San Francisco, CA

Eat, Drink and Be Ecological About it – a conversation with Frances Moore Lappe and Anna Lappe. Commonwealth Club of San Francisco. More details here.

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  1. Dear RAJ,

    You NEED to RUN away from this Maitreya thing. If necessary, go into hiding. Jesus – YAHshua – Son of God – is the True Messiah and Christ. He is coming from Heaven very soon. The FALSE Messiah and FALSE Prophet as described in the Holy Bible – will be destroyed by Jesus – it is already written. Please DO NOT be one of those two people!

    I have seen the evidence – GOD is REAL. Jesus is who HE says that HE is. Please do not be on His wrong side. May God Bless you and deliver you from evil.

  2. RAJ,

    The comment above is halarious as if you were one of the two people reffered to in the comment above you would have no option on changing your destinty. I am interested to stay tuned and see If you are. If you are enjoy eternal hell!

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