Analysing Agrofuels

My friend and mentor, Phil McMichael, has co-edited a volume of The Journal of Peasant Studies looking at “The Politics of Biofuels, Land and Agrarian Change”. Find out more in this pdf flyer and, for a limited time, download it for free here. Can’t wait to get stuck in.

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  1. The Great Soulless Machine of Robotic Mindlessness is and never has been logical and is, in fact, completely insane. It destroys Mother Earth and all her children in the fraudulent name of “civilization” and “progress” while leading the entire civilization toward its own self-destruction.

    The picture says it all.

    Here is a word of The Truth from the Hopi Elders:


  2. Everyone should view this interview on Democracy Now.

    Even those who worship the bottom line of everything must begin to understand the flaw and lack of logic in their unreasonable seflish paradigm. If enough people begin to recognize the present fraud being perpetrated in the name of “bottom-line economics,” the ones perpetrating this hoax for the sake of their own greed would be quickly replaced along with their destructive agendas to Mother Earth and all her children.


  3. This is just a thought I had mr patel, or should I call you brian 😉 Firstly Im no expert on this topic so dont quote me on this, but have hydroponics ever been considered a solution in places of need? Would it be possible with government funding or any other form of funding to take an X amount of land, and an X amount of people in a rural community, and introduce an appropriate scaled to requirement hydroponics system. Theoretically the possibilities are endless and could be very beneficial, such as f.ex: food produced for consumption, sale, barter, medicinal, clothing, fodder and the replenishment of nutrient depleted farming soils. Could not solar/wind/geothermal/tidal power be used to run the whole experiment? Is it possible that if successful it could set in motion a ripple effect, and the proceeds of the enterprise in all senses, be used to further aid to other places of dire need?

    chris carr.

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