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In moments snatched between reading, working on the next book, calming a two-month-old, and sleeping, I’ve been chipping away at this site. There are a couple of new bits and pieces.

You’ll notice that the archives now stretch back to 2004, when I first started blogging over at Class Worrier and where David Kalal developed a whole line of designer thongs for me. Ahem.

I’ve added a few new sites to the blogroll, including Mark Bittman‘s new balon (part blog, part salon, at which everyone is having a ball) and Women In and Beyond the Global, a terrific cluster of analysis, art, reflection and poetry about the place of women in cities, households and prisons.

Finally, I’ve added my librarything widget from the Stuffed and Starved website. Click on it, and you’ll see many of the books that I used to write Stuffed and Starved, some of the books I used in The Value of Nothing and, indeed, books that I’m drawing on for the next big project.

One of the latest books to join the library is edited by my friend Temra Costa, who has just launched Farmer Jane. The book, and accompanying website, showcase the diversity (and I use that word gratefully) of women’s activism throughout the food system. Particularly welcome were Temra’s interviews from women farmworkers, whose struggles are rarely acknowledged in the food system. More from Temra here.

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  1. Dear Mr Patel

    Maybe you would have time to answer for one question from Finland: What would be your advice to the leaders of the European Union in the financial crisis Europe is facing now with Greece?

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