Stephen and me

I’ve always thought that Stephen Colbert was a bit of a god, and it’s lovely that the feeling’s mutual. A couple of nights ago, I got to have a conversation with him about being mistaken for divinity.

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I suspect the reason I stutter quite so much is because I’m talking to Stephen Colbert. I knew I’d be nervous, and the people at the Report were kind enough to give me a heads up as to the kind of questions that he’d be asking. I thought it’d be good to be prepared, and have a few off-the-cuff remarks carefully written on my cuff. But I had no idea what to say. Luckily, I’ve got backup. The ace folks at the Sanchez Writers’ Grotto, as well as friends from further afield, came in with terrific responses to Stephen’s script. In the end, he said pretty much none of the things I was told he might, but the responses were so good it’d be criminal not to share them. By general acclamation, those of Sean Beaudoin — whose latest book Fade To Blue is terrific — were the funniest, but Shana Mahaffey, Diane Weipert, Kemble Scott, Ammi Keller, Paul Linde, Doug Wilkins, Joe Quirk, Ryan Ismert and Moises Velasquez rocked the house too.

So, here’s a compendium of the Q&A responses I would have liked to have used:

Is it true that you’re the Messiah?
— That’s ridiculous Steven. If I was God, I’d be more effective than I am as a writer. That’s like suggesting that Jesus would just leave a book or two of poorly written, ambiguous, and easily misrepresented guidance behind to serve as a guide to… oh. Nevermind.
–Did you just ask if I’m Eric Massa?

Ah, but it was foretold that the Messiah would deny he’s the Messiah – well done Messiah.
–Who’s denying? By the way, I notice you haven’t tithed me anything lately.

If you’re the messiah, don’t I get three wishes? I’ve got some parking tickets – can you help with that?
–Only one solution — a show of Benjamins at the courthouse. Bribery’s been around almost as long as prostitution. Old Testament stuff.
–Parking tickets in New York? You’d have better luck walking on water.
–I can get you 72 virgin meter maids.

So you’re the messiah – prophesy something.
–Health care reform will pass and be an unqualified success. Mitch Mcconnell will turn into even more of a pillar of salt.
–Obama’s health care reform will get shot down by the insurance industry.

Isn’t it lame that the messiah is using a land line?
–Liz Cheney used up all my anytime minutes.
–We’re all at the mercy of the gods at AT&T

So, you’re the World Teacher – doesn’t that mean it’s impossible to fire you?
–The Messiah Union has steep dues, but they’re worth it.
–When you’re in God’s doghouse, you’d rather negotiate a medical leave — full pension and health insurance.
–That was true before the Messiah outsourcing began, and before the union dissolved. Now there’s really no job security. I’m basically just a temp.

What sort of god are you going to be? Wrathful, vengeful, spiteful? I’ve got some people I need sorted out…
–I’m going with Funky. The world has been waiting a long time for a Funky God.
–I plan on being much more hands-on than my predecessor. Lassez faire God-ism just doesn’t work well. So plan on an end to famine and genocide and poverty once I’m in office. As well as Fox News.

Couldn’t you come up with a better name than Share International? Like ‘Patelism’?
–I’ve got my branding consultants working on that one. You know, the guys who wrote the Bible.
–We considered Hoard International but it didn’t test well in the focus groups.

Now that you’re the Messiah, do you have a lot of long-lost friends calling you up begging for miracles?
–They mostly ask for rides to the airport. And leprosy cream.
–Of course, once I get the chartreuse Beemer delivered.

After The Value of Nothing, is your next book going to be “Just kidding – it’s awesome to be a god?”
–Well, it was going to be The Value of Nothing II-Return to Witch Mountain, but I like your title better.
–It’s already been done, and it’s called I am America (And So Can You)

Are you going to get a Maitreya vanity plate?
–There’s nowhere to put one on my chariot.
–My Hummer practically already is a Maitreya vanity plate.
–Of course, once I get the chartreuse Beemer delivered.

It’s raining in New York – can you do something about that please?
–Click your heels together three times. You are now on the set of Colbert Report-Negev Desert Edition. By the way, you pronounce “Desert” “Day-zair”
–Sure. In 40 days.

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  1. I think your responses were fine. You’re very humble and intelligent, and that came through better than it would have had you used the pre-written responses. Your slight stumble over words just made me like you more…it’s very charming.

    I’m really quite relieved that you’re the messiah; I was worried we’d have a Jewish carpenter who speaks Aramaic, and that would be very difficult to understand. I like your message way better anyway.

  2. I am so impressed with your mind, I think I am in love again. 🙂 have no fear, I am no stalker but after watching you on linkTV I was mesmerized. You said everything I have been thinking for years… granted the stutter was there but I found it charming. I wish this country would start a revolution it seems we have become so complacent with the way things are that we almost deserve being dumped on. Thank you for giving me hope and a feeling that all is not lost on humanity.
    Your newest fan

  3. I love how you’re handling the situation and questions with humor. I’m very excited about your work and the ideas on how we can improve this world. Keep up the good work Raj!

  4. You are such a good sport. I know that ridicule can be very hard to bear and I’m glad that you have enough courage to humor these people. I hope that this kind of satire won’t hurt your own work or your feelings.

  5. Hahahahhaha – “The Value of Nothing II-Return to Witch Mountain” that is SOOO funny!! I’ve decided you ARE my messiah! I was a pastafarian for a while, you know we worship the Flying Spaghetti Monster (Peace Be Upon His Noodly Appendage) but you’re even better than an edible deity – I hope you recognise the honor of that statement!
    ps If you eat a bowl of ramen and pray to the great FSM he will stick your teeth together with pasta and you won’t stutter anymore (but the stutter is cute so no worries)

  6. I wonder why Stephen did not ask “Are you in fact the long-awaited MAITREYA” but “…MESSIAH”!?

    Raj, I’m sorry but I see only 2 possible reasons why you don’t simply deny being Maitreya and end the whole dispute:
    a) you enjoy the hype
    b) you ARE Maitreya

    However – folks, the MESSIAH has NOTHING to do with MAITREYA!
    If Maitreya exists at all then he’s one of the false Christs (or maybe even THE false Christ) announced by the Holy Bible.

    The MESSIAH will appear as almighty God next time, not again as one of us:

    At that time the sign of the Son of Man will appear in the sky, and all the nations of the earth will mourn. They will see the Son of Man coming on the clouds of the sky, with power and great glory.
    – Matthew 24:30

    I’m looking forward to that day. I’m waiting for my Jesus and for no one else because He has already redeemed my soul, He is the one my heart longs for.

  7. Raj, it is a rare individual who can reduce Colbert to being second fiddle on his own show, so that is one sign that you are the Messiah, despite your protestations to the contrary.

    If you are a vegan, or I’ll accept veganish, even vegan-friendly, then that would be the ultimate sign that you are divine. According to me, anyways.

  8. To the poster above – I knew there would be someone come on here and start rambling about “Jesus is the only lord and savior blah blah”.

    I don’t think anyone is challenging your christian beliefs my friend *pats Dornroeschen on the head softly* you can relax brother.

  9. In the future every one will be looked upon as “The Messiah” for 15 minutes. I think this quote of mine will be my claim to 15 minutes of M-hood..

    I saw the video above and I think Raj dealt with his 5 minutes of M-hood very well. I am told the other 10 minutes will be used on Declaration Day… when Raj will advise Pope on how to cultivate Messiah-appeal.

    Ever since I heard Creme’s definition of Maitreya – I have decided to put on a stutter. Because you see I was born in 1972, in India and my skin is not only dark – but gorgeous too. The only missing thing was a stutter… I figured, after Raj gets maligned by text messages to a stripper or munching on value-meal burger – they may come looking for me…

  10. Welcome back! I hope that this time you stay with us longer than last time, 2.010 years ago…we definitely need it.
    I think you are the World Teacher, Maitreya Buddha, The Christ, The Messiah, The Iman Mahdi. But the most important thing is the content of your message, and that each of us works to make poverty and hunger dissappear from earth, the soonest, the better.
    You can count on me.
    I hope that you soon give an interview on a Spanish TV or newspaper.
    Keep on the good work!

  11. This Maitreya thing is all very funny, but I worry that this will be a lightening rod for dangerous lunatics. Some of the comments here seem to support my fear. Maybe Raj should do something very un-Buddha-like to try and bring this to a close. He could go on a hunting trip with Ted Nugent or something. It is just a thought.

  12. Raj, you can’t forget Benjamin Creme. Don’t let him down bro. The guy’s got way more faith than St. Thomas — I mean that Thomas wasn’t satisfied until his Messiah had holes in his hands and all Creme asks is a stutter. Anyway, what I really wanted to say is at Woodstock (I am told), they were so high, the music was so good, the sex was good, they knew it just had to mean only one thing, world peace.

  13. @Dana:

    I think it’s clear that my intention was to point out the difference between the Messiah and the Maitreya and not to defend myself or my beliefs.

    [Off Topic]
    No “brother”! 🙂
    Dornroeschen is the original name of “Sleeping Beauty” which sounds awfully sappy (?) to me. Should have foreseen that this would cause some confusion here … Never mind.

  14. Hi, Raj, hi everybody,

    please tell me, does it mean something: “zair”?
    Raj told Steven: Desert, it is to be pronounced “Day-zair”.
    Could it be connected with the Day of Declaration, may be in Raj´s announced 40 days?

    Not only Raj should be active with his efforts for a better world. We all should help to arrange the better future in an active way. Benjamin practices a meditation, a very effective one. It´s the Transmission Meditation that helps the whole mankind (inclusive a higher level of consciousnes) and our planet Earth. It helps in a spiritual way in order to reach and improve all fields of life where needed.- For progress, peace and a feelings of happiness for all.


  15. Dear Raj, I think you don`t need any affirmation or laud, but I have to say that what you wrote put a smile on my face. Strange – I have never met you but feel so connected to you. Your words and your work make me more powerful to live my life and do what I`m supposed to do.
    Thank you, Raj.
    And, by the way, I think you`re beautiful…

  16. It’s not important how it turned out on Colbert report. It’s important what you (and we) give to humanity. When people recognise our originality and sincerity then …. we are recognised as Messiah… 🙂

  17. There is no difference between messiah and the maitreya
    as share international has pointed out they are one and Benjamin creme has pointed out,saying “maitreya will be seen as the Christ,Buddha,Krishna …will the people see in error?

  18. When Christ arrived on the scene 2000 years ago, did He announce Himself with trumpets blaring, or did He simply start talking to groups of people, in a language they could understand, about how they could change their lives and the world for the better? Hmmm….

    Whoever Raj is, he’s (He’s? Hmmm…) sure got some of the best ideas for the offering in this greed-laden befuddlement of a society.

    He can be my Funky God anytime.

  19. Holy Religious Nutters Batman! What a pack of sad sacks! I wouldn’t mind so much if you weren’t actually enforcing your beliefs on the guy. Thats ugly – even more so that you think you’re being so loving and devoted. Is it not enough to admire him for doing some good shit and then notice that there are LOTS of people out there trying to do good shit. Honestly! Have you ever noticed that the whole follower of the messiah/maitreya notion constitutes narcisistic self obsession? Thats the oldest chimpanzee behaviour in the book – grease up to the kingpin. Grow some spine and get on with your own lives for Raj’s sake (oops).

  20. Dear friends,
    Excuse me first for my very bad English
    Let me share with you on this blog those words (Eckart Tolle in « New Earth »)
    « What is arising now is not a new belief system, a new religion, spiritual ideology, or mythology. We are coming to the end not only of mythologies but also of ideologies and belief systems. The change goes deeper than the content of your mind, deeper than your thoughts. In fact, at the heart of the new consciousness lies the transcendence of thought, the newfound ability of rising above thought, of realizing a dimension within yourself that is infinitely more vast than thought …
    … What a liberation to realize that the « voice in my head » is not who I am. »

    I personally think it is essential to realize the difference between « Maitreya » and « the thoughts we have about Maitreya. »
    Don’t you think that our ideas about Maitreya, Jesus , Buddha and so on … Raj Patel and John Doe are worth nothing ?
    Isn’t it more important to find inside myself honesty , sincerity, detachment and to act for sharing, justice, peace and unity?

  21. In french:
    Je pense que nos idées sur Maitreya, le Messie, Raj Patel, Pierre, Paul ou Jacques … ne valent pas un clou, y compris les miennes !!!! . Ce qui importe, c’est de réaliser que «ce que je pense» n’est pas «qui je suis» Il me semble que «croire en une chose», ce n’est pas la même que «la chose en Soi » N’est-il pas plus important d’agir pour le partage, la justice, la paix, l’unité.
    Ne vaut-il pas mieux pour le monde entier d’être honnête, détaché et généreux avec nos frères et sœurs humains «ici et maintenant sur cette terre»?
    « Ce qui émerge en ce moment, ce n’est pas un nouveau système de croyances , une nouvelle religion, mythologie ou idéologie spirituelle. Nous arrivons à la fin non seulement des mythologies, mais aussi des idéologies et des systèmes de croyances. Le changement se situe au-delà du contenu du mental, au delà de nos pensées. » Echkart Tolle dans « Nouvelle Terre »
    Je sais que c’est difficile pour tous ceux qui sont encore très attachés à leur idéologie et à leurs dogmes; mais c’est ce qui est en train d’arriver et ça se passe au niveau du cœur; c’est … libre de nos croyances, ça concerne la Conscience !!!
    C’est une évolution naturelle de la Vie elle-même !

  22. Good thing your not the messiah the christian’s would be laying in wait to impale you.( “OMG” excuse the pun).
    I am sick to death of hearing that misquoted “coming in the clouds business.”
    I have become a fan Paj Patel however you present your views to humanity we need dynamic people who are willing to speak out to help stop the insanity we have created .I was worried for some time it’s comforting to know there are people
    like yourself willing to step up and lead the way out .

  23. Maitreya/Satan/Lucifer…Whatever!! ( No Disrespect ) I WANT to meet Prince Maitreya and chit chat with him over a glass of wine and find out what makes him tick 😉 I kinda got an idea, just want to hear it in detail from him. That would be one hell of a conversation.

  24. Some people just think they’re soooo above it all, don’t they?

    Let’s see… Sunoco has just called us all (a)nuts, (b)sad sacks, (c)narcissists, (d)chimpanzees, (e)spineless. All in one paragraph! Yet Sunny somehow is still endeavoring to sway us over to his/her way of viewing the situation. You wouldn’t make a very good diplomat, Sun.

    We’re having a little fun on this page, Sunoco. Remember? The Colbert Report? Honestly. Why the rancorous tone? Why that vitriol?

    A modicum of tolerance, I think, is in order, ultimately, for those who would speak their minds. And the raving, ill-mannered and wholly oppressive vibe found spewing forth from your belligerent paragraph simply will not do. Ahem.

    Not on Raj’s watch, you.

    Oh, as to the “Religious Nutters” outburst… So far, you’re the only one here who has so grossly and directly tried to tell anyone what they should do with their life. An exhortation which, of course, smacks of religious nutter-ism in itself, to be sure. So next time, maybe mind your P’s and Q’s. Lest ye be thought of as overly zealous or something, and thus one of those nutty nutters.

  25. My English is not rather good to continue to participate on this blog.
    I would say only « bravo » to Raj for his humor and its effective actions and sharing for a new earth, a more humanist world.

    I agree with you Offbroadway when you say “A modicum of tolerance, I think, is in order, ultimately, for those who would speak their minds”
    I think finally that the most important thing is what we do for a better World and not our preconceived ideas (received wisdom ?) about X or Y .
    That is the main thing: acting « here and now on this earth » for justice, sharing, peace, tolerance, unity and for a new consciousness. What we can do in a practical way is to be honest, detached (humor!) and generous. Let us look at the world with the wisdom of hindsight !
    It is that is Raj doing . Isnt’it ?

  26. For the French-speaking people:
    Je voudrais seulement dire bravo à Raj pour son humour et son action pour un monde meilleur.
    Est-ce que la tolérance est une vertu en voie de disparition de nos jours ?
    Pourquoi les extrémistes religieux se sentent-ils menacés par quelqu’un qui participe à rendre le monde meilleur?
    Jusqu’où faut-il être identifié à ses propres peurs (terreurs !) pour divaguer sur le « sauveur » ou « le destructeur », idées délirantes sur le christ ou l’antéchrist ?

    Je trouve que finalement le plus important pour chacun de nous c’est ce qu’on fait au quotidien pour rendre le monde meilleur sans se noyer dans des idées préconçues sur X ou Y.
    L’essentiel n’est-il pas d’agir pour un meilleur environnement , la justice, la tolérance, la paix, l’unité, le partage, la générosité et l’humour qui nous permet de prendre du recul par rapport à notre propre stupidité !!!
    Est-ce que les humanistes non croyants, les alter-mondialistes, les chrétiens, les musulmans, les bouddhistes et tous ceux qui souhaitent un monde plus humain ne peuvent pas s’entendre sur cela ?

    N’est-ce pas ce que fait Raj Patel parmi beaucoup d’autres personnes ?

    Que la tolérance soit avec nous comme dirait maitre Ioda !

  27. Welcome back !
    Hi everybody !

    Yesterday I’ve look at a broadcast on French TV about industrial use of the oil palm and the devastation which it caused to the equatorial forest in Borneo. One more time an example of the destructive capacity of the human greed.
    And I thought: ” Fortunately, there are more and more activists and helpfuls spokespersons as Raj. ”
    Thanks to all the environmentalists and activists for their actings .And thanks also to the guides which help us to discover a new consciousness at the heart of being and to make decrease the greed in the World (as EckartTolle wellnown in América and many others persons all around the world).

    Hier j’ai regardé une émission à la télé française sur l’utilisation industrielle de l’huile de palme et les ravages que cela causait sur la forêt équatoriale à Bornéo. Une fois de plus c’est un exemple de la capacité destructrice de la cupidité humaine.
    Et j’ai pensé: «  Heureusement qu’il y a de plus en plus d’activistes-écologistes et des porte-paroles efficaces comme Raj. » Merci à tous ceux qui agissent pour une Nouvelle Terre plus harmonieuse et à leurs porte-paroles comme Raj. Merci aussi à tous ceux qui nous enseignent comment trouver une nouvelle conscience au centre de l’Être et donc comment éradiquer petit à petit la cupidité de ce monde (comme Eckart Tolle bien connu en Amérique et bien d’autres partout sur cette terre).

  28. Hiya Mr. Patel,….or should I say, “maitreya” HAHAHAHA!
    well, although yer name Raj, is translated to KING, (sorry, you always wanted to be a prince, right?) all kidding aside,
    I would like to address this whole “maitreya-cock-up” in GRAVE seriousness.
    firstly, Mr. Patel, I am not one of those nutters “awaiting the maitreya”, far from it, and as FAR POSSIBLY as anything there is fer you to EVER fear from me! I wish you success in yer endeavor, as a MAN, an ACTIVIST, and NOTHING ELSE. a NOT the “awaited maitreya, the World Teacher” as these nutters THINK you are and are still “awaiting”.
    but there is something that you are NOT doing, that is perplexing, and cause of concern to me fer your well being.
    you are NOT being “hailed as the messiah”, (with the exception, of the few FRINGE ELEMENT followers of Benjamin Creme, as his POTTY “Share International”)
    but are touted INSTEAD, by LOADS of people, as the ANTICHRIST on YouTube, and the INTERNET. and this is WHERE my concern lies, why you are clearly enjoying taking the piss, as it is evident that you are, with the Guardian article, quoting yer parents as saying you have been “a naughty boy”, yer “cryptic” references to the Python’s “Brian” etc.

    THIS IS WHY you should be VERY concerned!
    with ALL “religious” groups, there are zealots, and nutters. Timothy McVeigh BOMBONG the repository “as a christian man” and Mark David Chapman, taking the greatest artist of the 20th century from us, John Lennon, ALSO, to this day, (in his nutter isolation) claims to be a “christian”. these are but a few, of the FRINGE ELEMENT NUTTERS that exist. in which I am certain, number in the many thousands. these certain individuals, (have no doubt) seen the Omen 3/ Final conflict, or,…the Omega Code, starring one of me fav actors, Micheal York.
    if you HAVEN’T seen these films, YOU SHOULD. just to SEE the danger that can be awaiting you. in the OMEN 3, the “antichrist” is stabbed by “sacred” knives, or more accurate to the bible, the Omega Code,the anti-christ meets with(a fatal head wound), SHOT in the HEAD. not a pretty sight.
    which brings me to the concern over yer CAVALIER ATTITUDE in JEST, of a very frightening outcome. you are a HIGHLY educated man, but MAYBE yer FOCUS is on WORLD ECONOMICS, and not on the truck in the street about to NAIL you?
    if I may make a SUGGESTION, it would be THIS,…..
    1.)DENY that you ARE, and never will CLAIM to be the MAITREYA OR, THE WORLD TEACHER.
    2.) publicly, (and STRONGLY) deny ANY association from Benjamin Creme and his “Share International”
    3.) (this is MY suggestion) SUE Benjamin Creme, fer intentionally, putting you in harms way, punitive damages to yer stress levels, and those who are near and dear to you, etc,….
    of coarse, it would NEVER go to court,(damages =monies lost)and NOT defamation of character publicly. but you can FORCE this Creme Berk, to “dissavow YOU” and in the MEDIA BLITZ, you would reap the benefits of MUCH MORE publicity, than you are recieving now (in the case that this is all a ploy to help yer cause, and sell yer book, “The Value Of Nothing” which it SEEMS to be)

    at the same time, ELIMINATING the THREAT to yer personal safety by the NUTTERS out there, (that you should be WELL AWARE, exist!)if I were in yer shoes, I would have done this LONG AGO. after all, Obama is heavilly protected by the Secret-service. the POPE used to NEED the bullet-proof, “Pope~Mobile”,..WHO and what do YOU have to safeguard you, when you speak publicly? it is time to STOP being CHEEKY, and PUT IT TO REST! (before it is snow-balled out of control), DON’T YOU THINK?

    All The Best Raj~

  29. great answers. but as a massive colbert fan i must note that his name is spelled “stePHen” and not “steVen”.

  30. Tonysee

    Nutter’s don’t believe anything that is why they are nuts.

    Especially the True Believer kinds in mass movements ie: fundamentalists Christian and radical Islam ,etc .

    Their HOLY CAUSE is their identity and if their beliefs are challenged in any way they are unpredictable. Sad but true . Dr.Patel could not say anything that would change their warped minds.

    They have given their power away not to God but the religious leaders who have molded them into fanatics.

  31. OOPS!!! meant to say they don’t believe in anything except their HOLY CAUSE that is why …..

  32. Dear Raj Patel,
    To clarify the situation: the speculation that you might be Maitreya, the World Teacher, awaited for thousands of years by all religious groups, was not started by Share International Foundation or anyone involved in this non-profit organization, but by a member of the public completely independently as you can see from this video he placed on YouTube.
    With very best wishes
    Gill Fry

  33. Indeed, no one at Share International has made any claims whatsoever concerning Mr. Patel. In fact, if you go to their web-site, you will not see his name mentioned anywhere.

    And for the record: Share International is neither a “religious group”, nor do they have any “followers.” They are a non-profit organization concerned with the dissemination of a certain body of information. Information that many might feel is objectionable or ridiculous at this point, perhaps, but that is likely to change.

    Benjamin Creme happens to be the author and speaker who has been at the forefront of this work for over 30 years now, and is the editor of Share International’s monthly magazine.
    He has yet to charge or receive a penny for any of his lectures, books, or any task vis-a-vis SI.

    These are facts, Jack.

    Maybe what’s getting lost in this fracas is the ideas Raj Patel is trying to present us with in the first place. It seems people are hung up on speculating who he/He might be, or attacking those who do.

    Whether Raj is the Second Coming or just some egghead who wrote a book, the important thing might be to actually consider the concepts he’s trying to bring forward. (It’s encouraging to see that someone went and read his book, HauntedChimp). If these have a resonance for us, then Raj Patel might be a guy we should keep tabs on. If not, there are other places we can be.

  34. Not a dream, not an apparition – but in form – to INFORM.
    Hi Raj/Brian/Maitreya – lead on!

  35. It is a great book, it was completely in accord with stuff I’d been reading about political economy and neuroscience and it seemed to come out of that mutualist tradition. I thought it was just a terrific summary of ideas I usually go on long rants about, under the topic, “what’s wrong with market-think” or “neoclassical economics is worthless”. I was so jazzed I bought people copies.
    When I see people getting spooky about it, or trying to fit Dr. Raj Patel into some popular eschatology, I wonder if they read the same book I did.
    Indeed, avoid the fracas and just read a really good book that will make you think about what you value, and whether the market reflects your values, and how you might empower yourself to change things.
    No spooky required.

  36. Friends,
    These are very interesting and some humorous reactions to Raj who has not claimed a thing but to care about this world and us. I think if anyone I’ve seen or heard could better fit the bill of being a Christ or a Messiah, and be more accurately fitting of Ben Creme’s prophecies and statements for decades about the Messiah’s role, foci and promotions I haven’t found him. I want to hear more from Raj Patel and hope everyone else does, too.
    I have a Christian and a metaphysical spiritual study background and believe Ben Creme hit many, many nails on the head about the needs of the world, always ideating better ways to live and treat each other with love. Raj echoes all Ben says and does it with amazing profundity. He takes off and flies high with the energies of love from where Ben has brought us.
    If Raj is not the Coming One awaited by all faiths, who better to exemplify and amplify the best concepts of living? Who better to narrate our history, constantly weave in important personages with credits and blame, who better to make us all reflect on ourselves and share our best with each other? Let someone step up and parallel Raj and I’ll believe Him or Her to be a high server indeed. Be awake, friends- we are getting a special soul here.
    If another with more presence of heart and mind appears He will need to be wearing a label of doubly amazing.

  37. Interesting. What a time to be alive.

    -We no longer need anyone to worship

    -We no longer need anyone to save us, as we are very close to saving ourselves

    -All we need is someone to show us how to put 2 + 2 together, as we have the heart and the will to do the rest.

    -Our salvation will begin with the ending of hunger.

  38. I heard you on the CBC today, thank you for utter continuity in an anti-dogma, pro- existential message. Maybe someone that is tricked by skulduggery will finally hear that they are their own saviour (then again, that’s a tough pill to swallow). Are you familiar with the philosopher Krishnamurti? The early portions of his story were quite similar to the hysterics that you are currently experiencing.

    From British Columbia

  39. @ Johnny Gregory.

    Perhaps the point to all of this is that the person you are talking about may as well be yourself.

  40. @ ad hoc and Raj
    I would like to know, me too, what is Raj thinking about Krisnamurt’s teaching, comparable to BRIAN’s message !!!
    Could you answer Raj ?

  41. Excellent point about Krishnamurti! And he too was ‘chosen’ by the Theosophists. Whatever you chose to think about the Theosophists, they were able to discern an important teacher in Krishnamurti when he was but a boy. I don’t think anyone can argue that the Theosophists ‘made’ Krishnamurti a great teacher. To the contrary! But they were able to identify him as one, and that is something to pay attention. I wonder alot about Ben Creme. He says himself that all his communications are telepathic. Can we suppose that Creme was told via telepathy that “Maitreya gave an interview on popular U.S. TV network show”, and that Creme himself did not see the show nor even know which one it was? IF Creme is telling us the truth about the next important teacher, I think it can only be Raj. He fits all the descriptions, and no one else does. And so it makes me wonder if the Theosophists have been watching Raj all this time? Since 1977 when he was but 5 years old? They recognized an important teacher before- Krishnamurti- and I encourage everyone to study his teachings! Because it appears that Raj is beginning where Krishnamurti left off – DO NO FOLLOW ANY LEADER!

  42. It wasn’t crap, Tj.

    The truth is, no one definitively knows who Maitreya is. Not Benjamin Creme(though he probably has guessed right), nor any Theosophical society. To know definitively would mean one has been informed by a Master. And a Master would never point Maitreya out to anyone(including Benjamin Creme)because They consider it a violation of human free will to do so.
    So you’re correct in assuming Mr. Creme was informed by His Master (telepathically) that the interview took place, but not told which interview it was.
    As for the Theosophists, they might have been able to identify Krishnamurti, but they wouldn’t have had any such luck trying to identify a Master Who does not wish to be identified. Masters are a little more stealthy.

  43. A correction to the above comment: “…was informed by His Master” should read “was informed by his Master.”

    Benjamin Creme does not need the h in his “his” capitalized because he is, after all, human like us, which is why he wouldn’t know definitively who Maitreya is (though he probably has guessed right) etc. etc.

  44. The more comments I read the more I find myself agreeing with Cheryl:
    People (I’m consciously not using the word beginning with n!) have given their power away not to God but to religious leaders.

    So maybe Raj should better close down this Site. For his own personal safety. 😉

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