The Third Time as Toilet Paper

I ended yesterday’s discussion on the G20 with the suggestion that in deciding whether governments or financial markets run the world, it was becoming increasingly clear that the answer is: markets. Today’s news is that the Basel III, the basic rules that make up the international banking system, have been bought by the banks. Who’dve thought?

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  1. We have come into a situation where money rules everything. Politics, International Mega-Corporations, the military, the intelligence agencies, big agriculture, medical/pharmaceutical, everything. He who controls the money controls everything. Who would that be? It is really no secret. All one has to do is follow the money and see who owns what and you will find the same group of thugs up on the capstone of the control hierarchy.

    They fully believe that anything can be bought including whole nations, the military, governments and even the bodies, minds and souls of men. And those who will not go along are simply ignored, blackmailed, or eliminated if they get too vocal about it or, in many many cases just bought because this has become the prevailing belief system among many at the top levels of our culture. They only hope that someday, they too, can outdo those who control trillions about them. It is a pecking order that demands subservience to those smart enough, ambitious enough and ruthless enough to get ahead no matter how many bodies they must step on to get there. Winning is everything and the end justifies the means no matter how diabolical they may be.

    This is the root of our civilization’s total suicidal dysfunction. Why? Because those who profit from the bottom line rule and have no other considerations including people, nature, society, culture, religion, sound philosophy, spirituality or anything else. It is a Money Monotheism. It is a disease of tunnel vision and selfishness similar to that which effected the Gold Rush Miners in the nineteenth century only on a massive world-wide scale–a type of insanity which causes blindness to all other considerations other than money to be obtained in any way possible and in as much quantity possible. And psychotics find it easy to fool people because they can really put on a good show. And if they run out of money, they simply print some more because they own the biggest counterfeit opperation in the entire history of the world. Law means nothing, sustainability means nothing, human beings mean nothing, even progress means nothing because money is the measure of all things. In fact, it is worshipped as Almighty God and has temples, priests, acolytes, preachers and devoted pious monks.

    David Rockefeller in an interview with Benjamin Fullford admitted something long held secret. He said, “for a long time we movers and shakers of the world have met in secret, planning how best to initiate our new world order. We have had to keep this secret up until now. But now, everything is totally in place and that is no longer necessary.”

    So, now they have no qualms about stealing trillions of dollars in broad daylight by means of fraudulent criminality because they are confident that they are completely above the law, owning the legal system, the congress, the president, the intelligence agencies, the judiciary, the media, the banks, the entertainment industry etc. and know how to punish and subdue anyone who might dare oppose their selfish plans. They have absolutely no morality nor human decency but consider people to be aquisitions to be manipulated and used and by a creative combination of war, terrorism, money, energy, propaganda and fear to accomplish that.

    For what?

    To enrich their bottom line and manipulate themselves into more and more power. If millions die because of it, so what? They were just standing in the way of the agenda. They were nothing but useless eaters taking up space and not contributing anything.

    And, until this intolerable situation is finally addressed once and for all, the good ideas,(of which there are very many) great arguments, won debates, creative inventions, sound actions means nothing. There is no acknowledgement nor progress of anything unless it totally plays ball and fits under this control paradigm, which they long sought after and gained incrementally bit by bit over many many generations and is now fully here.

    True, many folks are in total denial about this and think that something other than money can change something, such as rational creative and productive thinking and the documentation of what actually works for the highest and best good of all concerned. But this is reasonable and not a part of the present world agenda at the highest levels of world power. It would seem that rational human beings would want to support what actually works. But, you see, that is no longer a consideration. Time is money. Money is power. More is better and greed is good.

    I have talked to some of these types and they really do hold the basic philosophy that it is a dog eat dog universe and only the most clever and ruthless survive. They actually believe that’s how the entire Universe operates. They believe that’s how nature works and that what they are doing is “just natural.” Business as usual.

    And that’s exactly why the end of this complete madness is total self-destruction. They think they have enough money to escape all circumstances beyond their control and still come out on top. But they do not. Along with this psychosis comes total self-delusion and arrogance about how smart and clever they are and this attitude eventually causes severe miscalculations.


  2. Raj, thank you for inspiring. Also, thank you Rob for what you write. I am a coach potato philosopher but I feel like doing something after reading your posts.

  3. We perceive the crumbling and crashing of a massive giant. Is it the global economy? Is it the United States economy? No and no. The economy is in dysfunction but, it’s not dead. What is thrashing about in its’ death throws is a worldwide economic philosophy, not the economy itself.

    The economy is a human system, designed by humans to; access, share and deliver resources in service to human needs and human desires. We’ve organically developed a global economic system by consciously and unconsciously agreeing on particular economic philosophies.

    We have to stop now and REVIEW what we’ve experienced and see what we can learn from it. We learn, first of all, that decisions made in the distant past come from a very limited perspective when compared to the expanded perspective of our age, the age of information. Our oldest economic decisions and agreements were made thousands of years ago when we had very little knowledge of the world and human nature. We struck out on a course that seemed the best at the time and one that matched our mythos and beliefs about life for that era.

    Now, as review time is upon us, we must re-evaluate our philosophy and cast away what is obsolete and outmoded. These things are falling away anyway, in natural decay, to make way for a new philosophy. The new philosophy is already emerging from our new perspective of the world and life and a new mythos is shining forth for those who have eyes to see it.

    The dying philosophy that is causing all the ruckus and panic around the world is, the philosophy of profit making and investment income. This combined approach has embodied a philosophy that has de-valued money and promoted unsubstaniated largesse. Any system that de-values its’ own tools has a built in obsoletism. And any system that depends on unsubstaniated growth has an inherent deacy and half-life of warped affects. We’re living in the radio-active fallout of building a living economic system on a flawed philosophy and a doomed foundation.

    The gold standard was the beginning of our fall. Naive eyes see the gold standard days as the great yesteryear when money had “real value”. From the new perspective, it’s quite the opposite. Gold was a form of money, an exchange medium. So, we once used a metal form of money for the standard of a paper form of money. We used paper money to represent metal money and called it a financial foundation. Isn’t that like making the rock, paper, scissors game the foundation for our valuing and exchange system? So, this is our proudest moment? It could easily be considered our most delusional moment. We were supposedly modern and civilized when we made this move, That makes it even more warped.

    Gold as an exchange medium ultimately represents what money is designed to represent, Human TEA (Time, Energy & Attention). Money, of any material, is our exchange medium and valuing tool for our TEA. That is the actual and ultimate standard for money and that’s the new valuing system emerging. We’re coming into an age where “real value” will take on new meaning and the new buyers of the free market will be much more discerning and commanding.

    The free market is basically a market of free buying and selling. Profit making poisoned the free market by setting the sellers up to exploit buyers in order to succeed and setting the buyers up to buy goods that are inherently priced higher than their real value. The real value of the product is directly equated to the human TEA it took to produce and deliver it. Since profits don’t represent TEA, they are unsubstantiated.
    For example:
    When someone living on investment income (little to no personal TEA invested) buys a purse for $2400 that only costs $24 in Real Human TEA then, that is unsubstatiated money being used to buy a product whose price is so inflated that any real value, of the money or the product, is completely lost. We instictively know this, that’s why we say, “Oh, she must have money to throw away”. We know, on an intutive level, that the whole exchange is worthless. Both product and money are trash because, they have no real value. They are fake. And when people parade around with their highly inflated goods, we call them fake. That’s our gut speaking. We know it’s bulls—t.

    The real buyers, with real money are the people who do the actual work. We are receiving money directly for our personal TEA. When we take our real money and buy a grilled cheese sandwich with the lowest profit mark up possible, we’re involved in the most substantiated exchange of TEA possible in our current system.

    We are the working buyers and though we are a full equal partner in the buyer/seller relationship, we haven’t been doing our part. We’ve allowed ourselves to be labeled consumers (gross) and we’ve acted as if we’re somehow subservient to the sellers. Like we just have to buy whatever they sell us at whatever price they set. This is the imbalance the profit making philosophy inherently embedded in the free market and we see the resulting chaos today.

    The working buyers have been supporting the dependent sellers and buying whatever crap they put out at whatever price just because the psychology of advertising works.
    The biggest scam we buyers have fallen for is, we bought wholeheartedly into DEBT and let the sellers call it “credit”! We don’t have credit cards, we have DEBT CARDS. Those little cards aren’t piling up credits for us, they’re piling up DEBT. We don’t have credit reports and ratings, we have DEBT reports and ratings. Living beyond our means and in the SLAVERY OF DEBT has been wholesale purchased by entire cultures to the point where even governments are in debt as a norm.

    We’re living under the pressure of global debt and this massive burden is what is bringing down the debt business itself. We say the “credit market” is crashing but, it’s really the “DEBT MARKET”, which is the basis of almost all investment income.

    Yes, my fellow working buyers, we were sold a chocolate malt that turned out to be a turd shake. The trends generating from this realization are already emerging in U. S. Culture. We buyers are naturally becoming more demanding about real value and fairness of exchange. We’re coming to value our own TEA more and we’re remembering our own wisdom to, live simply and within our means. We’re starting to save more and abstaining from enetering into further debt. I’d like to say it’s because we’re more enlightened but, it’s more due to the fact that, working buyers have simply been bled dry.
    But, it’s all good. We don’t use leeches anymore in our healing systems and we won’t be using them in our economic system anymore either. Debt is debt, not credit. A debt burden is not a priviledge or a symbol of status and a turd is not chocolate.

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