As someone who gets a little more ALL CAPS email than he’d like, it’s good to find a source that is both fully upper-case and entirely sensible: Feminist Hulk. HULK SAY FUCK PATRIARCHY. HULK NOT HAVE PROBLEM WITH “FUCK.” ONLY BAD WORDS ARE ONES USED TO MAKE PEOPLE FEEL SMALL.


Feminist Hulk, interviewed here by Ms Magazine, rocks. On FeministHulk’s feed, there’s even the occasional edifying link, like this one: http://bit.ly/byH1oe, in which HULK SMASH CORNELL RESEARCHER’S SEXUALLY ABUSIVE MEDICAL PRACTICES. Having just finished reading the very good Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, it’s unsurprising and angering to see that some things don’t change. Very angering. And you wouldn’t like Hulk when Hulk angry.


  1. Following the aforementioned blog, I noticed a feminism theme, making women look terrible.
    Whilst it’s uncertain if this is sarcasm, or not, the issue of women-equality arouses emotion.
    No doubt this is a sensitive issue, and noticeably likely to have both sexes reacting strongly.
    Whilst resistance to being not equal might be expected from women, it also applies to men.
    Particularly a man thinking he helps women by defending this false notion of female-equality.

    These are examples, how The Law of God equally protects men and women. No preference:
    To clarify, The Law of God demonstrates the deterrence of rape, not deterred by legislation.
    The Law states rape carries the death penalty and treated as murder. Deuteronomy 22:26.

    The issue of false accusation is also addressed in The Law, and hence deterred, as stated:
    “If a false witness rise up against any man to testify against him [that which is] wrong; Then shall ye do unto him, as he had thought to have done unto his brother: so shall thou put evil away from among you.”
    Deuteronomy 19:16,19.


    A letter written (by a lady) explains the better way to handle discrimination and all injustice:

    Dear Men,

    Legislation has removed all your rights, over time, to protect everything / all that is important.

    The Law of God, if you will seriously follow, instructs on how to reclaim all that you have lost.

    Studying “The Way home or face The Fire”, explains exactly how you all have been deceived.


    You do not need me, yet I need men, the men who provide for, instruct and protect a woman.


    A lady in the care of The Lord

  2. Wrongful treatment towards women, anywhere, does not justify
    male-female equality ideas.

    Having been an employee at The New York Presbyterian Hospital working with physicians of Weill Medical College of Cornell University, that has the likes of Dr. Poppos who practice the unethical research as explained in the Bioethics forum, I am aware of exploitation of females.

    In that same hospital, a well-known pediatric Orthopedic surgeon, who otherwise dispenses pharmaceuticals, refuses to give children local Lidocaine (numbing agent) to fix the fractures.
    Having witnessed him doing this once to a little girl, I was later told that this was acceptable.

    Feminism is not the solution, and is another very loud distraction away from what the truth is.
    Women need men who will and “can” protect them from abuses, and a ranting does not help.
    The “Feminist Hulk” is an antithesis to all women’s rights, lacking responsibility and respect.

    If the Feminist Hulk wants to demonstrate being a man, I hope he does, as soon as possible.

  3. Debra… Wait, what? You seem to be saying this wrongful treatment of women is indeed wrong (got that part), but that women should have no recourse other than to wait for a man to come along and save the day. Seeing how you’re obviously not a Hulk fan, I’m guessing maybe you’d prefer that Superman be on the scene to uphold all that is just and fair.

  4. I simply prefer non-fictional reality where men are allowed to be men, and a woman a lady.

    Currently, due to a tolerance of feminists, men and women lack the proper mutual respect.

  5. Dear Debra,

    That’s fine, you just wait in a corner and watch children be abused while you wait for a man to come and save everyone, also I guess I will rape you now, since, as a woman, it would be unseemly for you to resist.

    ps: What the hell is wrong with you?

  6. Raj is like Doom…, before he can solve the pest problem, he brings out the creepy crawlies.

    Debra do us all a favor and stick with the program. Or else proselytize elsewhere please.

    Raj… wake your moderator.

  7. Feminism is turning women into men, and most men are not same-sex oriented, so normal men back off and the lowest of men go down the age scale to find feminism.

    It is an exact berometer. The ages of molested girls gives the indicator as to when girls start to become feminists.

    The majority of western women have just become totally unsppealing to men. And now the general complaint from women is that all that men want is ‘one thing’; no more love. Divine justice!

  8. Dear Natasha,

    Don’t be so quick to dismiss that which is to your benefit, and promote that which isn’t.

    A proselyte? Isn’t that what the feminists are?
    Best to objectively observe their effects.

    Personal observation reinforces an earlier consideration to avoid this issue, as follows:-

    “From what I observe when observing men, it is hard to be a man, anywhere in the world.
    Women have wrongly been granted equality, ending up with a
    disillusioned – superiority.
    It is misunderstood. Given the opportunity, one suggestion may be to not even try to fix.
    Partly a resignation, with the conclusion of the necessity to start anew, one more time.”


  9. As a REAL man (the envy and desire of all feminists), I can promise all feminists on planet earth the following things:

    A) Feminists will NEVER become a real man. They will only help evil people muddy up the waters for those few honest people that want to be real men or real women.

    B) Feminists will NEVER attract a real man. Absolutely no real man finds anything attractive about a feminist. Most feminists are not even physically attractive, but, while some are, all feminists are disgusting people mentally and any real man knows he can do better than a feminist. It is the spineless sex-addict loser boys that the feminists end up with–as a punishment for being foolish.

    C) Feminists will NEVER fix the problems that drove them to feminism in the first place. This is obvious and self-evident. The answer is neither feminism nor chauvinism. Females must return to being lady-like women and males must return to being responsible and protective men. Neither of them acting like mindless sex-hungry animals will fix the situation.

    The clear thing to ask any feminist or feminist supporter (the gays) is, do they have any idea who was originally behind the feminist socially destructive women’s lib movement? Obviously they must not know that important bit of information otherwise they would have fallen into the trap of feminism, which makes a bad situation worse.

    For anyone that wants to understand why feminism came about (to tax and manipulate women, and steal their children from them), google “Aaron Russo and womens lib” or watch the video interview shown here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lhJCTFZf03A

    To Raj–As a person who appears to have some sensibility and a platform to discuss the issues, you of all people on this forum should research what feminism is really all about and do an HONEST objective exposition on it.

  10. Debra,

    When you say “I simply prefer non-fictional reality where men are allowed to be men, and a woman a lady.

    Currently, due to a tolerance of feminists, men and women lack the proper mutual respect.”
    I think the issue is what do you mean by that ? What is meant by being ‘allowed to be a man’ and what is a ‘lady’ (and why is a man allowed to be a man, but a women to be a ‘lady’, rather than a women).

    What is a women’s place ? If they are not equal, why not ?
    Does this mean that women should not be doctors or lawyers (or infantry soldiers) and men should not stay at home and raise children ? Why not ?
    What creates those roles ? What value do they provide?
    I think these questions and their various answers will reveal the differences between you and the views of people who support Feminist Hulk’s point of view.

    She-Hulk has been a comic character for many years.

  11. Feminist Hulk is awesome! And has a better response than I do for the above anti-feminist comments:


    Also, The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks rocks!

  12. Anna,

    Both you and “HULK” (what sick sexually-insecure butch female wants to be a “hulk”) have obvious issues with your own abilities to be women. “Hulk” obviously thinks she is clever when she is disgusting and neither of you have the strength do the right thing and so you both try to justify your failures with jokes and excuses. Typical.

    Lets see, foul-mouthed butch “hulk” and a thoughtless supporter of “her” and feminism–OR–a proper lady-like family-based loving, supportive, and kindhearted woman.

    As a real man, which do you think I would choose?

    The only males that would ever choose a feminist are the same spinless bottom-feeding wimps that cause feminists to be that way. So the feminists end up with what they hate, as divine justice. Feminism is a boring crusade for the foolish in a fools paradise called Earth.

    Read: http://thewayhomeorfacethefire.net

  13. Well, “Real” Man –

    A man capable of being civil and correct in his actions even toward those he disagrees with, or a boorish jackass who spews insults while claiming his enemies are “butch” or “spinless bottom-feeding wimps.” Which do you think your “proper lady” would prefer?

    A “real man” would be capable of making his argument without childish name calling. A “real man” would also probably not be afraid to deal with women as equals; his masculinity would be strong enough that it didn’t require him to destroy other people’s value as persons just to make himself feel big and strong. That is the recourse of a coward.

  14. @Real Man: You are hilarious. The very nickname of yours makes it eveident that you are some insecure guy afraid of conscious, intelligent and progressive women. Real men do not need to call themselves so, everyone knows they are real.

  15. The notion of equality is so limited. It tends to bring the discussion right back to essentialist notions of “women” and “men”. Gender equality is important but the very word “gender” needs to be fucked several times over. Like, what about trans rights? We need to fighting queer-bashing, tyranny of monogamy, sexual violence, etc. etc.

    I am so beyond caring about what “real men” are or should be AND about what religion has to say about feminists being selfish because everyone being equal before god. Take your wounded patriarchal penises and religious doctrines somewhere else. There is enough sexual pleasure and spiritual elation to be had without them.

    Yay Feminist Hulk!

  16. Wow. It always amazes me how much vitriol comes out whenever feminism is discussed in “public.” FEMINIST HULK, you rock on with your bad self.

    “Debra” and “Real Man,” you can take your outdated gender-essentialist fetishes and shove them up your backsides. I don’t care what kind of screwy male-female relations you carry out in the privacy of your homes. Whatever makes you happy. But as soon as you start advocating for everybody to follow your ridiculous, misogynistic and completely economically unfeasible belief systems, you and I have a major problem.

  17. Thanks for sharing a feminist link Raj. It’s brave. The haters really come out quickly. I just finished your book and am planning to teach part of it in my Intro to W.St. class.

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