, Très Courte… Et N’Est Pas Pour Tous… Est le Chemin de l’Extraordinaires… Est le Chemin d’un Sur-Homme!!! Et Également Béni le Pain et le Placée Dans la Bouche de Chaque, Hein! (…)

    ¡Yo Digo No! ¡No! Jesús Cristo, ¡No! ¡Por Favor!, ¡Esta Carita Es Inconfundible!… ¡Éste Es el Maestro de la Guerra de la Vida! ¡Vino a Enseñar a los Hombres a Luchar de Verdad!

    La Multitud Hambrienta Reconoció Maitreya como “¡Jesús Cristo!” (…)

    ¡Oh! ¡Que Ironía Más Espantosa! ¡El Bailarín y Profesor de la Guerra de la Vida Comparado con el Dios de los Ordinarios y Vulgares!

    Jesús Cristo : ¡Enseñó a Todos los Hombres Como Ser un Perro!, Dio una Lección de Vida… ¡De Vida de Ratón de Alcantarillado! ¡Distribuyó… Estiércol, Fango y Trozos de Pan Mohoso a los Cerdos y los Perros Callejeros! ¡Y en Nombre de las Mentiras Más Sagradas!

    Maitreya : ¡Distribuyó el Pan… Pero el Verdadero Pan… El Pan de la Guerra! ¡La Guerra que se Encuentra en la Masa! Para Enseñar a Todos los Hombres a Ser un Extraño, Brillante y Guerrero… Pero el Camino Hasta Que Se Es Corto, Muy Corto… Y No Es para Todos… Es el Camino de los Extraordinarios… ¡Es el Camino de un Super-Hombre! ¡E Incluso Bendijo el Pan y Puso en la Boca de cada Uno de Ellos, Eh! (…)

    Eu Digo, Não! Não! Jesus Cristo Não!, Por Favor!, Esse Rostinho É Inconfundível!… Esse aí É o Professor de Guerra da Vida! Veio Ensinar aos Homens Como se Luta de Verdade!

    A Multidão Faminta Reconheceu Maitreya Como “Jesus Cristo” (…)

    Ó! Que Ironia Mais Assustadora! O Bailarino e Professor de Guerra da Vida Comparado ao Deus dos Ordinários e Vulgares!

    Jesus Cristo : Ensinou a Todos os Homens Como Ser Cão!, Deu uma Lição de Vida… de Vida de Ratazana de Esgoto! Distribuiu… Excremento, Lama e Migalhas de Pão Mofado aos Porcos e Vira-Latas! E em Nome das Mentiras Mais Sagradas!

    Maitreya : Distribuiu Pão… Mas o Verdadeiro Pão… O Pão de Guerra! A Guerra que se Encontra na Massa! Ensinará para Todos os Homens como ser Invulgar, Iluminado e Guerreiro… Mas o Caminho Até Lá É Curto, Bem Curto… E É para Poucos… É o Caminho dos Extraordinários… É o Caminho de um Super-Homem!!! E Ainda Abençoou o Pão e Colocou na Boca de Cada um Deles, Hein! (…)

    (…) →

    Maitreya Says: “2012 → The Day of Declaration → The End of the Christianism!!!” (…)

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    Maitreya Says: “2012 → The Day of Declaration → The End of the Capitalism!!!” (…)

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    Maitreya Says: “2012 → The Day of Declaration → The End of the Occident!!!” (…)

    Maitreya Says: “Occident: The Origin of all Evil!!!” (…)


    “The Religions Will Be Swept Out from the Face of Planet Earth!!! (…) So Rejoice My Disciples (Pupils!), Because the Dance’s Hour Approaches, The Stage Has Already Been Anointed and Blessed!!! (…) And the Dancer Want to Dance!!! Thus Speaks Maitreya, Dancer and Teacher of the War’s Little College of Life, and Woe! To Those Who Do Not Want to Learn this Lesson!!!”


    “Les Religions Seront Effacés de la Surface de la Planète Terre!!! (…) Alors Réjouissez-Vous Mes Disciples (Élèves!), Parce que L’Heure des Approches de la Danse, Le Stade Déjà Été Oint et Béni!!! (…) Et le Danseur Veut Danser!!! Ainsi Parle Maitreya, Danseur et Professeur de la Petit École de Guerre de la Vie, Et Malheur! à Ceux Qui Ne Veulent Pas Apprendre Cette Leçon!!!”


    “¡¡¡Las Religiones Serán Borradas de la Faz del Planeta Tierra!!! (…) Entonces Se Regocijan Discípulos Míos (¡Pupilos!), ¡¡¡Porque Se Acerca el Tiempo de la Danza, El Escenario Ya Ha Sido Ungido y Bendecido!!! (…) ¡¡¡Y El Bailarín Quiere Bailar!!! Así Habla Maitreya, Bailarín y Profesor de la Pequeña Escuela de Guerra de la Vida, ¡¡¡Y ¡Ay! De Aquellos Que No Quieren Aprender Esta Lección!!!”


    “As Religiões Serão Varridas da Face do Planeta Terra!!! (…) Então Regozijem-se Meus Discípulos (Pupilos!), Porque a Hora da Dança se Aproxima, O Tablado Já Foi Untado e Benzido!!! (…) E o Bailarino Quer Dançar!!! Assim Fala Maitreya, Bailarino e Professor da Escolinha de Guerra da Vida, E Ai! Daqueles que Não Quiserem Aprender Essa Lição!!!”


    The Goods Left By These Magnificent Works of God! (…) Let’s See:

    Backwardness, Poverty, Hunger, Ignorance, Stupidity, Lowness, Vulgarity, Exploitation, Slavery, Ethnic Divisions, of Social and Racial Class, Hypocrisy, Advent of Man-Cattle, Advent of Man-Dog, Consumerism, Dissipation, Superfluities, (…)

    All These Fetid, Filthy and Loathsome Religions Will Be Swept from the Face of this Earth! I Will Do this For a Matter of Honor! (…) Precisely Until the Day (12/21/2012!), Not Even Theirs Dust Will Be Left to Tell the Story!

    Les Possessions Laissées Par Ces Œuvres Magnifiques de Dieu! (…) Voyons Voir:

    Arriération, Misère, Faim, Ignorance, Stupidité, Bassesse, Vulgarité, Exploitation, Esclavage, Divisions Ethniques, De Classe Sociale et Raciale, Hypocrisie, Avènement de L’Homme-Bovin, Avènement de L’Homme-Chien, Consumérisme, Dissipation, Superfluités, (…)

    Toutes Ces Religions Puantes, Immondes et Dégoûtants Seront Effacés de la Face de Cette Terre! Je Ferai Cela Comme une Question D’Honneur! (…) Précisément à La Journée (21/12/2012!), N’Est Même Pas Leurs Poussière Sera Rester pour Raconter L’Histoire!

    Los Bienes Dejados Por Las Magníficas Obras de Dios! (…) Vamos a Ver:

    Atraso, Pobreza, Hambre, Ignorancia, Estupidez, Bajeza, Vulgaridad, Explotación, Esclavitud, Las Divisiones Étnicas, de Clase Social y Racial, Hipocresía, El Adviento del Hombre-Ganado, El Adviento del Hombre-Perro, Consumismo, Disipación, Superfluidades, (…)

    Todas Estas Religiones Apestosas, Sucias y Asquerosas Serán Borradas de la Faz de Esta Tierra! Yo Haré Esto Como una Cuestión de Honor! (…) Precisamente al Día (12/21/2012!), Ni Siquiera Sus Polvos No Serán Dejados para Contar la Historia!

    Os Bens Deixados Por Essas Magníficas Obras de Deus! (…) Vejamos:

    Atraso, Miseria, Fome, Ignorância, Estupidez, Baixeza, Vulgaridade, Exploração, Escravidão, Divisões Étnicas, De Classe Social e Racial, Hipocrisia, Advento do Homem-Gado, Advento do Homem-Cão, Consumismo, Dissipação, Superfluidades, (…)

    Todas Essas Religiões Fétidas, Imundas e Asquerosas Serão Varridas da Face Dessa Terra! Eu Farei Isso Por uma Questão de Honra! (…) Precisamente Até o Dia (21/12/2012!), Não Sobrará Nem Sequer o Pó Delas para Contar a História!


    The Our Sledge-Hammer Is Already Behind the Door… / La Nuestra Almádena Ya Está Detrás de la Puerta…

    Le Notre Maillet Est Déjà Derrière la Porte… / A Nossa Marreta Já Está Detrás da Porta…



    Consider This As an Open Declaration of War Against All Religions! (…) But… Not Only to the Religions…

    Thus Speaks “Very Softly, In Dirty Little Ear of Men…” The Super-Man / Maitreya / Anti-Christ! (…)

    Your Teacher and Saviour Is “Occult…” in “Occult” Brazil… , (3/15/2012)

    Considérez Cela Comme une Déclaration de Guerre Ouverte Contre Toutes les Religions! (…) Mais… Non Seulement à les Religions…

    Ainsi Parle “Très Doucement, Dans L’Oreille Petit Sale des Hommes…” Le Sur-Homme / Maitreya / Anti-Christ! (…)

    Votre Professeur et Sauveur Est “Cachée…” au Brésil “Cachée…” (15/03/2012)

    Considere Esto Como una Declaración Abierta de Guerra Contra Todas las Religiones! (…) Pero… No Solamente a las Religiones…

    Así Habla “En Voz Muy Baja, En los Oíditos Sucios de los Hombres…” El Super-Hombre / Maitreya / Anti-Cristo! (…)

    Vuestro Maestro y Salvador Está “Oculto…” en Brasil “Oculto…”, (15/03/2012)

    Considerem Isso Como uma Declaração de Guerra Aberta Contra Todas as Religiões! (…) Mas… Não Somente às Religiões…

    Assim Fala “Bem Baixinho, No Ouvidinho Sujo dos Homens…” O Super-Homem / Maitreya / Anti-Cristo! (…)

    O Vosso Professor e Salvador Está “Oculto…” no Brasil “Oculto…”, (15/03/2012)





    MAHATMA ZARA (The Super-Man / Maitreya / Anti-Christ)


    This is the last episode of my 40 episodes serie “Raj Patel – Maitreya – The Antichrist – The Dajjal”.

    From episode 1 to episode 40, I’ve followed the emergence of Raj Patel, aka Maitreya/Satan since January 2010 and his first major public appearance as Maitreya. I’ve provided and analysed all the articles discussing Raj Patel’s Messiahood/Identification as Maitreya, which have been released in the major newspapers such as the New York Times, The Guardian, the New Yorker, The Sunday Times, the Globe & Mail, I’ve not only exposed hidden messages from Raj Patel (as a wink to the fact that he is Maitreya) but I’ve also exposed that the authors of these articles were secretly related to Maitreya and to his satanic system (the company/illuminatis).

    Since 2010, Raj Patel’s ideas have indeed crossed the world and have been exposed and detailed through various mainstream documentaries worldwide, as mind control programs. The people of the world are now very familiar with Raj Patel’s philosophy such as Oneness, Activism, Collective Action, Sharing, Generosity, …. AND REBELLION.

    That’s not a coincidence that the Arab Spring and the worldwide upheavals have started just after Raj Patel’s emergence, everything has been meticulously synchronized in order to look real and genuine. The people of the world now truly believe that they can change the world through their collective action and by uniting together, …, the people of Satan/Maitreya/Raj Patel (the illuminatis and all his secret workers) have widely contributed to this illusion through TV, Documentaries, Books, Music, Movies, Social Networks such as Facebook, Collective Movements such as the 99%, Occupy, the Anonymous, the Indignants movement (indignados), the Arab Spring, the numerous brutal changes of regime seen worldwide…. EVERYTHING has been deployed in the perfect timing in order to make the average joe (the masses) believe that they are the true authors of these changes and that they are really taking their fate in their own hands and that they are going towards a new era, a golden age, an ERA in which the people rule themselves and become their own gods.

    The Plan of Satan is mainly divided in 2 phases: the Pyramid and the Inverted Pyramid Phases. The Pyramid Phase is our current and crumbling order, the one ruled by the so called illuminatis, the EL-ites (“EL” is another alias for Satan, “ELites” literaly means “disciples of Satan”), the satanists, masons, jesuists, templars, … (Satan has many franchises), the banksters, the Royal Pharaonic Bloodlines (the Pharaohs, the Greeks, the Romans, the Anglo German Empire). This phase has served to enslave the masses, to condition them to become sheeps, to brainwash them with all kind of false beliefs and stupidies…the main goal is to make the masses become totaly dumb, weak, lost, divided, ignorant, wicked, evil, … AND TOTALY VOID in the inside….In order for them to put the right program inside them during the 2nd phase: the Inverted Pyramid.

    The 2nd phase which have started since a decade aims to make collapse the pyramid and all what is related with it, and the goal is to make the people think that they are the true actors of this change (in order to make them really think that’s their real choice). This phase is directed by the New agers, the so called Humanists, the Ascended Masters (jinns presened as angels), …, and is to fill the vacuum which is inside the people with their new age philosophy: we are all one, we are our own gods, Universal Love (that’s a fake and despicable love)… Quoting Raj Patel: “No gods, no masters” that’s the motto of this new Era.

    Both satanists/illuminatis and humanists/New Agers are 2 faces of the same coin, both are deceived by the same devils, demons, jinns, aliens…., both are ruled by Satan. The Ultimate Goal of Satan is to make think the whole humanity that they are their own gods, that there is no good and evil, …, and therefore to put them in position to be punished by God.

    The 2nd phase (Inverted Pyramid, Collapse of the Current Order) has already started, it consists in the planned collapse of all the main institutions of the Old Order: the banking system, the Economical System, the Political System…. And we are witnessing this planned collapse through the world economic crisis, the crisis of the United Nations (which is not representative and powerless), the Arab Spring, the change of regimes worlwide…and SOON the middle East War and the Nuclear World War 3 which will be blamed on the religious divisions….WW3 is planned to be extremely violent and to lead us at the verge our our complete destruction, then a foreign actor (it’s necessary, as it is a world conflict, a neutral voice is needed, so it shall not be human) will intervene in order to propose us a new philosophy, it will be the public and official coming of the so called Aliens/extraterrestrial who will present themselves as kind of watchers, angels, …, who have already done their evolution far before us and who passed by the same steps than us, they will present themselves as a very technologically advanced alliance of extraterrestrial races who intervene for our planetary ascension and will propose us to continue WW3 until our complete destruction or to stop it and to become ONE, ONE WORLD RELIGION, ONE PEOPLE, ONE VOICE….. This will represent the worst perdition and lie ever known by humanity because these aliens are in reality demons, devils, jinns, Satan’s seedline, they operate under the orders of Satan and are here to deceive us about everything. WW3 will be blamed on religion ON PURPOSE in order to push the people to accept their all in one religion WHICH IS PURE SATANISM and therefore to disobey God and to give Him associates.

    The Law of God has remained unchanged since the first man, Adam, the rules have always been the same, those who obey God and invoke Him ALONE without calling other gods (imams, priests, rabbis, ascended masters, jinns, helpers, prophets, saints, guides… NO AUTHORITY EXCEPT ALLAH/GOD) beside Allah, have success in this life and an infinite reward in the Hereafter, whereas those who disobey Allah/God, invoke false gods beside Him, disobey His Law, commit injustice and crimes, are totaly destroyed in this life and burn forever in hell in the hereafter.

    The SOON coming Wars, natural catastrophes, great chaos and distress will represent the punishment of God/Allah on those who disobey Him and invoke other gods beside Him, and have other authorities beside Allah…If you rely on your governments, religious leaders, (false) prophets (such as the imam mahdi, the fake Jesus etc…), …., whoever else than Allah, … you’ll lose and you’ll suffer on this earth AND you’ll burn forever in the hereafter. If your accept this Reminder and Call from Allah, stop your sins, injustice, obey Allah ALONE, Obey the Quran and repent then Allah will forgive you whatever you did before, will protect you and will grant you an inifnite reward. These are not vain words, this text is a true warning from God/Allah, accept it or reject it and receive the consequences of your choice. The playtime is now over, it’s time for the serious stuff, it’s time to sign your choice: to continue with your perdition and to be punished VERY SOON or to repent and to turn to Allah IN EXCLUSIVITY, our SOLE AND UNIQUE GOD AND CREATOR, the Creator of All things, and to obey the Quran ALONE, then you’ll be in full safety and Allah will inspire you what to do in the midst of the coming Chaos and distress.

  16. The main problem with governments and people is time. every time you think things are right in the world. the next guy will cause disorder. greed will rule a mans heart for all time. for me, I value nothing, I want nothing. and when death comes i take nothing. i am just doing my time in my cell on these plains we call earth. man wants and wants. and when he or she does not get what they want they suffer. to only end up suffering for when something wanted is gained and has become better then what is owned. i am not old nor am i poor. i am not young or rich nor am i greedy. elites will rule and so shall they fall. wars will spring up soon. peace is not an option it is only a lie. only the true God can make everlasting peace. when the son of God comes to us it will not be a man of earthly illusions or CGI. Fires in his eyes and thunder in the sky when he speaks to us. with many many following angels him saying here comes the king of kings and lord of lords. Jesus Told us all how he will make his 2nd coming. Long ago as a man of the earth. and the next a Lord of lords in the sky. Raj Patel i truly feel sorry for you. I have been called Jesus at times when i did not shave. Just because i look like the picture of the fake Christ people hang up in there house. the white guy Jesus. and yet i am not truly all white. i am mixed with about 7 diffident nationality. and lastly. i don’t care what governments do with this world. the problems will never be solved. time only dissolves all mans good deeds. and yet not all man will be happy with good deeds because you can never make everyone happy with them. One will always have a bias even if they agree with is because they have to much ego. Its not religion or creed that makes war. it is Greed and Ego of man that make wars. If Greed and Ego where outlaw then we never have wars and almost every man would be in jail.

  17. You are Maitreya the False Mesiah. I know that you hate christians. Yes, I am a christian but adventist. I know that sabath day is Saturday not Sunday. In my language sabath is sobota, thats in Slovac. Because the seal of GOD is sabath not Sunday. And i know somheting and that is that you are SATAN and you are worshiping sun. I know also that pope is antichrist VICARIUS FILLI DEI saids 666. Youre New Age teaching and NWO will fall because The GOD will destroy you .


  18. Matthew 10:34
    “Don’t imagine that I came to bring peace to the earth! I came not to bring peace, but a sword.
    The Maitreya is not a saviour or MESSIAH you idiot people. The Maitreya is LUCIFER-SATAN. And somheting for you Benjamin ICE Cream. Do you hear it, do you feel it. Well Benjamin ICE Cream this verse goes to you. You are telling people that Maitreya is Christ. Well, I disagree with you. This is why:
    JOHN 2:22
    And who is a liar? Anyone who says that Jesus is not the Christ. Anyone who denies the Father and the Son is an antichrist.
    And you RAJ PATEL don´t get me wrong, but if you are follower of Maitreya who cames from INDIA or if you are the MAITREYA. Which only time tells.Than you should shave you´re head as those shaolin monks monkeys.

  19. I suspect this whole “Maitreya” thing is a decoy to distract us from finding out who the REAL antichrist is! Why would it all be so open and public?

  20. Raj Patel: “my views on religion”:

    He grew up a “God-fearing Hindu,” but now calls himself an “atheist Hindu,” even though, he said, “there are traditions in everything from liberation theology to Zen Buddhism that I find attractive.”

    – Lauren Collins (Our Far-Flung Correspondents, “Are You the Messiah?,” The New Yorker, November 29, 2010, p. 34 –

    1 JN 2:22 Who is a liar but he that denieth that Jesus is the Christ? He is antichrist, that denieth the Father and the Son.

    DAN 11:37 Neither shall he regard the God of his fathers, nor the desire of women, nor regard any god: for he shall magnify himself above all.

    Specifically, my hopes of a Catholic Marxist tradition emerging in the Southern United States is woefully ungrounded in an analysis of history. Although New England was initially conceived as a Protesant anti-capitalist enclave, crossing my fingers for revolutionary Jesuits to spring from the Bible Belt is, well, a little too wishful.

    What Are Jesuits? What About Liberation Theology? A Papal Explainer.

    More symbolically, liberation theology argues that God identifies with the oppressed, and that Christianity should take upon itself the lens of the poor. Both (liberation & black liberation) theologies are also often derided as “Marxist” by conservatives (remember Rev. Wright?: – find [Ctrl+F]: “Marxist”)

    1828 edition of Webster’s American Dictionary of the English Language

    Jesuitism JES’UITISM, n. The arts, principles and practices of the Jesuits.1. Cunning, deceit; hypocrisy; prevarication; deceptive practices to effect a purpose.,jesuitism

    Latin America’s experience is very specific, relating to its history, to various circumstances at the level of governments, popular organizations, and sociological movements such as the theory of independence and liberation theology. Schools of thought have ‘blossomed’ and have led to the present situation. (find [Ctrl+F]: “liberation theology”)

    PSA 53:4 Have the workers of iniquity no knowledge? who eat up my people as they eat bread: they have not called upon God.

    D.T. Suzuki: credited with introducing Zen Buddhism to the West.

    In 1911, Suzuki married Beatrice Erskine Lane, a Radcliffe graduate and Theosophist with multiple contacts with the Bahá’í Faith both in America and in Japan. Later Suzuki himself joined the Theosophical Society Adyar and was an active Theosophist. (find [Ctrl+F]: “Suzuki himself”)

    The expressions of those shared occult interests are clear, even if those interests should not be “overemphasized”. First, Suzuki’s theosophical interests were expressed, for example, when he and Beatrice opened a Theosophical Lodge in Kyoto during the 1920s as well as in the pages of the periodical they co-edited. (see p. 16/33)

    “Suzuki presents a version of Zen that can be described as detraditionalized and essentialized. This resemblance is not coincidental, since Suzuki was also influenced by Western esotericism, and even joined the Theosophical Society.” (find [Ctrl+F]: “even joined”)

    In a letter of September 1920 to the international secretary of the Theosophical Society at Adyar, Jack Brinkley wrote that (secretary of the lodge) Captain B. Kon had to retire for personal reasons and that he had been elected to fill the vacancy. He also mentioned that the lodge had been reorganized to ensure there were enough officers to do the necessary work and enclosed a list of the officers which included Mr. T. Suzuki as President and Mrs. B. L. Suzuki on the Lodge Committee.

    1 JN 2:26 These things have I written unto you concerning them that seduce you.

    1 TIM 4:3 Forbidding to marry, and commanding to abstain from meats, which God hath created to be received with thanksgiving of them which believe and know the truth.

  21. The antichrist will never admit he is the one until it is time, it won’t be much longer. The false prophet aka pope Francis is already here setting the stage. My question is did Raj Patel marry the girl he supposedly got pregnant

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