Leaked report on Land grabs

Today’s Financial Times has a preview of a much-awaited World Bank report on land grabs. The Bank has, for months, been promising the arrival of a report that makes a cast iron case for why allowing rich foreign investors to buy land in poor countries is win-win-win-win. The release date for the report keeps slipping because it appears that even the Bank is struggling to massage the facts to fit its case. From a leaked version of the report: Continue reading “Leaked report on Land grabs”

Carmel-by-the-Sea, CA

The Carmel Authors and Ideas Festival

This is the fourth annual Carmel Authors and Ideas Festival.  There will be 35 award winning authors and speakers, who will discuss their books.  These include authors of New York Times best-sellers, Pulitzer and Nobel Prize winners, and winners of nearly every prestigious literary award.

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