Food Sovereignty: Reconnecting Food, Nature and Community

I’m dead excited to read a new anthology of pieces on food sovereignty, edited by my friends Annette Desmarais, Nettie Wiebe, and Hannah Wittman. I’ve got a piece in it (a version of which is here) but the reason to be excited lies not only in the cross-section of individual analyses, but also in the arc that Annette, Nettie and Hannah trace through the book. Food Sovereignty jacket-FINAL (lo-res). More details here.

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  1. Hi Raj,

    Thanks for creating awareness about food issues. I certainly learnt a lot from reading your blogs. It is strange to see this notion of Food Sovereignty. I can’t see this working in Global South unless something drastically changes. Last year, I spent three months in India (where I was born and raised) and was so devastated to see agricultural lands transforming to factories or IT Parks. It seemed that there was hardly any land left. In India, countryside in many places has begin to resemble like suburbs. And newspapers were full of stories about crops being destroyed because of late monsoon and steep hike in prices of basic commodities such as toor daal and people not being able to afford basics like these.

    Back here in Vancouver, Canada, I am always perplexed about size of our grocery stores. They always seem so big to me. It seems that average person can still afford to eat well here and we never seem to feel shortage of anything as other countries do.


  2. Mr. Patel, I have to take my hat off to congratulate your all round knowledgeability and unusual street wisdom. Ok, you are possibly not Maitreya, not that it matters…
    It’s up to us to act and I am mostly lazy and indifferent. I used to have fun as part of

    as part of Greenpeace “figting” the police to block nuclear site in europe. Now I lost my drive and became cynic. Not that I always was motivated. Hosw can I wake up Raj?

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