5 Replies to “Yes Men in Davos”

  1. Dead on as usual. The tragedy behind it is horrible, but can’t help laughing at the spoof. Thanks!

  2. Wow. Another left-wing acedemic.
    Rather than the tired critique, you may want to ponder some alternatives.
    Is you main alternative to push up the price of everything?

  3. For those of you who wish to know more about the historical misdoings of US agribusiness, William F. Engdahl gives plenty of information and food for thought in his book “Seeds of Destruction” (available through Amazon in the UK).

    Global multinational corporations such as Cargill, Smithfield Foods, ConAgra and Archer Daniels Midland appear not only to influence Washington, but also have an influence on global institutions such as the UN and also on global food policy.

    The book also gives details of the involvement of Kissinger, the Rockefeller and Ford Foundations as well as the Military and CIA. Yes it really does appear to be that bad. The book also discusses reports of vaccines laced with abortion hormones and Engdahl’s views on the hidden GMO agenda of the US (and UK) Governments.

  4. Which “left-wing acedemic” are you talking about? Is this somehow related to the Yes Men videos? Where does it say or imply the alternative is to push up the price of everything, or do you just go throwing that around without addressing anything specific? I’m all for food alternatives, one can only stand so much red herrings.

  5. Did anyone happen to notice upon watching the second video, that Harper’s voice isn’t Harpers voice? Who the heck was translating for him in English? Was some of this dialogue altered?
    Curiouser and Curiouser…

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