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  1. eating meat is now unsustainable, i agree with this idea.

    5 years ago, i decided with my wife to stop eating meat, we eat vegetables, sometimes fish, eggs, bread and there is many recipies to enjoy this diet.

    we are healthy, no problem.
    many people have wrong ideas about stopping eating meat, they think they are going to become hill, and that’s ll wrong.

    changing man’s mind could be more difficult than changing the world production of food.

    i hope your ideas are going to widespread

    faithfully yours


  2. Excellent interview! Concise, precise, explaining in few simple words the causes for the actual food crisis. I hope some clever politicians in U.S., Europe and other raising economies as Brazil, India, China, etc.. take good note of Raj wise words, and really do something to revert the process of basic food supplies becoming more and more expensive. It’s crazy! Don’t you think that?

  3. I am glad this topic is being discussed on CNN, in a society where consumption is usually never questioned. What I would like to know is, as an individual person, how can I stop supporting this situation.

  4. As Debra, I ask the same question : what can I do (from France ?). My father was not a Rockefeller’s cousin, I have not millions of euros on my bank account, and I am the “average citizen”.
    Yesterday I have seen a report on the French TV concerning a tragic lack of water in Nigeria. No water, no vegetation, decimated cattle. A woman with nine children struggling to get some millet seeds and the reporter made us understand that not one meal was assured by day. Dust, heat, insecurity (not really a war, but always the old song : some guerilleros against the “legal” army). These people are in fact living in hell. I could be one of them.
    What can I do ?
    Can we, as simple citizens, have an effect on the politic plots and pressions which lead to these dramatic situations ? How ?

  5. I believe the solution is to become increasingly aware that each of us and people world-wide are being led by uncaring leaders obeying an evil-agenda, evident by the destruction of good and the environment.

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