Unravelling the Malawi Miracle

Here’s a terrific piece by GRAIN on what’s really happening in Malawi. I had the chance to be chaperoned around Northern Malawi by Rachel Bezner Kerr last year, and you can expect to see the fruits of some of our combined labour later in the year, in which we’ll be paying a little more attention to gender than this piece does. In the meantime, here’s some very useful analysis on how Africa’s Miracle is a bill of goods, while the real miracles of sustainable farming are being trounced. If you’re interested, here’s an older piece that I wrote almost a decade ago that has everything you need to know in the title: Beware Americans Bearing Gifts: Another Poisoned Chalice for Africa.

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  1. If we are to get serious about climate change, preserving peasant agriculture is vital. Sacrificing the food security of millions for the short term profit of multinatioinals like Monsanto is suicidal

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