Call Me Brian


Growing up the first born son in a South Asian family, I got used to being quite the little prince. I wanted the privileges of primogeniture to carry on forever. When people asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, I responded with the full spectrum of acceptable answers: Doctor! Lawyer! Accountant! Dentist! Quantity Surveyor! Secretly, though, I wanted to be a prince. From what I saw of the British royal family, it seemed a job that involved a great deal of adulation, cash, and cars, and not terribly much work.

I mention this because recently a trickle, and then a flood, of email has come asking me whether I’m Maitreya – the leader of a movement that might be able to save the planet from itself. Some swift Googling and dipping into strange forums informs me that Maitreya is a leader foretold in a range of religions. Those who think that I might be the new prince of peace have been reading things from Share International.

So what, according to Share International, does Maitreya do? Through a doctrine of sharing, fraternity, social justice and cooperation, he (and it does seem to be a he, not a she) brings humanity back from economic and ecological collapse through new forms of spiritual community.

As it happens, I do think that sharing, fraternity, justice and cooperation are terrific things. I also think that prioritising the needs of the poor, hungry and oppressed is a non-negotiable part of a sustainable future. There are other similarities. The picture of Maitreya above shows the Buddhist avatar holding a water bottle, and I’m never far from mine. Apparently, stuttering is the mark of something esoteric, though I’m not entirely sure what that is. Finally, just as foretold, I did indeed fly from India to London in 1977, although the plane ride was a return trip from a holiday with my family.

Unfortunately, from I think that’s where the resemblances end. It frustrates me only a little less than it might disappoint those looking for Maitreya that, in fact, I’m just an ordinary bloke. I always wanted to be a Prince of Something. But when opportunity comes knocking, it turns out it’s to get me to sign for a package for some other dude.

It’s sad, too, that the thinking I advocate is pretty straightforward. One doesn’t need a messiah to show how capitalism has damaged our relationships, society, ecology, body politic and future. We have to reclaim it through grassroots organizing against capital, a commitment to human rights, gender equality, redistribution, and shared democratic control of the world’s resources. It’s like the end of The Meaning of Life (skip to 4:17) in which, finally, the meaning of life is revealed to be

try and be nice to people, avoid eating fat, read a good book every now and then, get some walking in, and try and live together in peace and harmony with people of all creeds and nations.

But that’s not the Monty Python scene that most immediately comes to mind. Instead, it’s this rather good bit from The Life of Brian, one that Python (Monty) productions granted me leave to quote from in my last book, Stuffed and Starved, and which I still think contains all one needs to know about how we need to create social change together.

Sadly, I’m not the Messiah. I’m just a very naughty boy.

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  1. You have me convinced you are not Maitreya. I was later asking myself why anybody would mistake me for the water carrier when I was inspired to spell your name backwards. I came up with “jar” and “letap”. I thought “With a name like you just can’t win!!”. Good thing you are Raj Patel and not the other way around.

  2. The part 28 exposes the truth about what really happened during the mining accident of Copiapo:

    The 33 miners have sold their soul to Satan, in exchange, Satan put down in the right place the note indicating that the miners were still alive, which has permitted to the rescuers to continue the search and to save them.

    Each day, Satan harvested a new soul, after 17 days, the 33 miners get a majority of 17 votes in favor of Satan’s offer. The accident was on August 5 2010 and the miners were found alive on August 22 2010, in other words 17 days after the collapse of the mine: 1 day per soul.

    As you certainly already know it, the 33 miners have become millionnaires overnight and are now enjoy a life of wealth and celebrity.

    The mainstream media and our (demonic puppet) leaders have 100% staged this story as a psyop operation in order to prepare the world for their coming deception: the coming false Messiah (Raj Patel/Maitreya/Antichrist/Dajjal), the fake mass UFOs landing, and the release of Gog and Magog.

    God has fully exposed the devils and has re establish the whole Truth about this story. If you buy their false miracle instead of the Truth of God, it just means that you’re closer to Satan than to God, which means that you should ask yourself some questions for your own good.

    The release of Gog and Magog on earth is the Punishment of God under those who are disobeying.

    There is no fighting between God and Satan, God is the Sole Master, he decides all the matters and Satan obeys, torments and loses those who refuse God as their Sole Master. The fighting is rather within yourself, either you choose God or Satan, either you have a comfortable life either a life of misery.

    With God’s will, I’ll show you in the next episode why the story of the 33 miners is a sign of the release of Gog and Magog.

  3. @John Russel
    Anyway, Raj Patel or jar letap, he cannot win, the devils are only losers, just ugly losers, they have betrayed God and they think they are smart, they will soon be gathered in hell forever, they will pay the price for their ugliness.

    God can even make them totaly disapear as if they had never existed, but it would be too easy for them, they will burn in hell forever for being evil like they are.

  4. @Peter
    You’re right, Joan Foubister is connected to Benjamin Creme through Share International, that’s not a surprise that she’s also connected to Raj Patel. Creme and Patel enjoy the same contacts.

    Raj Patel is definitely exposed.

    Check this link, it connects Creme to Foubister:

  5. Raj Patel, the “comedian”, apparently, your cover is not well enough, you were probably thinking that everybody is aslept and obviously it’s not the case.

    Your whole plan is a failure by design… but at least contrary to your fellows, you know your end: hell forever, humiliated and ignored and cursed by all the creatures of the Universe. That’s the price to pay to challenge God and to spit on the face of your Creator and God.

    You’re nothing, nothing, nothing, 0 0 0, triple 0.

    Your Value is Nothing

  6. I think that Raj Patel is a good boy. Raj is NOT antichrist! Raj continue your work, don`t worry.
    your name is not 666 or 000. But one thing is no good…you are Shareinternational`s Maitreya

  7. The episode 29 definitely provides the ultimate proof exposing Raj Patel as Maitreya. The code “11” (the print of Satan) reveals the missing link connecting Raj Patel with Maitreya:

    1977 – Maitreya descended from his Himalayan mountain retreat to enter the everyday life.

    11 years later…

    1988 – Maitreya did his first major public appearance in Nairobi, Kenya, CNN has covered the event and the press has spread it worlwide.

    11 years later…

    1999 – Raj Patel has participated to his first major public action during the protests of Seattle against the World Trade Organization. Raj Patel was among the organizers of this event which took place on 11/30/1999 =
    1+1+3+0+1+9+9+9 = 33 = 11 * 3 = 11 * 11 (= 3 in binary).

    11 years later…

    2010- Maitreya, as Raj Patel, did his first major interview on a major show, The Colbert Report. Maitreya has started his open public mission.

    From 1977 to 2010, each 11 years, Maitreya has stepped forwards, 33 years after his emergence in the every day world, Maitreya started his open public mission as Raj Patel.

    This episode also provides the definition of the numbers 6/666 and the 7/777.

    6/666 is to point out the period during which Satan/Iblis/Maitreya has been banished from the heavens because he disobeyed God and refused to bow down to Adam, the first man.

    7 is for the current period that we are living since the 7th century: the Apocalypse.

    The Koran was sent down by God precisely during the 7th century to warn about the beginning of the Apocalypse and to provide the necessary signs to identify its end: the total destruction of the Universe.

    Maitreya precisely emerged on 7/7/77 and Raj Patel’s last conference is located in a highly symbolic place:

    The Rubin Museum of Art, located in th 17th Street (1 = God, 7 = Apocalypse), Satan is the Prophet of the Apocalypse.

    The Rubin Museum of Art is more precisely located between the crossroads of the 6th Avenue and the 7th Avenue, and we are precisely living in this interval of time.

  8. The episode 30 makes the connexion between the story of the 33 Chile’s miners and the release of Gog and Magog in our everyday world.

    The story of the 33 Chile’s miners is an inverted version of the story of the “People of the Cave” which is related in the Koran in the Sourate 18, “The Cave”.

    In addition, the Sourate “The Cave” is precisely the one (out of 2 sourates) who tells how Gog and Magog have been locked up by a powerful servant of God, called Dhul Al Qarnayn, and provides the signs of their release in the everyday world.

    The Sourate “The Cave” tells about the emprisonment of Gog and Magog and the inverted story of the 33 Chile’s miners is about the release of Gog and Magog.

    Moreoever the Sourate “The Cave” contains the secret codes “11” and “33” which have been used all over the story of the 33 Chile’s miners, and which are used for long by Satan and his puppets.

    In short, the story of the 33 Chile’s miners contains all the signs predicted in the Koran about the release of Gog and Magog.

    The release of Gog and Magog is among the great signs of the Hour, the end of the Apocalypse: the Destruction of the heavens and of the earth followed by the Judgement Day.

    It’s still time for you to redeem yourself and to accept God as your unique God and Creator, to accept all God’s prophets (among them Moses, Jesus and Muhammad) and to believe in all God’s holy books: The Torah, the Bible and the Koran which prevails as the last Revelation and therefore shall be obeyed.

    Fear your Creator, come back to him, he wants to save you by giving you this warning, he wants to forgive you, God/Allah forgives everything, just come back to him, that’s for your own sake

  9. The coming UFOs Mass landing is all fake, it’s an illusion, the goal is to make you believe that the Aliens are truly from outer space, whereas the truth is that they are from earth, they are spiritaul entities also known under the following names:

    Aliens, Pleidians, Fallen Angels, ETs, EBEs, Reptilians, Greys, Maitreya/Raj Patel’s Space Brothers, UFOs, dead relatives who communicate from the world of the deaths, Jesus-Mary-Saints’ appearances……

    These entities are just Jinns, shapeshifters, Master of illusions/deception, nothing they show you is real but they -The Jinns- are real, their illusion is real. They are experts in lying, all they want is to lose you.

    As God/Allah has perfectly warned us in the Koran, the evil Jinns, ie Satan/Iblis’s line of descent, are just here to deceive us. They cannot infringe our freewill, so do not be impressed by them, all they can do is to impress you and to scare you. They are going to make themselves visible soon under the form of extrerrestrials to play us their last deception, do not fall in their trap, it’s just an illusion, a dream, whereas what God offers you is all real.

    Watch this series in 4 episodes, it contains all the proofs exposing the Aliens/Space Brother’s as spiritual beings, sheytans, devils, malicious JINNS:

  10. Without getting into any weird mystism stuff, you are still a writer. Writers create ideas, good and bad. These ideas become “memes” that spread to people and give them ideas. Perhaps the same “memes” embodied in the idea of Maitreya live on in you in some way. I think we can ALL be Messiahs after a fashion, weather we want to be or not. My only hope is to be the butterfly that starts the storm someday.

  11. The episode 31 is to warn you about the Greatest Deception ever known in Human History: The coming UFO Mass Landing is all fake and is 100% staged in order to make the people believe that the Aliens/UFOs are from Outer Space, whereas they are terrestrials.

    The Aliens are also known under the names of Jinns/Spirits/Devils/Demons/Fallen Angels/Shapeshifters, they are Master of illusion, Masters of lying, Masters of Deception. Their head is Satan/Iblis/Lucifer.

    The principal Lieutenant of Satan on Earth is Raj Patel, aka Maitreya, the Antichrist, the Dajjal.

    The Governments and the media are under the control of the devils for long. Since October 13,2010, the devils have launched what they call the “UFO Disclosure”, they will simulate a huge UFO landing, the truth is that these Jinns/Aliens/Devils are Masters of illusion, the goal is to definitely lose us by claiming to be gods and that we are gods too.

    By mixing fiction with reality and reality with fiction, the devils have create a huge spiral of chaos, only the Guidance of God/Allah and our true faith in him by obeying his last perfect reading: the Koran, can permit you to discern their illusion from reality and to avoid to fall in their spiral of chaos.

    The Devils are REAL, Satan is REAL, GOD IS REAL, the KORAN IS REAL AND IS A WELL GUIDANCE AND A WARNING FOR THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE. It’s time for you to wake up and to come back to God or to definitely be caught by Satan’s spiral of Deception.

    The Aliens are part of Gog and Magog, and the other part is an army of “orcs/monsters” which will come out from the holes of the hills, it will be the last sign before the total destruction of the Universe before the Judgement Day.




  12. @The Truth is From God :

    The way of life and God’s will will take place regardless of episodes and numerology etc… that you speak so much about. Long live the resurrected King Jesus who overcame death and sin and who has the Earth and it’s enemies under him. Amen.

  13. @ TruthIsFromGod:

    Sorry, dude. Truth is from The Absolute Whole Truth And Nothing But Whatsoever. You’re so whacked-out it’s unreal. Where did you get all your interconnected nonsense from, your own mind alone? Are you God Himself to be so wise as to inform in such matters? Ever heard of the Baha’i Faith? (No, I’m not and never have been one) You know nothing of Islam and the Quran unless you know about the Babis/Baha’is religion and it’s emergence from Islam in 1844/63. I’m only scratching the surface here, and myself (a former devout atheist) had my own profound, “rebirth” alone in my own home directly at the Hand of The Almighty in Sep/Oct 1999 in South Seattle. I had visions of 9/11 before it happened and even lived in and worked on (carpenter) a Pentecostal Church for 2 months soon afterwards in early 2000. All will be revealed regardless. And The Whole Truth itself will prevail above all else. Why it’s the very essence of all that is, “Education”. And, “JUSTICE” is the keenest thing in my/our sight. So how now brown cow?

    “Behold, I come as a thief”

    Gemini (II) Christ/Antichrist
    Over and out!

  14. On 29 November 2010, the New Yorker has released a new article on Raj Patel which counts not less than 7 PAGES to discuss AGAIN and AGAIN about the Maitreya’s case.

    Obviously, the mainstream media are looking for any pretext to bring up the question of Raj Patel’s “Messiahood/ Maitreyahood”, they are deliberatly restimulating the debate again and again order to maintain the focus on Raj Patel.

    This part also presents hard proofs about “MarcLA13”, the Youtuber who has uploaded the first video pointing out Raj Patel as Maitreya: “Was this the first Maitreya Interview ?”. After a quick analysis, it becomes clear that MarcLA13 was not acting on his own but was just doing his job as a Maitreya’s agent working undercover.

  15. I’m sorry for TheTruthIsFromGod’s constant ignorance and insults. He truly believes you are a demon, and is as ignorant and as thick headed as a rock. Personally i think he is a troll. He believes anybody from any other religion promising more peace than his own “deity” is a demon,jinn, whatever. You seem like a nice fellow, but you, according to Share International, who i saw at a UFO convention last year, are not Maitreya.

  16. There is a person named Dr.k.kondiah &his family members who are secretly without anybodys knowledge are ruling this earth.they have got the power to remain immortal physically without any physical death.they have got spiritual powers also .they have taken control of all the nations without anybodys knowledge.his address is plot no 48,p&t colony tirumalagiri,secunderabad.a.p. india.they are interfering in every research on planet and using people as guinea pigs.they are wantedlly keeping low profile so that no one doubts them.take action before 1march 2011,because they are going to undisclosed destination in u.s.a.his two sons srinivas and DR.devender and daughter uma who are in u.s.a.are also involved in this process.they are many researchers happening all over the world to make man immortalbut these people have got the method which they dont deserve.Now they will not allow any man to remain immortal on the physical plane because he becomes threat to their position.they have got a network to get things done for them.they are extremely dangerous and threat to entire humanity.Dr.k.kondiah works in vijaya health care,opposite to passport office,secunderabad.please pass on this message to all the good people and people with will to do good.please take necessary and immediate action before it is too late that is 1st march 2011 because they are moving to undisclosed destination in u.s.a.

  17. People! Chill out! Stop judging him so weirdly. It’s really creepy. Give him some space. If you think he’s evil, give him love. Isn’t that what Jesus said to do? Give love to everyone, especially your enemy. I don’t know Raj, so I can’t claim to know his intentions, but what I’ve heard about him is awesome: sharing, peace, health, freedom, and equality.

    Stop focusing on him and pay attention. Jesus had some good ideas, but the people couldn’t handle it and freaked out. Stop freaking out! Relax, calm down, it’ll be alright. Stop pointing fingers.

    Focus on love, caring, kindness, peace, joy, sharing, fun, happiness, play, music, dancing, art, friendship, celebration, life, health, respect, etc.

    There are a lot of people focusing on negative ideas and feelings. Cheer up! The world can be a great place if we focus on the good stuff. Stop trying to find someone to blame for the problems of the world. Lets work together to create a happy world.

  18. I’m always astonished to read the nonsense on the other side of the ocean… People really, truly believing that a writer with ideas which are just stroking the corporate social responsibility aspects of the economy, can be turned into an Anti Christ figure. Normally I would say; “This can only happen in America…” However misguided ideas and being crazy can be contagious. Dutch people are famous for their conciseness. Maybe you guys should be too. People are always looking for the defined people and there are people who are always looking in the conspiracy side… This is a first class example where two world meet that the door step of Raj…
    To Raj, keep up the good writing and pointing these ideas on the table. And don’t let idiots from Share International or misguided Revelations geeks fool you over. To you misguided Share International and or Revelations geeks… Get a life!

    Dutch Guy from the other side of the Ocean… Over and out.

  19. Come on, people! This article by Raj is what he really means, he is NOT the messiah, it’s all that he is saying! I did listen to an interview with him some channel did via telephone, and the guy asked him clearly if he is the messiah or not, and he clearly stated ‘no’, but then the jokers started ‘oh, it’s he! He would deny it!’… His ideas are noble, but why the hell you people don’t believe he is saying ‘no’ actually? Don’t you think that it would be a stupid strategy of him to deny it if he were the man? Come on, people! Support Raj’s ideas for their noble principle, but not for he being or not a messiah or something. Jesus supposedly said that those who are from ‘the Father’ performs the works that the Father would like to see, uh? Then, come on, let’s pay attention to Raj’s noble ideas, and not to such a identity, it doesn’t matter if he is a messiah or not, what’s the difference? If he were a self-claimed messiah but had the opposite ideas, it would be a shit, no? Then why the hell giving importance to such a silly paranoia instead of paying attention to the serious and noble ideas he has? If I’m not wrong, I heard Raj saying that he thinks that all that kind of talk on messiah is bogus, and I agree. Such abstractions are just preventing us to see what is really necessary to see and to take the actions that are necessary to be taken. Raj seems to be doing the right thing, and we? Will we keep on focusing on speculatory talking or on the real needs? It’s up to us.

    All the best everyone

  20. The proof that Raj is not such a Maitreya is that Benjamin Creme didn’t like when he said that he thinks we don’t need a new messiah (and I agree):

    I don’t want to cause any problem to Creme’s business, but I maintain that it is a business, nothing else. And probably a business for the global elite, considering that it’s all connected to UN and all that joke.

    And the proof that it’s all silly – and seemingly filthy – business is that they exalt Sathya Sai Baba of India (who is a crminal – paedophile, involved with murders at his ashram and charlatan) as even higher than Maitreya, they place Sathya Sai Baba as a “Cosmic Avatar”, while their Maitreya is “merely” the “Planetary Avatar”:

    Considering that Sathya Sai Baba is clearly a tremendous fraud, and even a criminal, it’s clear that Maitreya is a fraud too. I don’t want to cause any problem to Creme’s business, but they talk about truth and that nonsense, and that’s all that I’m doing, telling it as it really is.

    In that same page you can see that they praise the famous Jiddu Krishnamurti, who was clearly a fraud too, and a teacher from the kindergarten if compared to the true Krishnamurti, U.G. Krishnamurti, who knew Jiddu and debunked him.

    And we know that we can’t trust anything that comes from UN and all that joke, they plan catastrophes, genocides and all sort of disgrace (oil spill, 9/11, viruses, wars…) in order to achieve their goals that we should support a person like Raj and not keep on silly accusing him of being some fellow who probably don’t even exist.

    Check this out in order to see the proof that the such crimes were planned by those rulers:

    That illuminati card game had it all there many years before all those things happen – the twin towers being hit in order to forge blame on “terrorists”, the pentagon being attacked, the planned oil spill (thousands and thousands of poor beings being killed, and Obama knew it all, that bastard), and many other terrible things.

    We should forget the damn messiahs and support people like Raj, who are really for the poor and the need and all beings, and not trying to be praised as a filthy god-man. God-men are all con-men.

  21. Hey Raj Patel, can you explain us what are these glowing “Balls of Lights” which appear and disappear behind you during your Al Jazeera’s interview???

  22. Raj Patel you will NEVER CONVINCE HUMANITY that you are any deity. Jesus Christ is our Lord. And your effeminate ways might convince a san fransisco antheist gay pride army to patrol fashion on the streets, perhaps. Maitreya will burn in hell alongside Satan and all your illuminati NWO cohorts !!!!

  23. What we are living just right now with the Tunisian and Egyptian Revolutions, and soon the The Yemen, Jordania, Algeria, …, are very important events which are irreversible, and the Elites knows that.

    The anger of the people is genuine and real but the Revolution in itself has been provoked by the very same elites who control the world today.

    This Revolution has been provoked by a food shortage and a high inflation in the prices of food which has been delibertaly by the elitist satanist IMF and WB.

    The globalist elites want to liberate the arab world in order to permit to the muslim to take the power. Of course, itàs very legitimate that the muslim take the power as 98% of the Tunisians and 90% of the Egyptians are muslim.

    The satanist are of course not promoting islam, all they want is to turn the muslim arab people against Israel, in order to push a Middle East war which will mutually dstroy both muslims and zionists.

    This war will be the trigger for a WW3 on the basis of religious conflicts, which goal is to make the people reject definitely the montheistic religion, in other words, to make deny our true Faith in God.

    This WW3 would only be solved by the coming of the Dajjal of will start his reign over the New World Order, and the people will accept without difficulty his New Age One-World-Religion which is no more than disguised Satanism.

    The dajjal Maitreya Raj Patel is already on earth and he’s more and more influential thanks to the full support of the elites.

    The Arabic Revolution is based on the high inflation on food prices and under the action of the IMF and the WB, this high inflation is being spread over the whole world. This food shortage is all staged and is to put the Dajjal Raj Patel (who introduces himself as a food expert) at the center of the debate.

    The Arabic Revolution is the first step towards the reign of the Dajjal Maitreya Raj Patel.

    Beware of all these manipulations, don’t trust neither your governments nor the media, but put your faith in God, redeem yourself, stick to the teachings of
    the Quran. This is all about your Soul!!!

  24. Hey hey, come on…Raj Patel=Maitreya? No, please let Raj to work.
    Raj works for poor people!!!
    Benjiamin Cream was confused, don`t worry

  25. @Mike
    the only Lord is Allah/God, Allah has no son, Jesus was just a Prophet like Muhammad and Moses.

  26. The Truth is not von Allah

    Jesus is God and He will soon return.

    Mohammed was a mass murderer. The Koran teaches the killing.

    God never kills!!!

  27. False apparition of the Imam Mahdi produced by the Dajjal Maitreya Raj Patel:

    btw, the Imam Mahdi is a pure invention of the devil, so he can only be fake, there is no expected Messiah, no return of Christ, that’s all part of the forgeries of Maitreya.

    Watch in this video with Raj Patel on Al Jazeera, you can observe the same phenomenon of “Balls of Light” (Jinns/Devil’s apparition) than in the apparition of the fake mahdi (in the link above) followed by 3 balls of light:

  28. Benjamin Creme has stated that Raj is not his man. He also says that the real Maitreya has been on American TV 31 times, but does not call himself that. Then Mr. Creme refuses to give his identity! How gullible can people be? A world Christ figure with a secret identity like Spider-man. Mr. Creme is now 89 years old, and my prediction is that he will die of old age before Maitreya reveals himself.

  29. The question I have is this. Have any of you crazy people bothered to read this book? It’s on my list of things to do, as soon as I get over the comments posted here (and feel safe enough to go outside).

    Wars are started by the rich and fought by the poor, capitalism “rewards” greed. If we all take responsibility for our actions, do our very best to minimize our “carbon footprint”, use the land and the space we have to produce what we consume rather than waste it, take no more than we need to survive ahhh… nevermind.

    The truth is, most people aren’t worth saving. If this was a “Just” Universe, dogs would live 80 years and people only 10 or so.

    That being said, I plan to buy the book, if only to give you more time to watch Monty Python.

  30. Share International, the official organization of the Dajjal Maitreya Raj Patel, has claimed that the Jerusalem UFO and the Rider on a white horse in Cairo were produced by the Dajjal Maitreya Raj Patel.

    They present it as a blessing from Maitreya to encourage the people of the world to follow the egyptian people and to be free from any authority (including the one of God/Allah).

    It’s of course a total deception and these demonic apparitions have nothing to do with divine miracles, it’s pure Jinn/devil/shapeshifter common apparition.

    This episode compares the Jerusalem UFO with several videos of the Star of Maitreya, and it’s very easy to recognize the same phenomena.

    The arabic revolution is 100% staged and provoked and is to lead to the reign of the Dajjal Maitreya Raj Patel, that’s why these demonic apparition have been seen in Egypt and Jerusalem. The MSM have spread as far as possible about these 2 “miracles” all over the world….Guess why?

    Things are going very fast and the deception of the devils is more and more powerful.

    You have 1 chance: to put your faith in Allah Alone and to obey the Quran, and you’ll be 100% safe, elsewhere, just prepare to pay for your deeds and to burn in hell forever.

    Allah sends you this fair warning and has re established the truth about this huge deception, up to you to give a chance to yourself.


  31. It is obvious that you are not no messiah and no one is no messiah, this plot and play the CIA is riding on the revolutions in the Arab countries and because of the leaders of the monotheistic religions that are engendered in this secret plan will wipe out a large part of the world population … ALL FOR THE STUPID FAITH IN AN IMAGINARY FRIEND.
    I’m sad too but people will die of the AMERICANS WITH SPACECRAFT CALL U UFO: Over a gullible people make them see demons and horses of the apocalypse with hologram effect and topple the government and so they planted consecutively nations in their new world domination system called: NEW WORLD ORDER
    And believers of lies are the good land to perform this operation successfully.
    We’re waiting here in VENEZUELA make us look the same just a hologram of this going to go but to shoot the ship with our artillery system are not going to trust the technology we rely on people just to see him shoot .. .

    Will die by an imaginary friend.


    Le Révolution arabe/Islamique bat son plein en ce moment même et monopolise l’ensemble des médias du mainstream.

    Il est donc important de savoir les dessous de cette Révolution et son issu afin de ne pas être manipulé.

    Cette Révolution Arabe a été orchestré de longue date, elle est donc voulue, poussée et son issu est SOUS CONTROLE.

    Avant tout chose, je tiens à dire que je ne nie pas l’authenticité des revoltes, il est évident que la colère des peuples arabes et leur mouvement sont tout ce qu’il y a de plus authentiques, simplement je dis que cette Révolution est voulu et soutenu par ceux qui tirent les ficelles en coulisses (les élites satanistes/illuminati/…hommes de l’ombre). Même s’il n’a pas fallu beaucoup pour pousser le peuple à protester, il a quant meme fallu trouver un evenement declencheur, de même, l’armée ou la police auraient pu décimer les manifestants sans pitié sans qu’aucun media n’en parlent, mais il n’en pas été le cas, simplement parce qu’il s’agit d’une révolution sous controle.

    La Révolution tunisienne a eu lieu en premier car la Tunisie est un pays beaucoup moins stratégique que l’Egypte et parce que Ben Ali est tellement haï par tous que pousser le peuple à se soulever contre lui est d’autant plus facile. Les enjeux stratégiques sont beaucoup moins important en tunisie qu’en Egypte. La Révolution Tunisienne a donc servi de declencheur et de tramplin à la Révolution Egyptienne qui est beaucoup plus complexe etant donné l’influence de l’egypte dans le monde arabe et sa relation avec Israel.

    Par effet domino d’autres révolutions se dessinent (lybie, yémen, bahrain, jordanie, algérie, irak,….) et par effet domino, c’est tout le monde arabe qui se soulévera contre les dicatatures qu’on leur a imposées depuis si longtemps.

    Il peut sembler surprenant de voir que les régimes et medias occidentaux soutiennent sans condition cette Revolution Arabe et la voit d’un bon oeil, ce qui expose en parti que cette révolution Arabe/Islamique est voulue. Sans le battage mediatique sans précédant autour de la Révolution Arabe et sans
    l’implication importante de tous les forces politiques occidentales, cette Révolution n’aurait jamais vu le jour. Alors vous me direz pourquoi?

    Le but est de libérer le monde arabe en le radicalisant, en le stigmatisant, en le poussant vers l’extremisme religieux, afin que le monde arabe et sionistes
    puissent se détruire mutuellement (à coup de bombes atomiques). L’enjeu pour les élites satanistes est donc de faire d’une pierre 2 coups en se débarssant de l’Islam et des Sionistes (qui ont fait leur temps).

    La Guerre du Moyen Orient ne va evidemment pas seulement se limiter au moyen orient, étant donné les enjeux, il est evident que cette guerre sera déclencheur d’une guerre mondiale nucléaire dont l’origine sera imputé aux religions monothéistes: Islam, judaisme et chretieneté.

    Ceci ouvrira la voie au Reigne du Dajjal Maitreya Raj Patel qui proposera alors son inter-religion qui n’est rien de plus que du satanisme déguisé.

    Une religion humaniste ou l’homme devient son propre dieu, la mécreance à l’etat pure. N’est ce donc pas le but premier des diables et de leur serviteurs
    qui detiennent le controle sur les gouvernements, que de voler l’ame des gens en supprimant leur foi en Dieu l’Unique?

    La Révolution Arabe est donc le commencement du processus qui conduira au reigne du Dajjal Maitreya Raj Patel, voila pourquoi elle est autant soutenu par les medias, propriétés des elites satanistes,et voila pourquoi, vous pouvez vous attendre à ce que tout le monde Arabe soit embrasé sous les encouragement des grands leaders occidentaux (tel Obama etc).

    Depuis le début de cette révolution, 2 faux miracles ont eu lieu au Moyen Orient et ont été vu par des million/s de gens à la TV en direct et sur internet: un apparition impressionnante d’ovni (en fait un djinn/diable) au dessus du dome du Roc a Jerusalem (28/01/2011) et l’apparition d’un cavalier fantome vert en pleines émeutes du caire, place tharir (04/02/2011). Ces 2 apparitions ont été revendiquées par le Dajjal Maitreya Raj Patel comme étant une bénédiction et pour encourager l’esprit de revolte chez les gens du monde entier.

    Les diables veulent manipuler les esprits afin que les gens croient en l’arrivé de leur messie (Imam Mahdi, JEsus, 5ieme Bouddha….) alors qu’il n’y a pas de messie a venir excepté des imposteurs et des diables.

    Mettez votre foi en Dieu seul, priez Dieu, repentez vous auprès d’Allah, obéissez du mieux possible au Coran -la derniere revelation- et Allah garantira votre sécurité et vous récompensera infiniment, sinon, le chaos diabolique est tel que vous tomberez forcement dans un des creusets du Diable Iblis et de son Régent sur terre le Dajjal Maitreya Raj Patel.


    Le 28 Janvier 2011, un “ovni”/Jinn/diable a été filmé par plusieurs personnes en même temps, se positionnant très précisément au dessus du Dome du Roc à Jérusalem, descendant ensuite à la verticale a quelques mètres du sommet du dome, stationnant quelques secondes a cette position, et suite a un enorme flash, le diable/Jinn/ovni s’envole à la verticale à une vitesse vertigineuse, on a pu ensuite observé haut dans le ciel, une sorte de clignotement de lumières rouges tournoyant selon un certain schéma.

    Le soir même aux USA, le même phénomène de boules de lumières a été observé par des témoins et filmé et rapporté sur un grand journal Américain ABC News.

    Le 4 février 2011, en direct sur Euronews et les 2 grandes chaînes américaines MSNBC et CNN, les téléspectateurs et les internautes ont pu voir en direct en plein milieu des émeutes en Egypte, place Tahrir,
    l’apparition d’un cavalier fantome vert au couleur de l’islam, suivi de 3 boules de lumieres, avancant au milieu des manifestants et s’envolant vers le ciel. Le rapprochement avec les prophécies sur l’Imam Mahdi et cette apparition fantomatique en direct dans de grands media laisse peu de place au doute.

    Share International, l’organisation du Dajjal Maitreya Raj Patel a revendiqué sur la page de présentation de son site ces 2 apparitions les qualifiant de miracles produits par Maitreya pour ecourager le peuple egyptien dans sa revolte et pour inspirer les autres citoyens du monde a en faire de meme.

    Ces 2 soi disant miracles n’ont rien de divin et font partie de la machinerie des diables sous l’impulsion du Dajjal Maitreya Raj Patel, le but étant de preparer l’esprit des gens à la venue du Messie Maitreya Raj Patel
    (qui est en fait Le Dajjal) ainsi que de ses frères de l’espace, ce qu’on appelle communéments les extraterrestres/aliens, mais qui en sont en fait que des Jinns, des diables.

    Allah définit de façon très précise comment opère ses prophetes, ce sont des etres humains normaux sans aucun pouvoir special, mais qui sont sous la Guidée parfaite d’Allah. La magie et ce genre d’apparitions n’ont rien à voir avec les méthodes de Dieu et sont clairement identifiables comme étant des manifestations diaboliques de Jinn/esprit/shapeshifter/reptilien.

    Il faut noter que le Dome du Roc est un lieu hautement sacré et représente le lieu même ou les Prophetes Issa/Jesus et Muhammad ont accompli leur Ascension au Ciel. Cette apparition, en ce lieu très précis, très médiatisée sur internet et dans la presse grand public, n’est donc pas anodine. Nous savons tous en ce moment même que la Révolution Arabe/islamique bat son plein et que cette révolution est à 100% voulu et provoqué par les élites satanistes qui mettent en place le plan du Dajjal Maitreya Raj Patel. Ceci a pour but d’amener le reigne du Dajjal Maitreya Raj Patel.

    Il se passe en ce moment de grandes choses et tout va tres vite, mais la version que l’on nous raconte est un pure mensonge du diable et ne sert qu’à preparer les gens a tomber dans les bras du Dajjal tout en croyant etre sauvé par leur Messie.

    Il n’y a pas de Messie attendu, il n’y a pas d’Imam Mahdi, il n’y pas de retour de Jesus/Issa, tout cela n’est que mensonge crée par le diable. Allah nous dit la Vérité sur la fin des temps de façon très détaillé dans le Coran, et il est clair que tout concept de Messie est une pure invention du diable.

    Les diables ont pour but de voler la foi des gens et les pousser à devenir des associateurs et à les détourner de la vérité d’Allah parfaitement contenu et détaillé dans le Coran.

    Mettez votre foi en Dieu/Allah Seul et obéissez le mieux possible au Coran et vous serez en total sécurité, bien clairvoyant, et votre récompense auprès d’Allah sera énorme, mais si vous vous laisser berner par les faux miracles et la fausse vérité du Dajjal Maitreya Raj Patel aux ordres d’Iblis, alors vous serez perdu a jamais et le chatiment d’Allah qui se rapproche tombera irremediablement sur vous.

    Le temps est compté et des événements majeurs s’approchent a grand pas, soyez vigilant et remetter vous en à Allah, repentez vous, arretez de courir après cette vie ici bas et travailler sur votre foi en Allah Seul, c’est un avertissement et un rappel généreux de la part d’Allah le Très Miséricordieux, notre Seul Maitre a tous, ceux qui l’écoutent se rendent service à eux meme, ceux qui le rejettent se condamnent à leur perte finale et à l’enfer pour l’éternité.

  34. In this blog, you’ll find all what you need to know about the true face of Raj Patel:

    The Dajjal/Antichrist Maitreya Raj Patel is not a food expert by chance, he has not emerged in 2008 by chance. 2008 was the year of the food crisis, which has been totaly staged by his satanist complices in the IMF and the WB (by deliberatly raising inflation).

    The food crisis of 2008 was staged, the food crisis of 2011 is staged too and has permitted to Raj Patel to be at the center of the debates, it was also a way to provoke the Arab Revolution, which will lead to the mutual destruction of Israel and the Arab World, and will trigger the nuclear WW3, which will open the Reign of the Dajjal (Liar) Maitreya Raj Patel.

    Only the Dajjal and his Space Brothers/Aliens/extraterrestrial/devils/Jinns/demons will solve WW3 and will bring a false peace with a fake religion: the New Age/Interfaith, which is disguised genuine satanism.

    Then The Dajjal Raj Patel will be worshipped as an alive God.

    Beware of the great illusion of the end times, put your Faith in Allah Alone, Your Creator and Mine, and obey and find a perfect Guidance in Allah’s Perfect Quran. This is your only salvation.

    There is no expected Messiah ONLY DECEIVERS AND DEVILS.

  35. This part 1 of 3 is to present the Dajjal Raj Patel to the people who have never heard about him and about how the Arab Revolution is related to the his emergence and makes him at the center of all the interests:

    Since the beginning oe the Arab Revolution, end of December 2010, an unprecedant number of spectacular UFOs/Jinns/devils have been reported over the Arab World.

    These demonic apparitions have been observed by millions of people on Live TV, on Euronews, MSNBC, CNN, Al Jazeera, CBS, Fox News, YNET, TV9 … and have been spread over the internet and on the major newspapers as the Sunday Morning Herald.

    It was not by chance if these events have not been produced precisely during this specific window of time and in these specific locations (Dome of the Roc: place where Muhammad and Jesus ascended to the heavens, Jerusalem, Egypt, Place Tahrir…), these demonic apparitions are truly related to the Arab Revolution and serve the same plan of deceit.

    The purpose of this plan is to deliberatly liberate the Arab People from the authority of their dictators (imposed by the Illuminatis agents) and afterwards from the AUTHORITY OF ISRAEL. This Arab Revolution is fully staged in order to push the Arab World and Israel to mutually destroy each others, which will trigger the WW3.

    Albert Pike, a major Freemason has written a letter to Mazzini in 1871, in which he revealed the Satanic plan for World Wars and which details
    all the conditions which will trigger each one of these Wars but also their outcome.

    Albert Pike has written that WW3 will start with the mutual destruction of the Arab World with the Zionist forces, which will trigger WW3 and the 3
    Monotheistic Religions will be blamed, the ultimate goal is to make the people of the world accept the doctrine -the New Age/Interfaith/Humanism- of their Prince, Satan.

    This will open the Reign of the Regent of Satan, the Dajjal Maitreya Raj Patel (also known as the Antichirst) which will come with his army of devils disguised in space brothers, under self-created human shapes.

    The 3 main religions have been hijacked for long by Satan: Satan has invented a concept of coming Messiah in each religion. Most of the End Times prophecies have also been forged by Satan in order to manipulate the people at the appropriate time by producing fake miracles (as the Ghost Rider in Cairo or the Jerusalem UFO).

    There is no Imam Mahdi, no return of Jesus/Issa, no Messiah…. Allah is your only Savior and the Quran is your only Guide.

    Allah is the Ruling Master of the Universe, put your Faith in Allah Alone and you’ll be fully forgiven, protected and rewarded, otherwise, continue in your perdition (non- believers, pagans, any organized religions as Islam, Judaism, Christianity, Bouddhism, Hinduism,…. which have become sects) and FOR SURE the Dajjal will get you and the Punishment of Allah will fall on you in this life and Hell forever awaits you in the After life.

    This is not a threat, this is a fair warning for you from Allah, turn to Allah Your Creator and Mine, Allah is full of Mercy.

  36. I’m assuming these ravings have been left up as comments to let other readers appreciate the clinically insane frothings a socially just proposal can generate. I am forewarned.

  37. The matter is: the antichrist doesn`t exist! STOP to speak of banal fantasy! Please, use the time in a different way!

  38. If Patel was your “Dajjal”, how are you able to write on his blog???? It make me a no sense!

  39. @FoxLa13
    brain and you’ve used it only to disobey Him and to deny Him.

    Whether you believe it or not, prepare for a harsh punishment from Allah and Hell forever.

  40. I repeat the question: If Patel was your “Dajjal”, how are you able to write on his blog????
    Please don`t be elusive!
    Do you believe in Allah?

  41. I think Raj should be careful especially since paranoid disillusional folks think he’s some messiah or the anti-christ. He is not a lizard man from space, the bible, the koran, the book of mormons, the book of the dead etc… are all old tall tales that can easily be disproved by modern science. The parts that can’t be disproved yet is prophecy but if other sections are proven to be fiction, then most likely even the prophecy is. Please the truth from god seek professional help from someone in the mental health field. I would say the same for this Benjamin Creme. You can belive whatever you want, it doesn’t make it true.


    This episode details the CV of the Dajjal Raj Patel:

    “Raj Patel is an award-winning writer, activist and academic. He has degrees from the University of Oxford, the London School of Economics and Cornell University, has worked for the World Bank and WTO, and protested against them around the world. He’s currently a visiting scholar at UC Berkeley’s Center for African Studies, an Honorary Research Fellow at the School of Development Studies at the University of KwaZulu-Natal and a fellow at The Institute for Food and Development Policy, also known as Food First. He has testified about the causes of the global food crisis to the US House Financial Services Committee and is an Advisor to the United Nations Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food. In addition to numerous scholarly publications, he regularly writes for The Guardian, and has contributed to the LA Times,, The San Francisco Chronicle, The Mail on Sunday, and The Observer. His first book was Stuffed and Starved: The Hidden Battle for the World Food System and his latest, The Value of Nothing, is a New York Times best-seller. ”

    (extract from the Dajjal Raj Patel’s official website)



    Have you ever seen a man so much connected with the elites????
    Have you ever seen a so called activist working for the WB, the UN or the WTO?
    Have you ever seen such a sharp critic of the present system being promoted that way on all the major MSM?

    Of course not! This is the Dajjal what is about and this is a VERY serious matter!

    No one on this earth can say: “that’s not my problem! That’s ot for me!”, it’s your fate that is about.

    First of all, Raj Patel’s activity as Food Expert was not chosen randomly, Raj Patel’s public emergence in 2008 was not random too:

    Thanks to the 2008 world economic crisis, followed by a food crisis, Raj Patel has known a fulgurant ascension.

    And now as you see, the Arab Revolution is going on and is totaly related with food hunger. 2011 has been declared by the UN as the year of the Food crisis (worse than the one of 2008). More and more countries will be affected by domino’s effect by the world crisis which will turn into a World Revolution (with WW3) and Raj Patel’s iinsight will become more and more at the center of the discussions.

    Raj Patel not only speaks about food, but also about politics, a new model of society and new model of economy and…. a new spirituality which will prevails on the current ones: share, peace, brotherhood, Inter Faith, Humanism, New Age….. in other words, pure disguised Satanism.

    Beware of the Dajjal Maitreya Raj Patel, don’t be surprised by his seduction, don’t be fooled by his nice speeches, don’t be confident in his apparent nice behaviour. Behind this disguise, an horrible and despicable devil/sheytan/Evil Jinn is hiding. All he wants is to make you deny Allah, Our Sole Creator, to make you disobey Allah and to make you provoke your own loss with him in hell forever.

    Allah is the Sole and Unique Master of the Universe, Allah is ruling the universe just right now, Allah is Full of Mercy towards his creatures, accept the reminder of Allah and come back to the Straight Path: to worship Allah/God Alone and to obey His holy books: Torah, Bible and the Quran prevails. Embrace the Mercy and Generosity of Allah and you’ll receive an infinite reward in this life and eternal life in the heavens, otherwise, Hell awaits those who turn their back on Allah, Their Unique Creator and Benefactor.

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