The Chomsky Allstars

The Chomsky Allstars don’t just have a splendid name, fine logo, and unbeatable clothing line. I came across them because they’ve recorded a protest song ahead of the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa. As you might expect with a tune entitled The Beautiful Gain, they’re not too concerned with the fluidity of Brazilian mid-field play so much as with the deserts into which the homeless in South Africa have been cast.

It’s a handy corrective to K’naan’s effort (dull compared to Wash it Down don’t you think?). And don’t forget that people living in South African shacks have been making their own music too. More of that here.

So, watch the Allstars’ video below, buy the track here and watch this space for an update on how the Rainbow Nation is dealing with its poorest footballers.

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