Globalisation New and Old

It’s all here – transnational capital flows, land grabs, Chinese investment, Brazilian regional hegemony, and water wars. Twenty first century concerns if ever there were. And, right in the middle, a very nineteenth century name. The first sentence from a recent Financial Times article demonstrates why globalisation is always old and always new.

A farmland development group backed by Jacob Rothschild is hoping to become the first Brazilian company to list on the Hong Kong stock exchange, after attracting investments from some of the territory’s largest tycoons.

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  1. Thank you Raj Patel, for a post on globalization (new is old). This positively simplifies who to tackle in the battle of corrupt marketing, global exploitation, and unsavory financial influence.

    Lacking in the article, is Rothschild control and influence over educational outlets and media.

    Not surprising, a donation of a Supreme Court building is a working monument to legislation.

  2. In South America, land concentration increases year by year.
    In each town, local companies appear or powerfull undertaker of big cities buy all properties on sale.
    The wealth stay in a few hands and the poberty growht, and with that hopes of improvement decline.
    Our countries, in spite of many political leaders opinion the people is worst.

  3. Your post really makes the point!

    Financial concentration is anti-human at its roots…

    Technology, Human Development and the Social Energy Grid

    Money and the Machinery of Representation

    Personal Democracy: Disruption as an Enlightenment Essential

  4. Globalization always new and always old, thats a good point! We must take our land back from the corrupt and learn to govern ourselves… Out with the old in with the new 🙂

  5. Many of the good efforts seem like a needle in the haystack.
    Falling short of appreciation because this enemy to tackle, as depicted in the post, has control over the world by laws.

    ” They believe that the best way to control the opposition is by leading it.”

    The people have given up personal responsibility to enforce justice, to a corrupt governance.

    Raj Patel is not the problem. He demonstrates help and aid, obviously the best way he can.

  6. Here is a quote from the article that stood out to me:

    “Ian Watson, Agrifirma Brazil’s London-based chairman, said: “The wealth in the developing world is going to cause foodstuffs to go up in price.”

    Of course. No doubt.

    And…where is the “wealth” in the developing world? Why, among the multinational Tycoons of course. Does anybody think they care to share it at all?

    Of course, I know that some still cling to the fantasy of “trickle-down” economics–what’s good for the Tycoons is good for all. What a complete fraud. That assumes that the world shakers and movers are normal human beings with a functioning human heart. No, these are full blown psychotics. These are by far the world’s worst criminals. Many of the worst criminals among them should be arrested and put behind bars for life because they are far too dangerous to human society to be at large.

    Of course, this won’t happen because money can buy anything, including the bodies, minds and souls of men. “Justice” is bought and sold on a regular basis. Business as usual. That is, until it totally hits bottom in a heap of collapse under the weight of its own vile corruption.

    Of course the elitist “Tycoons” won’t mind at all if the price of food rises. After all, they are “well-born.” George H.W. Bush, for example, was ignorant of what a bar-code was, never having seen one being insulated from the commoners. They own their own food supplies which are especially for them and them only. And, they have servants to prepare it, you know.

    They actually believe that those who are not the “well-born” are “useless eaters” in the world and are just taking up space. They don’t contributing anything to the bottom line of the GNP. They think its best to just remove them. Get them out of the way.

    They have developed many methods to accomplish this.

    Several decades ago it was realized by these Masters of Money and War that birth control simply would not suffice to reduce the world’s population fast enough for them. Eugenics, once discredited because of its Nazi idealism, now goes under the name “Family Planning.” Only the name has been changed to deceive the innocent. The Club of Rome then said, “we must reduce the world’s population BY ANY MEANS POSSIBLE.”

    Yes, this includes genocide, war, epidemics, terrorism and planned ecological disasters. Destroying Mother Earth and all her children is what these psychotics do. And they do so more viruently now that they are becoming exposed and can no longer maintain the secrecy of their long held deceptions. It’s getting harder to pull the wool over people’s eyes. People are beginning to wake up to the hoax. For example, many have had the audacity to research for themselves and find out WHO the Rothchild’s are. These “Tycoons” are now beginning to see that their traditional fraud is totally unsustainable. So, they are expressing the same mentality as Adolph Hitler’s “scorched earth” policy. What they cannot control they defecate upon. The world’s “movers and shakers,” epitomized by the Rothchild’s and the Rockefellers, think they are some kind of superior beings because they were born into unbridled riches. Ubermenchen. Yes, they are real smart. “Clever” is probably a better word.

    However, their human hearts are completely petrified down to the core. Their wealth is inherited and world manipulation for the sake of I, me, mine and more more more is their life’s profession, deep inner philosophy and belief as well. It is a religion. The religion of $$$. The full unbridled worship of the god Mammon and his cousin Moloch who demands constant human sacrifice.

    Their many minions and “yes” men do their bidding without question as “business as usual.” Murder as usual. Crime as usual. Corruption as usual. War as usual. Starvation as usual. Manipulation and control as usual.

    If one of these world pop-stars of wealth suffers any adversity it will be headlines everywhere. However, if millions starve or become the victims of money crimes you will not even be told about it because those human beings are not important to the system and, in fact, need to get out of way. They are just a nuisance clogging up the machinery of the glorious world these movers and shakers are creating from their great righteous elevation up on the capstone of the hierarchical $$$ pyramid of total control–while gazing out upon their ignorant subjects–many of whom have been easily duped into thinking they are “free.” hahaha.

    So, situations such as the Gulf Mega-Catastrophe are highly publicized but when whole countries of “useless eaters” are devastated by the same thing, few in the “developed” world even know about it much less care. Why? Well, just follow the money. Who owns and controls the entire News Media? Uh…”propaganda” media is far more accurate.

  7. We must try not to think of our world as being on the other side of no tomorrow, though at risk of understatement, the hour is getting late.

    The biggest problem that I see us facing is the entropy that has set in with the passing climaxes of industrialization and the fossil fuel age. The age of the consumer is riding itself out, but in its path is unspeakable genocide, ecocide, and suicide.

    If we could envision, educate, and communicate to the people of the planet, particularly those of the G-One (the USAers who are by far the most mad and mislead); the alternative vision of resources allocated directly to individuals and communities – based on need, and re-learn the ways of community, a “plan and implement” cooperative communitarian socialism, rather than the Imperial, Militaristic, Greed-driven, “risk and return” paradigm (or excuse),could go a long way towards turning things around.

    Only idiot puppets like Obama don’t understand that the Financial Game is over. The only thing left for the Financial Overlords is to keep putting money into mostly failed endeavors that will DRIVE (the fossil fuel age and automobiles are relative flukes and need to be put into historical perspective) the planet to extinction based on an insistent sucking the resources of the earth dry by insisting on the industrialization/consumption paradigm when we all should be asking for and working for an industrious/well being paradigm.

    My guess is that 80% of the USA GDP is the consumption of gasoline for personal purposes. The automobile is the most destructive toy that ever disgraced the planet.

    In addition to the rearrangement of the Financial Paradigm and Systems, we must also recognize and commit to the reduction of the use of the personal automobile in the USA by 80% in the next 20 to 40 years. This could be done by rebuilding communities and reallocating resources so that almost all communites are sedentary.

    It’s a tall order, but let’s recognize the mission at hand and work diligently to educate and organize (so that we can allocate), accordingly.

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