The Cost of an iPhone

“”People should know what we do to create these products and what cost we pay,” said Bai Bing as she perched on a bed in her ward.”

A terrific, and terrifying, article over at The Guardian. Via DM.

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  1. Unfortunately, these kind of incidents are happening and have been happening for a long time all over the world, including right here in the U.S.

    I knew a woman who was poisoned by chemicals in an electronics factory. She did not know it, was married and in two years had two miscarriages and then a baby born crippled. Her coworkers also had many health problems. It was the chemicals they inhaled at work for many years. The woman I knew was also paid a pittance for many hours of long difficult work with lots of “overtime,” while breathing poisonous fumes which her bosses knew very well were poisonous and chose the $$$ expediency of fast profit over human rights.

    Business as usual.

    This must change and it will change because it is completely unsustainable, not to mention contrary to life itself.

    Human slavery is a fact of our present civilization where money is god and the only thing cared for is the bottom line. This evil philosophy is at the expense of other human beings who are used and treated like robotic machines and then discarded when they can no longer be used as cannon fodder. This has now become the “standard” way of doing business and most of the people participating in it assume it to be “normal,” although they are certainly not happy about it.

    “That’s just how it is,” they say.

    Well, no it isn’t. It is insanity.

    I think this is a symptom of a basic ignorance about who and what we are and not being aware of the fact of our interconnectivity with all beings. It is a matter of education and not only education but life experience along with the mindfulness of it.

    The fact of the matter is that this brutal style of “management” where the employees are exploited and disdained by their task masters is proven to be the most INEFFICIENT style of management possible. Many studies have been done on this. It is not only inefficient but counterproductive. It depresses employees and makes them VERY angry with their bosses who no longer have any respect from the workers nor should they. Everyone loses in this situation but much of today’s Factory Machine totally ignores this in favor of instant $$$ gratification and morality be damned. Some of those bosses actually believe that sheer force and threats can accomplish something. They think FEAR is the best motivation to get something done. But all it does is dig them into an ever darkening pit of their own creation. In other words, not only is it unjust and immoral, it is also just plain stupid.

    It also plays into the pecking order which is a hierarchy of totalitarian control over the bodies, minds and souls of men, women and children, which is presently running this world at the highest levels of $$$ “management” and assumed “prestige.”

    I can only see such a situation as a gigantic heap of moral collapse which brings suffering and despair due to petrified hearts and the decayed human conscience of the elite world “shakers” and “movers,” as they so like to think of themselves in their arrogance.

    And without some serious re-thnking, on the part of ALL of us, it is a continuing downward spiral leading to the final traumatic end of our present civilization–a self-inflicted fire ball. Such criminal actions can accomplish nothing but their own eventual destruction under the weight of such internal corruption and greed.

    This can only continue because WE participate in it instead of just saying NO. But, without a job we are homeless. So, we accept the black mail to destroy ourselves for the inhuman beast. And many figure out a way to justify it because there just does not seem any way to not participate since “eveyone’s doing it.”

    The big Inhuman International Megaliths of despotism think nothing of paying a “fine” and the court costs. It is just a slap on the wrist. Wink wink. They pay a bevy of “yes men” lawyers for that purpose to negotiate with “yes men” judges who interpret the law on behalf of their $$$ and war puppet masters. They then continue on as “business as usual” without even a slight twinge of conscience.

    However, now the time has come for decent people to demand and insists upon REAL accountability for such criminal behavior coming from those who think they OWN other human beings.

    A huge house cleaning is now called for. And it must be without allowing $$$, influence and power to hinder it. Common Law must be reestablished and the basic rights of human beings recognized and no longer subverted.

    And it begins with us and our confidence in what is right.


  2. How can we buy products we know are produced in a safe environment with well compensated employees. I am trying hard not to buy anything made in China and I by fair trade when I can. What else can we do?

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