Ayn it Rand?

There’s a fine article on Ayn Rand in this week’s Nation. The final para:

Far from needing explanation, Rand’s success explains itself. Rand worked in that quintessential American proving ground—alongside the likes of Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan and Glenn Beck—where garbage achieves gravitas and bullshit gets blessed. There she learned that dreams don’t come true. They are true.

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  1. Anti-Ayn Rand articles are never worth my while; the writers, instead of actually engaging with the ideology (I don’t want to use the word philosophy), however shallow, and asking themselves what about it inspires readers, they automatically assume the stupid mass theory, thereby imitating one of her worst ideas, and go in for character assassination, assuming that just because she didn’t live up to the ideals, the ideals the ideals are bad.
    I believe that somewhere there’s an intellectually honest Rand-bash. Most writers, howevver, have no interest in living up to that essay.

  2. “Anti-Ayn Rand articles are never worth my while”
    Anything that sheds any light on her dark ideals are a boon to me, especially since I couldn’t bear to get through her books. I am a firm believer in the fact that there is no virtue in suffering! But at least now I wont get that ‘deer in the headlights’ look when my more conservative friends quote her.
    Ta Raj

  3. Ayn Rand has inspired so many fascists among us who, like her, Adolph Hitler, Benito Mussolini, Joseph Stalin, think of themselves as the Ubermench. They actually have a highly overblown view of themselves at the total expense of the human race, all creatures great and small and our Mother Earth. Malignant Egophrenia as some psychologists have called it.

    This is a totally criminal perversity against nature. It is a continual war-on–which is at its basis a war-on ourselves–a kind of schizophrenia–an unwinnable game of angels and demons–an irreconcilable love/hate relationship.

    This dog-eat-dog philosophy is the very philosophy now controlling the world powers-that-be. But, even a dog does not wallow proudly in its own excrement as does Corporate Fascism and its control system, The National Security State,

    And it has many mindless followers.

    It is all racism, elitism, arrogance, criminality and greed. It is the Wall Street “greed is good” philosophy. It is the same philosophy that murdered Ayns own people and that genocides the indigenous peoples of the world as well as the peasants who just want to work the land.

    What is now happening in Gaza, Africa, South America and many other parts of the world is a good example–totalitarian Social Darwinism carried out by the criminally insane–the spiritual descendants of Dr. Joseph Mengele.

    This Nazism is a totally ignorant philosophy. Without any questions, it assumes complete falsities about what nature actually is, knowing only materialist/realist/reductionistic falsely so-called “science.” It assumes nature is a mindless force and takes on that posture, It fails to recognize that all matter is nothing but energy. It denies the reality of what a human being actually is. It is the ultimate twisted perversity. It has no use for appreciation, generosity, compassion, love, forgiveness, humility, understanding nor the real valor of the human heart. Instead it substitutes selfishness, greed and fanatical hero worship of phoney manufactured personalities in a setting of buy buy get get spend spend charge.

    It is an example of the complete petrification of the human heart.

    It is complete imbalance that trys in vain to replace all genuine morality with will and sheer force.

    In short it is 100% insane. It is classical psychosis.

    The great Gold Dollar Sign Pendant that Ayn wore so proudly says it all. And it is a RELIGION. Yes it is. It has temples, priests, acolytes and pious monks who exercise priest-craft over the bodies, minds and souls of men, women and children. It is a full blown religion of the daily and momentary worship of the god Mammon and his first cousin Moloch who demands that children be burned alive as a sacrifice. They are just more “useless eaters” after all. Non contributors.

    The fruit if it–the results/outcome–are those great pinnacles of “achievement” 1) a thermonuclear fire ball and 2) an ocean full of oil that kills the food chain.

    And Alan Greenspan was a disciple of Ayn. “Oops,” he said, “I was wrong. There was a basic flaw in my philosophy that I overlooked for over forty years.” And then he went to gaze upon his countless hero badges bestowed upon him decade upon decade by his fellow fascists.

    Yes, A “flaw” convieniently “overlooked.”

    His demonic fellow minions are very happy about that. Oh yes they are. And so, you now have criminal thugs at the very top of the world power pyramid of total vile corruption.

    And they call it “modern progress.” How intellectual–like the deaths-head SS in long black leather coats and jack boots attending the classical theater. Real civilized “modern” culture.

    And, you now have the escalating downward spiral of our entire civilization into a heap of collapse–a whirling vortex crashing down toward its own self-destruction.

    The real parasites and blood sucking vampires on state welfare are those inbred megalomaniacs of the world Oligarchical Plutocracy–to big to fail. Suicide. How glorious. How dramatic. How Hollywood. How Wagnarian.

    Adolph would be so proud.

    So, what is this crap?

    It is a world gone completely mad due to total ignorance about what Mother Nature is, who and what they are and why they are here. It is a world completely out of balance and out of synchronicity with Nature’s cyclic time. It is a left, right, left, right, left, right mecahnistic mindless goose step to complete unsustainability and its ultimate self-destruction.

    You see, there is a Universal Law in operation. Oh yes, many do not know about that. It is the Law of Cause and Effect–and now all the psychotic chickens are about to come home to roost. A fact long spoken of in the prophecies of every culture on earth. There is a good outcome however, a Phoenix arising from the ashes.

    And there has been wake-up call after wake-up call after wake-up call, totally ignored by a society of robotic automatons (mind-controlled slaves) being consumed by their own consumption who have been duped into thinking they are “free” serving none but their Masters of Money and War.

    And most of them still do not get it. But, a great reckoning comes.


  4. Ayn Rand wrote about anti-government, no taxes, and the inherent right of each individual.

    Whilst avoiding any personalised critiques, Ayn expressed
    revolutionary and noble ideas.

    At the end of her book, “Atlas Shrugged”, society proved worsening and willful corruption.
    A very small number (compared to the total population) of people escaped safely by flight.
    A place to start anew the way of life that provided man with his inherent rights of freedom.

    The basic premise of her novels, and writings, later seemed hoodwinked by the politicians.
    They distorted her unfortunate choice of words, i.e. laissez-faire capitalism and selfishness.

    Her message was watered-down by Hollywood contracts, and maybe adversarial interviews.
    All this deflected from her primarily anti-Communist view which she knew and said was evil.

    Hopefully the same will not happen to Raj Patel, and may he learn from Ayn Rand to avoid.

  5. Ach Debra… that ship already sailed. Its already happened to Raj Patel. Sadly he is (hu)man before his time. At least 100 years before his time. the masses to whom he pleads just aren’t ready… and sadly, they probably never will be…

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