Women v Wal-Mart, Ten Years On

It has taken nearly a decade, but the class action suit brought on behalf of over one million women looks, almost, like it’ll make it to court reports Women’s eNews. That day in court is likely to bloody Wal-Mart. As one of the lawyers for the plaintiffs puts it:

“We are very confident that at the end of the day, we will prevail. The evidence is that strong and the wrongdoing is that clear.”

For more on the wrongdoing and the evidence, here’s Wal-Mart Watch’s report.

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  1. Realistically, workers (regardless of a gender) are not compensated adequately by wages.
    The revenue of Wal-mart, from the beginning, is based on exploitation as means for a profit.
    Wal-mart could easily manage 10 billion dollar law-suit loss. Sad indeed, with a slave-labor.

    This case encourages women-equality, therefore is a double-speak for everyone’s rights.
    Woman-liberation is cause for a loss to women (and men) worse than the case explains.
    It breaks the natural bond between the sexes. Rights is the issue, and not one’s gender.
    There is not one single court-room in this world that fights for both sexes inherent rights.

    Wal-mart may lose this case, and the women may win it, and in the end the people lose.


  2. The plaintiffs and their lawyers say, “We are very confident that at the end of the day, we will prevail. The evidence is that strong and the wrongdoing is that clear.”

    Certainly the “wrongdoing” is clear and the evidence is strong. How much that will actually COUNT in this corporate case remains to be seen.

    The wrongdoing is clear with lots of evidence but there is a great big “IF.” If, there is no hanky panky with Wal-mart and the Judge in this case. Corruption in the legal system is always a problem when huge Corporate Interests are involved.

    If that were not the case, there would already be quite a few very big wigs behind bars for criminal fraud and even High Treason.

    And the system of human slavery that has now become “business as usual” is certainly not often frowned upon when it comes to the all pervasive bottom line. Human rights are still occasionally gained because a few people still have an active human conscience–and I pray that will be the case here. Wal-Mart has no sensitivity whatsoever about going into a community and completely ruining it because now that seems to have become the ordinary and accepted way of doing business, except for those being ruined who are broke with no more influence or clout.

    The great “success” of Wal-Mart has become the example for all to follow. Buy low, even using slave labor, and sell high for the sake of the Almighty bottom line which is always the final consideration. That way, ever continual upward expansion is guaranteed. So what if the Great Machine plows over a few primitive jungle bunnies not hip to the wonderful “modern” age and how “smart” economics works.

    This must change because this type of activity is in the long run highly self-destructive and very bad for everyone, even the thoughtless greedheads themselves who are trying to “get ahead” no matter what the expense to their fellow human beings, men or women but especially women.

    Women are traditionally marginalized and used as meat–lots of practice for centuries. Something long taken for granted by those who are suffering from an extreme case of tunnel-vision while entrained upon the ambitious unbridled and ruthless competition syndrome.

    It is a kind of male-domination instant gratification philosophy where future consequences are totally ignored or else propped up by the hope that such hideous results can be glossed over with more mindless propaganda when those consequences do arrive, which is inevitable, whether they know it or not.

    Here is yet another case of “fool me once shame on me, fool me twice shame on you.” And its been far more than “twice.”

    Will justice actually be done? Will a glimmer of human decency prevail this time instead of the dull glitz of filthy lucre?

    I certainly hope so because otherwise you can kiss our dysfunctional civilization goodbye completely as this self-destructive insanity only continues to escalate gobbling up everything as they rampage on, without a clue that they are being consumed by their own mindless consumption.

    Mother Nature often has the last laugh.

    But if Wal-Mart becomes accountable, it may start a trend, hopefully going all the way to the top of Government Corporatism in this National Security State. Of course, there is not much money to be made in taking personal responsibility for ones own criminal actions.

    So, we will watch what happens next.



  3. At best, the case will have Wal-mart promote women-equality, and compensate with money.
    Promoting women-equality is not in the best interest for men, nor for women, for that matter.
    Women-equality is a separate issue from rights for women, as women are not equal to men.

    This case has been going on for 10 years. Simply watching is the last thing we should do.
    What we should do, is recognize that the entire current court system is totally self-serving.

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