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Growing up the first born son in a South Asian family, I got used to being quite the little prince. I wanted the privileges of primogeniture to carry on forever. When people asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, I responded with the full spectrum of acceptable answers: Doctor! Lawyer! Accountant! Dentist! Quantity Surveyor! Secretly, though, I wanted to be a prince. From what I saw of the British royal family, it seemed a job that involved a great deal of adulation, cash, and cars, and not terribly much work.

I mention this because recently a trickle, and then a flood, of email has come asking me whether I’m Maitreya – the leader of a movement that might be able to save the planet from itself. Some swift Googling and dipping into strange forums informs me that Maitreya is a leader foretold in a range of religions. Those who think that I might be the new prince of peace have been reading things from Share International.

So what, according to Share International, does Maitreya do? Through a doctrine of sharing, fraternity, social justice and cooperation, he (and it does seem to be a he, not a she) brings humanity back from economic and ecological collapse through new forms of spiritual community.

As it happens, I do think that sharing, fraternity, justice and cooperation are terrific things. I also think that prioritising the needs of the poor, hungry and oppressed is a non-negotiable part of a sustainable future. There are other similarities. The picture of Maitreya above shows the Buddhist avatar holding a water bottle, and I’m never far from mine. Apparently, stuttering is the mark of something esoteric, though I’m not entirely sure what that is. Finally, just as foretold, I did indeed fly from India to London in 1977, although the plane ride was a return trip from a holiday with my family.

Unfortunately, from I think that’s where the resemblances end. It frustrates me only a little less than it might disappoint those looking for Maitreya that, in fact, I’m just an ordinary bloke. I always wanted to be a Prince of Something. But when opportunity comes knocking, it turns out it’s to get me to sign for a package for some other dude.

It’s sad, too, that the thinking I advocate is pretty straightforward. One doesn’t need a messiah to show how capitalism has damaged our relationships, society, ecology, body politic and future. We have to reclaim it through grassroots organizing against capital, a commitment to human rights, gender equality, redistribution, and shared democratic control of the world’s resources. It’s like the end of The Meaning of Life (skip to 4:17) in which, finally, the meaning of life is revealed to be

try and be nice to people, avoid eating fat, read a good book every now and then, get some walking in, and try and live together in peace and harmony with people of all creeds and nations.

But that’s not the Monty Python scene that most immediately comes to mind. Instead, it’s this rather good bit from The Life of Brian, one that Python (Monty) productions granted me leave to quote from in my last book, Stuffed and Starved, and which I still think contains all one needs to know about how we need to create social change together.

Sadly, I’m not the Messiah. I’m just a very naughty boy.

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  1. Hello Raj,

    I don’t take all this messiah stuff very seriously, but at least it’s led me to discover your writing. That’s one good thing.


  2. its like a madhouse in here.
    hope it doesn`t reflect to bad for you on planet earth.
    tnx for the book.

    P.s. all you crazy people should be ashamed of your self. There is people trying to work here. Get a job or a hobby or something.

  3. Hello Mai… – oops sorry, i mean RAJ … nudge nudge, wink wink.
    Blessed are the fishmongers.

  4. I saw your Colbert appearance when it originally aired. You seem like a good guy, so it’s unfortunate all this crazy stuff is happening to you!

    I really like how you’re responding to all this with a healthy dose of humor, especially the return appearance on the Colbert Report. Keep up the good work!

  5. Page 11 in the Saturday Guardian, not bad going! Did a double take when I saw you and Benjamin Creme mentioned in the same sentence, but somehow not suprised. It’s been too long, good to see all you are up to,page 1 on Google too, not bad going. Best of luck with your own family life. It made me ring Bina and tell her all about it.

  6. I read the article but the comments were more amusing. I have been laughing for the past 30 minutes non stop. This is too funny. People and religion are too funny. The world is not coming to an end and we will be here as long as we take care of the Earth. Our imagination creates infinite possibilities but our flesh is limited to the hear and now. Temper your hand and temper your voices and let Raj be Raj. We all are here and that is it, enjoy forever right now. God is love.

  7. LMAO – i find all this soooo funny. You seem like a nice guy and its very silly that all this is happening to you. Unless…

  8. Messiah doesnt declare himself until time comes. And you dont do that either. Huh…this Mitreya stuff lead me to discover you and your beleifs. I share the same thoughts like you that this world is driven by greed and fear. If we love each other, share the resources, we will be a happy society. Whether you are Mitrey or not I dont care. But we need to rediscover the value of food.
    Enjoy your new birth and the publicity..I hope it doesnt affect your work.

  9. He’s not the Messiah … he’s a shameless self-publicist.

    Frankly this is terribly bad for his ego.

  10. I am appalled by what I am reading here posted by so-called Christians and Muslims your religions need a common enemy to HATE it’s what keeps you UNITED in the CAUSE. You are so quick to put blame on everyone but yourselves.You speak of love .No way you hypocrites.

    Fundamentalists use Satan as the scape goat for the worlds ills .Muslims use the infidels as the cause of the worlds ills . Looks to me like the perfect excuse not to take responsibility for the mess humans have created .

    Christians have the blood of millions on their hands for the last 3000 years.
    Muslims have the blood of their women and children on their hands but oh yes I forgot ! Someone else is responsible. Because you interpret your Bible/Quran not the way it is written but the way YOU want to see it and of course it’s your common enemy at fault “never you”.

    How Dare you malign a man who puts himself on the forefront of the poor of humanity at least he is doing something besides spouting the bible and the Qur’an you morons .

    If the Messiah came back to earth today you so-called Christians would be waiting for him with a cross and stakes if you remember they asked the crowd if he was the messiah last time he was here .They answered ” how could he be it was prophesied he would be Elijah” no one believed him then either .The same goes for whoever Muslims are waiting for same crap different religion.

    Benjamine Creme was an old man and dying soon, he finally found his Savior he made a mistake .I went on his site NO WHERE does it say it was anything like Raj Patel but thanks to all this you have branded him with your religious intolerance against anyone who doesn’t fit the mold YOU have created in you stupid heads .

    Jesus would certainly be ashamed of you so would Allah I know I am . Jesus helped the poor sick infirmed. WHAT DO YOU DO EXCEPT SIT AROUND FEELING SELF RIGHTEOUS??

    AND JUST WHEN did God/Allah ask for you to help him Judge your brothers.

    Well Raj one good thing came from this it opened my eyes to the fact there are millions of people who need help in this world. I plan to be more active in the future your site is wonderful .I never knew anyone anyone had a handle on what was happening out there .

    The sad part it is mostly caused by the true believers of this world the ones running the corporations banks businesses here and in the middle east and other countries you guessed those almighty religionists they don’t miss church or the 5 times a day prayer towards mecca but they kill maime and starve their fellow man either directly or indirectly all in the name of their God and or capitalism .

    Keep up the good work and watch your back there is nothing worse than a true believer in a mass movement .

  11. Mr Patel I am impressed with the way you have handled this situation. You are definately a honorable, humble and very funny man. Bless you. x

  12. @cheryl

    Seems like the only one who’s had a heated (almost hate-filled) comment so far is you and your hatred of God or capitalism or pretty much anything that isn’t secular. You forbid us to judge anyone, but that’s your entire rant (judging everyone else).

  13. I apologize my comments were severe to say the least I was angry for a man who is trying to help people see the value in working together to build a better working system for the world. Instead he gets a bunch of fanatical people calling him the anti-Christ and they are so sure that he is they have judged him that is what I was angry about.In my heated reply I turned the tables .

    My anger is directed at the people who use religion as an excuse to further their Holy Cause and I was offended that Dr Patel was the recipient of such hatred and you are wrong
    I certainly do not hate GOD, I HATE IT When people use GOD or ALLAH as a lever to promote greed murder and corruption. Look around do you see “a world based on a belief in a loving God that loves people of all nations ,yet that is what religion and Islam teaches “What we say and what we do are to different things” .

    What they really teach is intolerance to anyone who does not believe what I believe .They promote fanaticism and keep people separate my church or religion is the only true one .

    You can say I am angry yes I am. We here on earth sit back
    and watch the abusive, corrupt corporations politicians
    religions,corrupt systems and say “oh my” sad isn’t it. Then we change the channel it’s to difficult to watch.But what can I do? Well I am no longer inactive .

    I am speaking out. The 2 major religions on the earth today that should be a force for good yet they are behind many of the problems. They have a history of violence and fanaticism towards others and their own people all in the name GOD or ALLAH.
    I realize there are many good people trying to live good lives in all religions yet when the leaders of these religions promote hatred and war they turn a blind eye there are enough Christians and Muslim’s in the world who see this to put a stop to it . The answer is simple (do not support them) if all the Christians and Muslims stopped supporting these priests/ leaders who promote this thinking.It would all be over very quickly but they do nothing. yes I am angry.
    How many little Muslim children, women have been maimed killed how many christian children now have no parents and for what reason “just so someone wins” because they have to be right.I do not see any VALUE in this . I am not judging individuals I am judging the ideology of people who support these religions .

  14. I wish all those who commented on Raj and the Coming of Maitreya would read up on Buddhism and its sutras (like the Bible) before commenting because what we have seen here are half-truths, falsehoods, and self-centered arguments. If I told you in the Buddhist Sutras, Maitreya is portrayed as coming back again and again to this world to point the Way to the ignorants among us and we would mock at him being an imposter and no more than a funny guy (as in the last reincernation of Maitreya, he was the jolly old fellow with the big belly; perhaps mostly seen in Chinatowns around the nation), you would think twice. In fact, Maitreya’s way of teaching is make himself seem ridiculous so we can reflect on ourselves, whether we take the stand on believing or not believing in him.

  15. It seems to me that Mr Patel and Creme have set this whole thing up, inorder to publicise Mr Patela and his world view. Mr Patel will continue to deny he is messiah until the time he considers it right to admit he is.
    Raj Patel is in on this whole act.

  16. Hello, Raj and readers,
    Raj, you certainly are an intelligent fellow with many of the world’s problems solved in your heart and ideas presented. I’ve followed Ben Creme over the years and hoped his prophecies will turn out as he says, with the One amongst us we can all love and respect. No doubt many others await Him with reverence and respect.
    Watching the way you handle yourself on the available YouTube videos (also on for the January Colbert Report shows)you certainly have the makeup and poise of a great figure. You may downplay your status and it’s a lot of fun to watch how you are able to conveniently dodge or reroute any kind of question or inference to being the Messiah.
    The clever and hilarious Monty Python segment echoes what Ben Creme has always said Maitreya’s teachings share- to believe in ourselves, to look to each other as brothers and sisters and work together as one to solve the problems of the world.
    Your grasp of world problems and the players behind them is awesome. All you do and your wonderful presence, Maitreya or not, adds to our healthy imaginations during the ‘hunt’ for the true Maitreya,Christ, Avatar of the Age Whomever He is. Keep on with your MANY great messages and wonderful enlightening work for humanity.

  17. Wow, what a crappy thing to have happen. I hope that people will simply listen to your suggestions if they feel they make sense. What I fear is that they’ll give you too much credence because they want to believe that someone will come save them, instead of doing the work themselves. Messiahs are for children; ideas are for adults. I hope the children won’t interfere with your life too much.

    To those folks, it almost doesn’t matter what you say; if they decide you’re their Messiah, later powerful people in whatever church springs up will reinterpret any idea you have to suit their own ends. I can’t think of any better example than Jesus Christ talking about turning the other cheek and not casting the first stone… and his followers, two thousand years later, are some of the most rabid proponents of heavy prison sentences and the death penalty. In the name of a person who focused primarily on love and tolerance, they preach viciousness and hate.

    Messiahs are *dangerous*. The concept causes people to shut off their critical faculties. I hope, for the sake of later generations, that the idea dies on the vine.

    You seem like a very nice, polite fellow, but you may actually do the world some good if you override that tendency and become somewhat scornful and nasty to people seriously calling you a Messiah. I suspect you’ll find this difficult, but clearly calling them superstitious idiots might salt the earth where this particular tree could grow. Your fundamental politeness and good humor may not serve you well in this specific case. Being a bit of an asshole might be very, very useful, as alien and painful as it may be for you.

    I wish you the best; good luck with an extremely, extremely strange situation.

  18. Well, perhaps we’re all potentially the next world savior. It’s only a matter of whether we step up to the plate with our brilliance and heart shining out. Judging from what you are teaching people, you appear to be doing just that.

    Keep up the good work. 🙂

  19. Dude, just go with it. You seem nice enough. Somebody needs to straighten this planet out, and if not you, who?

  20. Maitreya or not, I strongly agree with Mr Patel’s positions. I watched the one hour talk “The Real Price of Food” he gave at the College of the Atlantic
    on October 2, 2009. During the whole hour (including the Q&A section) I kept nodding on what he was saying.
    The world desperately needs thinkers like him, who speak out clearly about the inhumane aspects of the established system. A system that we have perpetuated for too long already.
    Time to make a change! And each of us is invited to do so. Make use, everyone, of your democratic rights, and not just by voting every four or so years and depressedly watching what will become of it. Think for yourselves! Oppose to your politicians’ decisions whereever you disagree! Speak out and take action! I strongly recommend as a good start.
    I bought two copies of Mr Patel’s “Value of Nothing”, one for my wife and me, one for a smart friend as a present.
    Love and courage to everyone out there, and sorry for the flaws in my English, I’m from Germany.

  21. Raj i believe you are Maitreya and won’t use that name just yet. right after creme said Maitreya gave his first interveiw then you popped up. its interesting the Name Raj means King in hindu

  22. “Qui est menteur, sinon celui qui nie que JĂ©sus est le Christ? Celui lĂ  est l’antichrist qui nie le PĂšre et le Fils.Quiconque nie le Fils n’a pas non plus le PĂšre”(Jean 2-22)”…car dans le monde sont entrĂ©s plusieurs sĂ©ducteurs, qui ne confessent pas JĂ©sus Christ venu dans la chair. voilĂ  le sĂ©ducteur et l’antichrist.”(2jean 1-7)”prenez garde que personne ne vous sĂ©duise.Car plusieurs viendront en mon nom, en disant: C’est moi qui suis le Christ (comme maitreya).Et ils sĂ©duiront beaucoup de gens.(…)Plusieurs faux prophĂštes s’Ă©lĂšveront et sĂ©duiront beaucoup de gens(comme Benjamin Creme)(…)si quelqu’un vous dit alors:le Christ est ici, ou:il est lĂ , ne le croyez pas. Car il s’Ă©lĂšvera de faux Christ et de faux prophĂštes, ils opĂ©reront de grands signes et des prodiges au point de sĂ©duire si possible mĂȘme les Ă©lus (vrais ChrĂ©tiens)”paroles de JĂ©sus lui mĂȘme dans Mathieu 24-4. LISEZ LA BIBLE!!!!!!!!!

  23. i dont think it really matters if Raj is the Maitreya or not, in my opinon what he stands for is what really matters. anyone with any intelligence, or rather just able to think, can see that there is clearly something wrong with this world that we live in, and one is either part of the solution or part of the problem.

  24. I really must openly wonder about some of these who so misunderstand the teachings of a man that they claim to follow, that they would accuse someone who is basically saying the same things as that man the opposite of that man.

    Of course, if those that claimed to follow this man known as Jesus of Nazareth actually studied what this man taught, as well as the way he is recorded as having lived, they would see that the path they follow bears no resemblance what this man both taught and practiced.

    If Raj is the Matraya (or however it is spelled) is rather irrelevant actually. – and calling the matraya “divinity” underlies a basic misconception of Buddhism, much like calling Jesus of Nazareth “divine” betrays a deep misunderstanding of his his teachings (and the teachings of the majority of the church that followed his teachings prior to the co-opting of the church following him by the Roman Empire at the Council of Nicea.)

    Siddartha, the one known as the buddha, never claimed that he was any more divine than anyone else – only that he was “awake” – Jesus of Nazareth claimed to be the “son of man” and said we are all sons and daughters of God.

    Viewed rationally, Jesus’s teachings (often in direct opposition to the teachings of the Church that mis-uses his name) were basically the same of Buddhism, but put to a Hebraic audience rather than a Hindu one. Raj, from what I have seen of him so far, is basically doing the same thing for the 20th century western civilization audience. He is by no means unique in doing this, I can think of many others who are working along the same lines, though sometimes in other facets of the same root problem.

    As to those who quickly point at anything that comes from outside a strict Dominionist viewpoint, (I will not debase the teachings of Jesus that the “mainline” churches have so twisted) ask yourself this, Would the real Jesus want the focal point of a church using his name to be the instrument of his excruciatingly painful torture and death?

    Ever wonder why prior to the Council of Nicea, the symbol that was used by early Christians was the fish, and it was not until the Roman Empire, who executed him in a way that was reseved for political executions, that the actual device of his execution became the prominent symbol?

    You want to look for the Antichrist? compare teachings…

    How opposing are the teachings of Raj Patel and Jesus?
    I have not spent the time yet stuying what Raj is saying to be authoritative here, but from what I have seen, they are pretty much completely in line. At least on the topic of food, and providing for the least among us. (which is really Raj’s main focus and thus the easiest to compare)

    Now lets compare the teachings of any prominent dominionist Xian figurehead and the teachings of Jesus, and let’s pick a favorite topic of these Xian figureheads – sex.

    Jesus, when he came across a prostitute getting her legal punishment, intervened and stopped it.
    She then became a main follower of his, possibly even penning a gospel in his name that the Roman Empire tried to eradicate entirely because it interfered with the patriarchal needs of the divine right of kings.
    Whether or not you believe he then married her depends on how much research you have done into traditional marriage rites of the time, thus learning who would have been responsible for the wine at a wedding.

    If you can name one prominent religious figure from the Xian front, who has called for the legalization of prostitution (rather than calling for harsher punishment while patronizing them in what they hope to be secret) then you might have a case.

    So, if we assume the term “anti-christ” means one who propagates teachings diametrically opposed to the teachings of Jesus, in an honest evaluation, who looks more like the “antichrist”, Raj Patel, or Jerry Falwell (or insert the name of your favorite Xian leader here)

    Who cares if Raj is the return of some prophesied teacher or not. He has good things to say that make sense and, if implemented, would lead towards a positive outcome for the betterment of humanity.

    Is that evil? I think not…

    And that then begs the question, how could anyone think it is?
    But then I recall a former Sercretary of the Interior of the US expressing his Xian dominionist views to the effect of “I cannot wait until the last tree is chopped down because then Jesus will return” (or something like that)

    Please, before you start demeaning great teachers, learn what they taught, please people?
    Your ignorance of what you claim to believe is killing us.

  25. The important thing is the good sense information that Raj (and others) are giving out to the world.

  26. Hi Raj,

    I just discovered you today and have spent most of it listening to your interviews and videos as well as reading your website and learning of all the “flap” and various opinions about you. heheheh. You handle them exceptionally well to say the least.

    You are precisely right on in my view. In fact, you spark what is already in the hearts of many of us. We recognize the apparently immense problems and see that the solution is really very logical, reasonable and simple–just rethink the insane manufactured social consensus realities of what is and what is not “possible” and bring out the pockets of SANITY, which already exist, and contemplate their example of how things should and indeed WILL be world-wide after the smoke clears and the dust settles.

    I myself am becoming very “garden” conscious as are many of the folks here in this small suberb of Kansas City where I now live. It seems to me that many are now recognizing that “business as usual” is a rapidly disentegrating dinosaur under the weight of its own dysfunction and the accompanying corruption of selfisness. Many folks are now finally starting to see that fact due to the present societal breakdown and the “loss” which many are now directly experiencing. Many are now discovering that things were certainly not as advertised nor as they had long assumed them to be.

    That little comedy bit from Monty Python is such a true parable! It is not that we need to be told what to do by some “messiah” but that we need simply to wake up to who and what WE are and act accordingly.

    All the ambient dysfunctional pressure cooker, in the end, is only a catalyst which served to help us brake through the crysalis which seemed like a prison but was actually (unbeknownst to most of the would-be Control Paradigm) only serving to strengthen the hidden butterfly to transcend into an entirely new way of thinking which is in resonance with the entire Cosmos and all Life.

    So, thank you for appearing on the scene and reminding us of what our hearts are already saying. It strenghtenes us to not doubt in the least the truth of our inner light and heart’s intention. :O)



  27. Dear Raj,

    finally you have returned. For my part, I totally changed the way I think and live, as I think we all should. So, I can only thank you and your brothers and sisters in showing the way. I used to be and still are a clasical consumer, but now, my goal, nearly completed, is to live happy on my own place on earth, growing my own food, and living surrounded with trees, flovers and pets, that know and love me. Now, lets push this ball down the hill, the party is starting….

  28. Dear Mr Patel, I have explained to my Mum over a period of four years about Mr Benjamin Creme and the Maitreya. She is now very interested. Mr Creme was kind enough to reply to a letter I had sent him. Sir, You are The Maitreya but, I shall abide by your wish and not {worship you}.
    Please say a prayer for my Mum and family and my dearest friend and her Mother.
    Please, remember the ones I love when the day of decleration is at hand.

  29. Maitreya? Antichrist? Christian Apocalypse??? You would think that by 2012 we wouldn’t believe in things like that any longer, but I guess it shows we still have some long path ahead to evolve.

  30. Hi Raj,

    New Creationism is a secular green philosophy combining humanism, concern for the environment, and the ethos of service (to our species and to the biosphere).

    To learn more, join me on facebook.


    William Tarkovsky

  31. If only for a moment, let go of all preconceived notions, rules and logic that have dominated our minds for ages and listen to the message. It is common sense and the truth; we are afraid that we might lose everything we treasure, yet I suspect we have everything to gain.

  32. Maitreya ou Antéchrist ?
    Si tu incarnes le mal, saches que tu seras vaincu
    Si tu incarnes le bien, tu vaincras!

  33. stephen hawking is matreya. check out click on #2 message from highest god to nations.he is said to be terrestial scientist who has code of god or on websites deserving of being anaylized takes u to share and read discovery channel announced his 4 hour special on universe aliens and mans future airing april 25.same day as ben creme announcement.he is extremely involved in large hadron collider.pope endorsed his theory 2008.oboma endorsed.he headed to iran in july.mad scientist with hologram majic.norwayspiral easy for a genius to do!

  34. january 14 was discovery channels announcement of stephen hawking 4 hour special.same day as share international announcement of maitrya 1st interview. this special is his 1st interview!not literaly but symbolicaly it is.

  35. Is it good to be self liberated? Just Kidding. Wherein “answers to butsu” enters the inquisative.



  38. The Funny thing is Raj is that you still haven’t really denied being maitreya. All I know is their is one Master one king, that is Jesus Christ!

  39. hmm,whatever you are ,you are!and i thought you will be one eyed,have you got some miracles 😉 ?

  40. Now, this makes a few things crystal clear:

    Raj, allow me to point out some of your statements:
    – the bible and tales about messiahs make for a bad society
    – we have to solve our problems for ourselves
    – we *can* solve our problems for ourselves
    – the way to achieve a better world is rebellion
    – you are keen to live in a world without God

    Sadly, nothing of this is new.
    From the very beginning, Satan (whose name, btw, is no longer Lucifer for he’s no carrier of light any more) wanted us to believe that we ourselves are Gods, that we can cope with life alone and that we’d have a happier life if we’d be without God because we suspect Him of withholding good things to us.
    These are some of the oldest lies of the world.

    “You will not surely die, the serpent said to the woman. For God knows that when you eat of it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.” – Genesis 1:4-5

    It is also the oldest mistake of man, preferring to believe in the lies of Satan instead of trusting in God his creator.

    Please don’t get me wrong: I am not saying that *you* are Satan like some other people do, which is rubbish as Satan is a fallen angel but you are a man created and beloved by God so that you can decide to accept Gods grace as long as you live – like everyone can. I’m also praying for you not to play the role of any kind of antichrist.)

    Furthermore, in your judgement of “messiah tales”, you are disregarding the significant fact that all good tales are just about responsibility. They show us that the decisions we make do have an impact on our life, on the lifes of other people, on our relationships, on the environment; they show us that we make a difference in this world.
    But the most important thing is that good tales are about love.
    And the very best of them are about a loving saviour.
    In fact, most of the timelessly popular tales have *some* kind of messiah figure in them. The reason for that is that God has put the yearning for Him into our hearts and nothing/ no one else but Him alone could ever satisfy this hunger.

    “Jesus answered, Everyone who drinks this water will be thirsty again, but whoever drinks the water I give him will never thirst. Indeed, the water I give him will become in him a spring of water welling up to eternal life.” John 4:13-14

    Good tales bring to us a little piece of the one great tale which is the story of God and mankind, which we can find in His Word and which is the most dramatic and most amazing love story that will ever be told and ever be heard.
    This is also about the relationship between each of us and God.
    Jesus has done everything so that we can live with Him from now until forever. He gave Himself as a living sacrifice for our debt. He resurrected from death and He will return and judge the living and the dead.
    Everyone is invited to His eternal Kingdom.
    Far more than just a Fairytale.

    Believe me, I am not saying these things to you all because some man or church told me, I’m not part of any earthly organisation! I can witness with my heart that Jesus is alive and His word is true.
    I also do not wish to annoy anybody here. I just can’t keep silent as I wish everyone to get to know Jesus Christ and to become a child of God forever. For this is true life. And the future is His.

    Be blessed, everybody.

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