Passion’s fruit

Yes, actions speak louder than words. Although I’m fond of the written word, little comes from words alone. Interpreting the world isn’t the same as changing it. But words can help. Particularly when they channel a passion for change. And particularly when they make you laugh. Two pieces have come my way that check all the boxes. The first is from Sean Boudoin, the wordsmith whose jokes out-Colberted Colbert (or would have, had I the chance to deliver them). He has a new column at The Nervous Breakdown that looks like it’ll be required reading. Check it out here. The second is a terrific piece from William Greider, whose book Come Home America is on my bookstand, and about whom I’ll be praising in more detail soon. For now, though, here’s his piece about Larry Summers entitled, accurately I think, Professor Pants On Fire.

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