Activism Makes You Happy

A great recent post in the Guardian pointed me to this piece in Political Psychology.

I’m looking forward to seeing whether the political valence of activism makes a difference – in other words, does the substance of political activism make a difference to levels of wellbeing? It’d be a hard experiment to do – the standard spectrum of political opinion from left to right is a very poor basis on which to discriminate. Asking whether someone is a Republican or Democrat tells you vanishingly little their attitudes to politics these days. But I’m sure that with a good set of questions, and perhaps a wider universe than just college students, it’d be possible to come up with something sensible.

3 Replies to “Activism Makes You Happy”

  1. I agree with the conclusion for the guardian article, “Perhaps activism gives people a sense of purpose, or of agency or just a chance to hang out with other people. Most likely it does all of the above.” I think that when people are involved in politics they’re involved in shaping the future of their own lives and others, so how can one not be happier being involved. Also being around others and having a sense of community and a social life can go a long way to contribute to ones happiness!

  2. ‘that with a good set of questions, and perhaps a wider universe than just college students’

    Wow, hardly heard anything more demeaning than this in a while actually. Not that I call myself a student at an age of 41, but nevertheless it had to be said. Secondly there is absolutely NOTHING more rewarding than activism of ANY kind as it means involvement. As for the statement, that activism would make you sheep is completely laughable. What is this site? Brainwash central?

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