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  1. ahh – very heart-warmingly clever. Ending capitalism for good will mean a difficult phase of withdrawal for us all, though; but damn it let’s get going!! I’m fully behind the volcanos! (though not the end of Iceland — at least, twould be sad for many)

    What a whirlwind. All divine wisdom and courage within to be guided through to a beautiful day… Thanks Raj for your work.

  2. George Carlin is a brilliant mind – what a loss! I mention him because I watched some more of him on youtube yesterday, in his rant about the effete liberalism of “saving the planet”. (“Can you believe the arrogance of that? We haven’t even learned to care for one another yet, and we’re gonna ‘save the planet’??) I really agree that we well-meaning progressives have some debatable and frankly annoying notions. Sure we’ve done horrible damage and continue every day, but pachamama (earth) will cleanse and regenerate just fine, and thrive long after we’ve extinguished ourselves in greed and apathy and denial.

    Even if you disagree, accept this offering of refreshing levity on the subject(s!): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eScDfYzMEEw


  3. This is a wonderful article. Violent non-violence. heheheh.

    What a graphic example to the world!

    Another wake-up call hard to ignore which means that more and more folks will finally get it. Thanks EJ.

    Hmmm,,, somehow this is another of Mother Earth’s expressions of her uncomfortable displeasure with the zombified mechanistic insantity of her children who find it impossible to see the end of their nose much less smell the flowers.


  4. The vulcano is an anarchist, because of its air-contamination 65 000 flights had to be canceled, – la, la – and so or so, the cup I cleaned up.


  5. I don’t know if you read the comments, but I thought I’d throw this out there. I’m a former journalist getting an MBA at an Ivy League school. I agree completely with the thesis of The Value of Nothing. I returned to school thinking I’d do investigative work for the government or something like that after graduation, but even that seems to lack meaning and go against my values. I would love to hear your thoughts on how over-educated people with heavy student loans can make a meaningful contribution to creating and preserving the commons for the better good. Thanks.

  6. A great article. I’d worry slightly about the logic here though:
    “In the face of that wake-up call, the volcano would hope that collateral damage, such as underpaid workers in Kenya, in the UK and elsewhere losing their jobs, will channel their frustrations into a demand for radical change”.

    Perhaps they aren’t implying that the collateral damage is a good thing. But, alternatively, it reminds me of, for example, the person that saw HIV/AIDS as a good thing because it seemed to be bringing some communities together (with the rise of home-based carers etc.)..I’d prefer to take positives from positive things than positives from negative things..

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