Stephen and me

I’ve always thought that Stephen Colbert was a bit of a god, and it’s lovely that the feeling’s mutual. A couple of nights ago, I got to have a conversation with him about being mistaken for divinity.

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I suspect the reason I stutter quite so much is because I’m talking to Stephen Colbert. I knew I’d be nervous, and the people at the Report were kind enough to give me a heads up as to the kind of questions that he’d be asking. I thought it’d be good to be prepared, and have a few off-the-cuff remarks carefully written on my cuff. But I had no idea what to say. Luckily, I’ve got backup. The ace folks at the Sanchez Writers’ Grotto, as well as friends from further afield, came in with terrific responses to Stephen’s script. In the end, he said pretty much none of the things I was told he might, but the responses were so good it’d be criminal not to share them. By general acclamation, those of Sean Beaudoin — whose latest book Fade To Blue is terrific — were the funniest, but Shana Mahaffey, Diane Weipert, Kemble Scott, Ammi Keller, Paul Linde, Doug Wilkins, Joe Quirk, Ryan Ismert and Moises Velasquez rocked the house too.

So, here’s a compendium of the Q&A responses I would have liked to have used:

Is it true that you’re the Messiah?
— That’s ridiculous Steven. If I was God, I’d be more effective than I am as a writer. That’s like suggesting that Jesus would just leave a book or two of poorly written, ambiguous, and easily misrepresented guidance behind to serve as a guide to… oh. Nevermind.
–Did you just ask if I’m Eric Massa?

Ah, but it was foretold that the Messiah would deny he’s the Messiah – well done Messiah.
–Who’s denying? By the way, I notice you haven’t tithed me anything lately.

If you’re the messiah, don’t I get three wishes? I’ve got some parking tickets – can you help with that?
–Only one solution — a show of Benjamins at the courthouse. Bribery’s been around almost as long as prostitution. Old Testament stuff.
–Parking tickets in New York? You’d have better luck walking on water.
–I can get you 72 virgin meter maids.

So you’re the messiah – prophesy something.
–Health care reform will pass and be an unqualified success. Mitch Mcconnell will turn into even more of a pillar of salt.
–Obama’s health care reform will get shot down by the insurance industry.

Isn’t it lame that the messiah is using a land line?
–Liz Cheney used up all my anytime minutes.
–We’re all at the mercy of the gods at AT&T

So, you’re the World Teacher – doesn’t that mean it’s impossible to fire you?
–The Messiah Union has steep dues, but they’re worth it.
–When you’re in God’s doghouse, you’d rather negotiate a medical leave — full pension and health insurance.
–That was true before the Messiah outsourcing began, and before the union dissolved. Now there’s really no job security. I’m basically just a temp.

What sort of god are you going to be? Wrathful, vengeful, spiteful? I’ve got some people I need sorted out…
–I’m going with Funky. The world has been waiting a long time for a Funky God.
–I plan on being much more hands-on than my predecessor. Lassez faire God-ism just doesn’t work well. So plan on an end to famine and genocide and poverty once I’m in office. As well as Fox News.

Couldn’t you come up with a better name than Share International? Like ‘Patelism’?
–I’ve got my branding consultants working on that one. You know, the guys who wrote the Bible.
–We considered Hoard International but it didn’t test well in the focus groups.

Now that you’re the Messiah, do you have a lot of long-lost friends calling you up begging for miracles?
–They mostly ask for rides to the airport. And leprosy cream.
–Of course, once I get the chartreuse Beemer delivered.

After The Value of Nothing, is your next book going to be “Just kidding – it’s awesome to be a god?”
–Well, it was going to be The Value of Nothing II-Return to Witch Mountain, but I like your title better.
–It’s already been done, and it’s called I am America (And So Can You)

Are you going to get a Maitreya vanity plate?
–There’s nowhere to put one on my chariot.
–My Hummer practically already is a Maitreya vanity plate.
–Of course, once I get the chartreuse Beemer delivered.

It’s raining in New York – can you do something about that please?
–Click your heels together three times. You are now on the set of Colbert Report-Negev Desert Edition. By the way, you pronounce “Desert” “Day-zair”
–Sure. In 40 days.

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  1. @offbroadway

    Ok, if you say so 😉 May I ask you a question? Who are you? I am really curious now.

    Have a good night

  2. Hi, Monica

    In 20 words or less? Well, let’s see…

    I was born a poor share-croppers son…

    I guess I fancy myself a reasonably educated kind of mug with a little free time on his hands, actually… and also (here I must admit) an aspiring comedy writer in the midst of an earnest (but so far futile) attempt to attract an offer from The Daily Show.

    So if you have any connections…

  3. @offbroadway
    Nice response. Not exactly what I was expecting.

    I don’t know what to think about your comments, it is like one needs to read between the lines or something. I was aware of your comments and read a couple of them (your replies to the YouTuber) and thought whatever and I went on about my business. Then on Saturday evening (I was bored,having a cocktail & listening to some music) I ended up on this blog for a few minutes 😉 and I was reading the last few comments that were posted from YouTuber and yourself. I re-read yours and I thought your comments were a little different, your style etc.. which made me want to read all of your comments on this thread. Long story short, I started wondering just who is “offbroadway” , “what does he know” and “could it possibly be?…” and me being me, curious and all had to find out. At least try. It seems just by me reading your comments that you are intelligent, familiar with Share International (if not Very)and you have this mysterious something something about you, which I cannot find a good STRONG word for it right now. Very very intriguing you are.

    Well I hope I did not bore you with my rambling on about my suspicions (STRONG) ;)about the identity of “offbroadway”

    How familiar are you with Share Int. and is the word “Mug” a British slang word?


  4. @offbroadway
    Curiousity Killed the Cat: Inquisitiveness can lead one into dangerous situations.
    Dangerous says who? 😉

  5. Hi, Monica and y’all

    “Mug” I think is more of an American slang thing; the usage thereof can be found in many ol’ Hollywood films.

    Yes, I’m somewhat familiar with some of the esoteric teaching available to us Westerners, which would include Share International’s work. It all seems to be in good order to me.

    Oh – Raj, if you’re reading this… I heard an Annie Lennox song at the supermarket tonight and couldn’t keep from chuckling a bit (although I then found myself inexplicably swiping an unplanned-on item off the shelf, as if moved by some unseen force… the bastards).

  6. @offbroadway

    Hi and how are you? This is a first, what I mean is communicating with someone I don’t know over the internet. I have never instant message or participated in any type of forums, just never had the desire to do so. But I have been known to leave a sentence or two here and there. I’m really a private person and I’m very particular with whom I may consider getting to know. But for some reason I want too with you, and I have not even laid eyes on you. Yes, I’m a visual type person-first. In this case it is my curious nature that is moving me. Anyway I’m getting side tracked here, what I’m getting at is, I know not to many have been posting on this thread, lately just you and YouTuber, and I’m am sooo off the subject on this thread with you.
    So….I’m leaving my email and if you like you can use it. If not, I understand. Just think about it.

    A Wink & Smile to You,
    Enjoy Your Day

  7. @offbroadway

    I forgot, your vague and mysterious responeses are most frustrating. Strange, I do like it. (Just a bit)

  8. @monica & offbroadway
    You see how your so called peace and sharing is nothing more than perversion. The evil energy that you spread is attracting you one to another and that’s the beginning of perversion.

    That’s actually a good thing that Maitreya/Raj Patel will gather all the perverts like you together in order to play you his last illusion. The awakening will be hard for you but you’ve been warned and you’ve rejected the Truth of God.

    However, just know that as long as you’re alive, you can redeem yourself, even if you have only 1 sec more to live. Just be sincere and recognize your perversion and your injustice and God will forgive. God is VERY mercyful.

  9. @ Moderator
    Hi, could you delete my comment I posted on 7/29 @ 3:12pm.

    Thank You

  10. @Monica
    You see where it leads you to speak with this kind of pervert evil people, they spread you their evil energy and it makes you behave like you’re not used to.

    These are the people who participate in these meditations, transmissions, these are the people who speaks on the name of love and sharing. Love is not perversion and sharing is not just in 1 sense.

    Avoid these people and apply the Rules of God on yourself through the Torah, the Bible and the Koran prevails and you’ll enjoy full guidance and safety from God.

  11. @offboard
    It’s obvious that you’re the owner of the channel AllAboutRaj. What are you? A slave of a man?

    You put a man like you above yourself instead of God?

    You’re working for your own perdition, Satan/Maitreya is only lying to you and using you, contrary to God who wants your good and has given you a true promise.

  12. Oh, come on there TruthMeister.

    Y’know, I was just beginning to feel tranquilly sorry for you, and here you’ve blown your cool again with another one of those childish tantrums you have a weakness for… and my patience is wearing thin. But I guess it must get exhausting delivering so much truth to the world and saving souls left and right with truth and being so darn truthish and not accepting anything but the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help you God. Tireless work, I’d imagine, and you certainly have a right to get a little cranky.

    So I’m letting you off with a warning this time, and some advice:

    Find some freaky zealot friends to play with or join some club of monsters that would have you and try to basically bugger off in general. Because no one is listening to you here and if people want the truth from God, they’ll get it directly from God and not from a pecker-head.

    (And actually I don’t own AllAboutRaj, but, by the way, it now has over twice as many subscribers as your lame-ass channel does. Tee-Hee.)

  13. @offbroadway
    I like how the people like you behave with the people who have a different point of view, what an open mind you have!!! You, New Agers, are really full of love!

    Your hateful remarks won’t hurt me, God warns us about the people like you and the people like you will see who was right, God and his holy books or your bunch of lies written by sheytans.

  14. If Raj Patel is the average Joe as you seem to say, why so many people are defending him like that?

    Even Obama does not enjoy such a protection.

    No matter what you’ll say, Raj Patel is Maitreya/Satan and this whole story is as real as all these global reforms which perfectly implements his plan.

    The architect of this evil plan is Satan (also called Maitreya), most of the people who are implementing this global world plan are just puppets, they obey without knowing the whole truth, they are deceived on many points because of their greed and their wrongdoings, but Satan perfectly knows what he’s doing and he perfectly knows that God says the Truth in his perfect Koran.

  15. The funny thing is that Christians believe Maitreiya is the anti-Christ where as Buddhist, Hindus and other religions believes that he is the World Master who will bring enlightenment to the world. I think we all should learn to see from ours hearts and keep our judgements to ourselves. Well its safe to say that if Raj is the World Master Maitreya then no real harm can come to him. But you know what, i m almost convince he is because of his work and vision of equality. Only time will tell. Peace to all.

  16. I think the lack of respect shown is childish, and only furthers speculation that Raj is some kind of little god running around trying to save something. I don’t know why he became a US citizen He’s about as anti-American as they come. It’s difficult to listen to DR Raj ramble about social equality and “the Poor” when He’s wearing a $300 jacket. Have you ever had your lights turned off. We’ll talk when you can Really relate to poor people.

  17. Dear Mr Patel,

    It seems to me that you are deliberately bringing up the question of your ‘Godhood’ to restimulate the debate! This can only mean that you don’t want interest in this subject to die away. It is also curious that Benjamen Creme’s tally of tv interviews equates with those that you yourself have given. So at the risk of offending ‘thetruthisfromgod’, I have to now address you as Master, because I believe that is what you are. I’ve met Creme in person, and my very psychic wife was in his presence, and we can vouch for the tremendous energy he is capable of giving off. So, Master, please tell us, what was said when you met with Benjamen Creme in Berkeley? What really exchanged between you and your acolyte. And when will you include in your agenda a broader canvas of ideas, (other than food sovereignty).

    respectfully yours

  18. @peter
    feel free to adopt Raj Patel as your Master, everyone enjoys his full freewill. I think I’ve made myself clear enough concerning the true nature of Raj Patel, he’s the antichrist, the dajjal, the great deceiver, he’s betrayed the human species and is the principal lieutenant of Satan/Iblis.

    He feigns being an atheist but he’s not really a genuine atheist, he just claim to be so in order to lose the people. He believes in God and in Satan and just prefer Satan instead of God, the Creator.

    Anyone who follow Raj Patel, the Lieutenant of Satan, will lose himself FOREVER.

    My last episode (part 29) lets no doubt concerning Raj Patel’s true nature:

    Raj Patel perfectly knows that he’s fully exposed and he also knows that my warnings cannot be heard by the “dead” people. God/Allah is right now saving the last souls and once his deadline will be over, God will let Satan start his show, the remaining souls are anyway turned towards Satan.

    So if that’s your choice, be my guest, you’ve been warned enough. I respect anyone’s choice and I am only responsible for my own choices.

  19. The episode 31 is to warn you about the Greatest Deception ever known in Human History: The coming UFO Mass Landing is all fake and is 100% staged in order to make the people believe that the Aliens/UFOs are from Outer Space, whereas they are terrestrials.

    The Aliens are also known under the names of Jinns/Spirits/Devils/Demons/Fallen Angels/Shapeshifters, they are Master of illusion, Masters of lying, Masters of Deception. Their head is Satan/Iblis/Lucifer.

    The principal Lieutenant of Satan on Earth is Raj Patel, aka Maitreya, the Antichrist, the Dajjal.

    The Governments and the media are under the control of the devils for long. Since October 13,2010, the devils have launched what they call the “UFO Disclosure”, they will simulate a huge UFO landing, the truth is that these Jinns/Aliens/Devils are Masters of illusion, the goal is to definitely lose us by claiming to be gods and that we are gods too.

    By mixing fiction with reality and reality with fiction, the devils have create a huge spiral of chaos, only the Guidance of God/Allah and our true faith in him by obeying his last perfect reading: the Koran, can permit you to discern their illusion from reality and to avoid to fall in their spiral of chaos.

    The Devils are REAL, Satan is REAL, GOD IS REAL, the KORAN IS REAL AND IS A WELL GUIDANCE AND A WARNING FOR THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE. It’s time for you to wake up and to come back to God or to definitely be caught by Satan’s spiral of Deception.

    The Aliens are part of Gog and Magog, and the other part is an army of “orcs/monsters” which will come out from the holes of the hills, it will be the last sign before the total destruction of the Universe before the Judgement Day.




  20. Yes, another whopper from the one through whom God speaks and who alone knows every aspect of truth. The saga continues in the form of evil aliens , orcs and monsters… and of course… warnings… ooo… because to have been warned by this particular commenter is to have been warned by God Himself, you see. No ifs, ands or buts about it.

    Stay tuned for the next episode when he proves for the umpteenth time that Dr. Patel, mild-mannered author and esteemed scholar by day… is actually hatching a diabolical scheme to enslave humanity and lead us all into perdition! Oh, the drama! Yes! His plan is to first lure us hither with the prospect of sustainable agriculture and increasingly equitable social and economic conditions worldwide… then – Whammo!!! – his army of evil aliens come to drag us off to the underworld. Ouch! But wait! Simultaneously – in the distance – flying off to paradise will be all the good little boys and girls who wisely paid heed to the undeniable one-and-only truth from God as could be so clearly seen on His humble servant’s YouTube channel!

    Now, y’all, that’s what I call entertainment.

  21. On 29 November 2010, the New Yorker has released a new article on Raj Patel which counts not less than 7 PAGES to discuss AGAIN and AGAIN about the Maitreya’s case.

    Obviously, the mainstream media are looking for any pretext to bring up the question of Raj Patel’s “Messiahood/ Maitreyahood”, they are deliberatly restimulating the debate again and again order to maintain the focus on Raj Patel.

    This part also presents hard proofs about “MarcLA13”, the Youtuber who has uploaded the first video pointing out Raj Patel as Maitreya: “Was this the first Maitreya Interview ?”. After a quick analysis, it becomes clear that MarcLA13 was not acting on his own but was just doing his job as a Maitreya’s agent working undercover.

  22. @offbroadway
    If you think what I am saying is just an entertainment, then enjoy your life, you’ll be victim of your own mockery… Hell and Paradise are real, the Flames of Hell are real, God’s punishment is real. All the generations of unbelievers and transgressors before you had the same speech and you’ll have the same end than them.

  23. Hmmm. You seem to like to tell everyone what is going to happen to them as if you would know any such thing. The fact is: you don’t even have the slightest clue. You have opinions. That’s all they are. And if you think God is in the business of punishing His children, then you obviously have an abject misunderstanding of His nature and are surely not in a position to interpret any “truth” from Him.

    Quite simply, you are obsessed with the forces of darkness on this planet, and this obsession leads you in grotesque, psychotic directions and very very far from the truth. You see, nothing you write, and nothing in your videos has any small relation to reality. What you proffer is closer to the opposite of reality, really. The anti-reality.

    I take comfort in the fact that more and more people are pointing this out to you. Your ill-conceived campaign is based on fear and fear alone and the creepy notions you attempt to spread are worthy of nothing but good hearty ridicule. They have no place in the real world. A sane mind will only value your futile struggle as entertainment or a sort of pitiful human interest story, nothing more.

    But enough about you.

    Merry Christmas, Good Dr. Raj!

  24. The episode 35 completes the analysis of the 11/29/2010 New Yorker article on Raj Patel/Maitreya.

    Marcla13, The Youtuber who has uploaded the first video pointing out Raj Patel as Maitreya and who is one of Share International’s workers, reminds the chapter of the Bible, Mark 13.

    Interestingly, this chapter perfectly illustrates what we are living just right now in the world with Raj Patel’s emergence as Maitreya the Antichrist and the coming of WW3. In addition, this chapter is exactly composed of 33 verses.

    Ben Shoucair, one of the player of Maitreya’s emergence has been quoted several times in the major articles on Raj Patel’s identification as Maitreya.

    You’ll see that was not innocent, Ben Shoucair has been conditioned to contribute to the whole Maitreya’s deception. Before the story started, Ben Shoucair were looking for a New Hope, for spiritual signs, he was expecting the coming of the Messiah, and then he had his first dream where he hasd seen Benjamin Creme for the first time, then came the 2nd dream with a vision of Raj Patel before he was identified as Maitreya. Then he did with his father his “pilgrimage” to meet Raj Patel, and the “vibe” was good.

    This story is repeated again and again through the MSM in order to give to Maitreya/Raj Patel’s emergence authenticity and to make the average Joe identify with Ben Shoucair.

    In the second part of the episode, some extracts of another huge article on Raj Patel/Maitreya in the Sunday Times, the MSM are deliberatley spreading the buzz around Raj Patel in order to prepare the people’s mind for the Declaration Day.

  25. I challenge you Raj Patel to justify the Balls of Light concerning the Balls of Light which have appeared behind you during your Al Jazeera’s interview

  26. What we are living just right now with the Tunisian and Egyptian Revolutions, and soon the The Yemen, Jordania, Algeria, …, are very important events which are irreversible, and the Elites knows that.

    The anger of the people is genuine and real but the Revolution in itself has been provoked by the very same elites who control the world today.

    This Revolution has been provoked by a food shortage and a high inflation in the prices of food which has been delibertaly by the elitist satanist IMF and WB.

    The globalist elites want to liberate the arab world in order to permit to the muslim to take the power. Of course, itàs very legitimate that the muslim take the power as 98% of the Tunisians and 90% of the Egyptians are muslim.

    The satanist are of course not promoting islam, all they want is to turn the muslim arab people against Israel, in order to push a Middle East war which will mutually dstroy both muslims and zionists.

    This war will be the trigger for a WW3 on the basis of religious conflicts, which goal is to make the people reject definitely the montheistic religion, in other words, to make deny our true Faith in God.

    This WW3 would only be solved by the coming of the Dajjal of will start his reign over the New World Order, and the people will accept without difficulty his New Age One-World-Religion which is no more than disguised Satanism.

    The dajjal Maitreya Raj Patel is already on earth and he’s more and more influential thanks to the full support of the elites.

    The Arabic Revolution is based on the high inflation on food prices and under the action of the IMF and the WB, this high inflation is being spread over the whole world. This food shortage is all staged and is to put the Dajjal Raj Patel (who introduces himself as a food expert) at the center of the debate.

    The Arabic Revolution is the first step towards the reign of the Dajjal Maitreya Raj Patel.

    Beware of all these manipulations, don’t trust neither your governments nor the media, but put your faith in God, redeem yourself, stick to the teachings of
    the Quran. This is all about your Soul!!!

  27. Share International, the official organization of the Dajjal Maitreya Raj Patel, has claimed that the Jerusalem UFO and the Rider on a white horse in Cairo were produced by the Dajjal Maitreya Raj Patel.

    They present it as a blessing from Maitreya to encourage the people of the world to follow the egyptian people and to be free from any authority (including the one of God/Allah).

    It’s of course a total deception and these demonic apparitions have nothing to do with divine miracles, it’s pure Jinn/devil/shapeshifter common apparition.

    This episode compares the Jerusalem UFO with several videos of the Star of Maitreya, and it’s very easy to recognize the same phenomena.

    The arabic revolution is 100% staged and provoked and is to lead to the reign of the Dajjal Maitreya Raj Patel, that’s why these demonic apparition have been seen in Egypt and Jerusalem. The MSM have spread as far as possible about these 2 “miracles” all over the world….Guess why?

    Things are going very fast and the deception of the devils is more and more powerful.

    You have 1 chance: to put your faith in Allah Alone and to obey the Quran, and you’ll be 100% safe, elsewhere, just prepare to pay for your deeds and to burn in hell forever.

    Allah sends you this fair warning and has re established the truth about this huge deception, up to you to give a chance to yourself.


  28. Hey “truthisfrongod”: that “jinn” as you call it over the Temple Mount in Jerusalem was probably the same “jinn” disguised as “Jibrael” and flew your “prophet” Muhammed from Mecca to Jerusalem and tricked him into stating that “Allah” (who was already a moon god since before Islam’s inception)was the one true God, the Quran was inspired by Satan to further confound gullible naive people who will belive anything but the truth which is in the Bible,there is only one path to salvation, and that is through JesusChrist the Son of the True Living God YHWY the God of Abraham,Isaac & Jacob.The Holy Bible alone stands as Gods authoritative true Word for humanity not the Quran.

  29. In this blog, you’ll find all what you need to know about the true face of Raj Patel:

    The Dajjal/Antichrist Maitreya Raj Patel is not a food expert by chance, he has not emerged in 2008 by chance. 2008 was the year of the food crisis, which has been totaly staged by his satanist complices in the IMF and the WB (by deliberatly raising inflation).

    The food crisis of 2008 was staged, the food crisis of 2011 is staged too and has permitted to Raj Patel to be at the center of the debates, it was also a way to provoke the Arab Revolution, which will lead to the mutual destruction of Israel and the Arab World, and will trigger the nuclear WW3, which will open the Reign of the Dajjal (Liar) Maitreya Raj Patel.

    Only the Dajjal and his Space Brothers/Aliens/extraterrestrial/devils/Jinns/demons will solve WW3 and will bring a false peace with a fake religion: the New Age/Interfaith, which is disguised genuine satanism.

    Then The Dajjal Raj Patel will be worshipped as an alive God.

    Beware of the great illusion of the end times, put your Faith in Allah Alone, Your Creator and Mine, and obey and find a perfect Guidance in Allah’s Perfect Quran. This is your only salvation.

    There is no expected Messiah ONLY DECEIVERS AND DEVILS.

  30. MUST SEE:

    This episode details the CV of the Dajjal Raj Patel:

    “Raj Patel is an award-winning writer, activist and academic. He has degrees from the University of Oxford, the London School of Economics and Cornell University, has worked for the World Bank and WTO, and protested against them around the world. He’s currently a visiting scholar at UC Berkeley’s Center for African Studies, an Honorary Research Fellow at the School of Development Studies at the University of KwaZulu-Natal and a fellow at The Institute for Food and Development Policy, also known as Food First. He has testified about the causes of the global food crisis to the US House Financial Services Committee and is an Advisor to the United Nations Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food. In addition to numerous scholarly publications, he regularly writes for The Guardian, and has contributed to the LA Times,, The San Francisco Chronicle, The Mail on Sunday, and The Observer. His first book was Stuffed and Starved: The Hidden Battle for the World Food System and his latest, The Value of Nothing, is a New York Times best-seller. ”

    (extract from the Dajjal Raj Patel’s official website)



    Have you ever seen a man so much connected with the elites????
    Have you ever seen a so called activist working for the WB, the UN or the WTO?
    Have you ever seen such a sharp critic of the present system being promoted that way on all the major MSM?

    Of course not! This is the Dajjal what is about and this is a VERY serious matter!

    No one on this earth can say: “that’s not my problem! That’s ot for me!”, it’s your fate that is about.

    First of all, Raj Patel’s activity as Food Expert was not chosen randomly, Raj Patel’s public emergence in 2008 was not random too:

    Thanks to the 2008 world economic crisis, followed by a food crisis, Raj Patel has known a fulgurant ascension.

    And now as you see, the Arab Revolution is going on and is totaly related with food hunger. 2011 has been declared by the UN as the year of the Food crisis (worse than the one of 2008). More and more countries will be affected by domino’s effect by the world crisis which will turn into a World Revolution (with WW3) and Raj Patel’s iinsight will become more and more at the center of the discussions.

    Raj Patel not only speaks about food, but also about politics, a new model of society and new model of economy and…. a new spirituality which will prevails on the current ones: share, peace, brotherhood, Inter Faith, Humanism, New Age….. in other words, pure disguised Satanism.

    Beware of the Dajjal Maitreya Raj Patel, don’t be surprised by his seduction, don’t be fooled by his nice speeches, don’t be confident in his apparent nice behaviour. Behind this disguise, an horrible and despicable devil/sheytan/Evil Jinn is hiding. All he wants is to make you deny Allah, Our Sole Creator, to make you disobey Allah and to make you provoke your own loss with him in hell forever.

    Allah is the Sole and Unique Master of the Universe, Allah is ruling the universe just right now, Allah is Full of Mercy towards his creatures, accept the reminder of Allah and come back to the Straight Path: to worship Allah/God Alone and to obey His holy books: Torah, Bible and the Quran prevails. Embrace the Mercy and Generosity of Allah and you’ll receive an infinite reward in this life and eternal life in the heavens, otherwise, Hell awaits those who turn their back on Allah, Their Unique Creator and Benefactor.

  31. Listen, based on the Bible code, it’s looking like I’m one of the two prophets in Revelation of John. Now I’m not saying that I am (I don’t want the job) but my research points straight at me, down to the car I drive and the color of it. Now I’ve watched many videos on Raj the last few days from the truth is from God youtube channel, including the one with Raj taking calls and the caller looses the capability of speaking, inhibited by demon posession or opression. To say Raj is the one causing this attack on the caller is presumptuous, not unreasonable, but presumptuous. I have also watched some of Raj’s videos showing a small glimps of his childhood, hia parents owning a store, looking like a normal upbringing, but I wasn’t there of coarse. Now I didn’t ask to be born (or at least, not to my knowledge) to be born, caught in the middle of some fight between God and Satan with the rest of mankind, and so much wish that they would find some way to bury the hatchet. I am hopeful that Raj is just a fellow that just wants to see a world, when it comes to food, optimize growing, distribution, and fair compensation to those ivolved in that endeavor, and not the physical manefestation of Satan, using the FreeMasons, the Illuminati, etc. to decieve, kill and ruin as many lives as he can before he gets thrown into Hellfire, as I hope that me in the Bible Code as one of two that stand against him is just a coincidence. I’m no stranger to the Bible. here is a tidbit, the word Trinity is not in the Bible, so if God didn’t choose that term to describe Himself, why do the Trinitarians? God may have shown Himself in three ways in the New Testement, but it doesn’t make Him 3 people. One God. God was manifested in the flesh. Jesus said, He that hath seen me hath seen the Father. Jesus = the Father, Wow, how did I go off on that? Anyway, I’ll be keeping and eye on the events to come. I’m up in the air on all this for now. Would really like to meet Raj though one day, very interesting.

  32. Sorry about the type-o’s in my last post here; was in a hurry and didn’t get a chance to proof read before submitting.

  33. Oh, by the way, this is to Raj Patel, it has been supposeably said by Creme that Maitreya has never been asked if he was Maitreya, because Maitreya has the capability to erase the asker’s memory, to where he forgets to ask the question. Well, that’s not happening to me, so I’m just asking you Raj Patel, are you Maitreya, the Maitreya that Benjamin Creme refers to? Be truthful now in Jesus’ name. Thanks In Advance, Robert Tackett

  34. Listen Raj, I’m asking if you are Maitreya in the name of Jesus Christ to give you the benefit of the doubt. After all, here in the U.S. you are to be presumed innocent until proven guilty. Now from where I sit, you sure have a barage of accusations flying at you. Now there’s a lot of heresay about a lot of things and a lot of people, including Obama’s birth certificate being fraudulant. Now if it’s true that Obama was able to jump right into the Presidential seat on the bogus, then it would sure make it easy for a guy like you to slide right in there, too. After all, look at all the “good” Obama has done as prez without being a true born American citizen. Surely if you got in there, well, that might just be what we need to get us to the next level, whatever that is. So Raj Patel, in the Name of Jesus Christ, answer if you are in fact Maitreya, the Maitreya that Benjamin Creme has been referring to. Just say no, dude (if in fact ‘no’ is the absolute true answer to this question), so that maybe one day if you and I cross paths, I can introduce myself as Robert Tackett, you start laughing and shake my hand, and we go and have a beer and laugh at this insane folklore that has surrounded you, as opposed to me having to stand against you because you’re the physical manefestation of Satan, and have an ill-will alterior motive to bring about the ultimate demise of mankind, and I end up being killed by some beast that comes out of the pit, and lay dead in the streets with my partner for three and a half days before getting raised back to life by God. I’m sure hopeful that your truthful answer is “Robert, I’m just Raj Patel and not Maitreya. Now let’s go have a shot of Jager”, and not “Robert, I’m Raj Patel, Maitreya in the flesh, hater of man”.



    This is the last episode of my 40 episodes serie “Raj Patel – Maitreya – The Antichrist – The Dajjal”.

    From episode 1 to episode 40, I’ve followed the emergence of Raj Patel, aka Maitreya/Satan since January 2010 and his first major public appearance as Maitreya. I’ve provided and analysed all the articles discussing Raj Patel’s Messiahood/Identification as Maitreya, which have been released in the major newspapers such as the New York Times, The Guardian, the New Yorker, The Sunday Times, the Globe & Mail, I’ve not only exposed hidden messages from Raj Patel (as a wink to the fact that he is Maitreya) but I’ve also exposed that the authors of these articles were secretly related to Maitreya and to his satanic system (the company/illuminatis).

    Since 2010, Raj Patel’s ideas have indeed crossed the world and have been exposed and detailed through various mainstream documentaries worldwide, as mind control programs. The people of the world are now very familiar with Raj Patel’s philosophy such as Oneness, Activism, Collective Action, Sharing, Generosity, …. AND REBELLION.

    That’s not a coincidence that the Arab Spring and the worldwide upheavals have started just after Raj Patel’s emergence, everything has been meticulously synchronized in order to look real and genuine. The people of the world now truly believe that they can change the world through their collective action and by uniting together, …, the people of Satan/Maitreya/Raj Patel (the illuminatis and all his secret workers) have widely contributed to this illusion through TV, Documentaries, Books, Music, Movies, Social Networks such as Facebook, Collective Movements such as the 99%, Occupy, the Anonymous, the Indignants movement (indignados), the Arab Spring, the numerous brutal changes of regime seen worldwide…. EVERYTHING has been deployed in the perfect timing in order to make the average joe (the masses) believe that they are the true authors of these changes and that they are really taking their fate in their own hands and that they are going towards a new era, a golden age, an ERA in which the people rule themselves and become their own gods.

    The Plan of Satan is mainly divided in 2 phases: the Pyramid and the Inverted Pyramid Phases. The Pyramid Phase is our current and crumbling order, the one ruled by the so called illuminatis, the EL-ites (“EL” is another alias for Satan, “ELites” literaly means “disciples of Satan”), the satanists, masons, jesuists, templars, … (Satan has many franchises), the banksters, the Royal Pharaonic Bloodlines (the Pharaohs, the Greeks, the Romans, the Anglo German Empire). This phase has served to enslave the masses, to condition them to become sheeps, to brainwash them with all kind of false beliefs and stupidies…the main goal is to make the masses become totaly dumb, weak, lost, divided, ignorant, wicked, evil, … AND TOTALY VOID in the inside….In order for them to put the right program inside them during the 2nd phase: the Inverted Pyramid.

    The 2nd phase which have started since a decade aims to make collapse the pyramid and all what is related with it, and the goal is to make the people think that they are the true actors of this change (in order to make them really think that’s their real choice). This phase is directed by the New agers, the so called Humanists, the Ascended Masters (jinns presened as angels), …, and is to fill the vacuum which is inside the people with their new age philosophy: we are all one, we are our own gods, Universal Love (that’s a fake and despicable love)… Quoting Raj Patel: “No gods, no masters” that’s the motto of this new Era.

    Both satanists/illuminatis and humanists/New Agers are 2 faces of the same coin, both are deceived by the same devils, demons, jinns, aliens…., both are ruled by Satan. The Ultimate Goal of Satan is to make think the whole humanity that they are their own gods, that there is no good and evil, …, and therefore to put them in position to be punished by God.

    The 2nd phase (Inverted Pyramid, Collapse of the Current Order) has already started, it consists in the planned collapse of all the main institutions of the Old Order: the banking system, the Economical System, the Political System…. And we are witnessing this planned collapse through the world economic crisis, the crisis of the United Nations (which is not representative and powerless), the Arab Spring, the change of regimes worlwide…and SOON the middle East War and the Nuclear World War 3 which will be blamed on the religious divisions….WW3 is planned to be extremely violent and to lead us at the verge our our complete destruction, then a foreign actor (it’s necessary, as it is a world conflict, a neutral voice is needed, so it shall not be human) will intervene in order to propose us a new philosophy, it will be the public and official coming of the so called Aliens/extraterrestrial who will present themselves as kind of watchers, angels, …, who have already done their evolution far before us and who passed by the same steps than us, they will present themselves as a very technologically advanced alliance of extraterrestrial races who intervene for our planetary ascension and will propose us to continue WW3 until our complete destruction or to stop it and to become ONE, ONE WORLD RELIGION, ONE PEOPLE, ONE VOICE….. This will represent the worst perdition and lie ever known by humanity because these aliens are in reality demons, devils, jinns, Satan’s seedline, they operate under the orders of Satan and are here to deceive us about everything. WW3 will be blamed on religion ON PURPOSE in order to push the people to accept their all in one religion WHICH IS PURE SATANISM and therefore to disobey God and to give Him associates.

    The Law of God has remained unchanged since the first man, Adam, the rules have always been the same, those who obey God and invoke Him ALONE without calling other gods (imams, priests, rabbis, ascended masters, jinns, helpers, prophets, saints, guides… NO AUTHORITY EXCEPT ALLAH/GOD) beside Allah, have success in this life and an infinite reward in the Hereafter, whereas those who disobey Allah/God, invoke false gods beside Him, disobey His Law, commit injustice and crimes, are totaly destroyed in this life and burn forever in hell in the hereafter.

    The SOON coming Wars, natural catastrophes, great chaos and distress will represent the punishment of God/Allah on those who disobey Him and invoke other gods beside Him, and have other authorities beside Allah…If you rely on your governments, religious leaders, (false) prophets (such as the imam mahdi, the fake Jesus etc…), …., whoever else than Allah, … you’ll lose and you’ll suffer on this earth AND you’ll burn forever in the hereafter. If your accept this Reminder and Call from Allah, stop your sins, injustice, obey Allah ALONE, Obey the Quran and repent then Allah will forgive you whatever you did before, will protect you and will grant you an inifnite reward. These are not vain words, this text is a true warning from God/Allah, accept it or reject it and receive the consequences of your choice. The playtime is now over, it’s time for the serious stuff, it’s time to sign your choice: to continue with your perdition and to be punished VERY SOON or to repent and to turn to Allah IN EXCLUSIVITY, our SOLE AND UNIQUE GOD AND CREATOR, the Creator of All things, and to obey the Quran ALONE, then you’ll be in full safety and Allah will inspire you what to do in the midst of the coming Chaos and distress.

  36. Oh Mr Raj Patel we are only trying to help you come back to jesus but you’re the devil in flesh . Devil you just won’t give up will you and you Blasphemy Gods nature just shows you you hate God and the anti christian spirit inside . You’re just mad cause God punished you and threw you out of heaven and your times ticking so you will put your baby wrath on us through people doing your dirty work God always win I rebuke you in Jesus name his wrath will be forever more then your 1% ever will have fun for 3 in a half years mr father of the world your times ticking tick tick tock your mark of the beast system Rfid will get many but not me I’ll be one less soul in hell and you might not be the anti christ but I’ll pray for you the truth will always be brung out of darkness to the light have a nice day you stuttering is all lies by the way cuz your the father of lies your strong delusion aint on me should tell you God always wins

  37. And @TheTruthIsFromGod your God is a fake JESUS is KING the Koran is of the devil too Allah they are killing in isis for Allah is that godly in your perspective ? Killing crucifying and beheading you have 2 eternal life either you go to hell burn forever or heaven live with GOD the father and Gods son JESUS repent and beleive he died for you you will find happiness and peace God bless you

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