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  1. Common sense guides to those who are in need, if one would only take the time to see, hear.
    People, unfortunately, spend money on things they don’t need
    (surplus), conditioned to think that the poor or needy are somehow that way by a divine providence, a karmic debt of justice.
    If people would listen to the good inner voices, they would be guided exactly when/who to give.

    “The Way home or face The Fire” (TWHOFTF) –
    You can set yourselves and the entire working-class FREE, from poverty and injustice, by keeping The Covenant; “Fighting for the Kingdom and Justice for ALL”; and for
    a return to Freedom, under God’s Perfect Laws of Liberty, and Economics; instead of imprisonment, under men’s illegal laws and economics. The New Covenant is waiting for YOU to accept it, and do your half, so that God and I can do Ours, and it has been waiting, for 2000 years, for you to come to your senses, and open your eyes and ears, and listen to Us, and ONLY Us.
    When are you EVER going to learn to do as you are told?
    9:63-64. http://jahtruth.net/wayintro.htm

  2. “..listen to Us, and ONLY Us.
    When are you EVER going to learn to do as you are told?”

    That sounds VERY familiar.

  3. So-called “Globalization” without justice for the peoples of the globe is an abominable travesty. The core problem is ignorance and selfish greed which has now become codified and institutionalized world wide. The failure to recognize basic human rights, such as food and water, and to “sell” food like tee vees and ipods while casting the peasants off the land and driving them into urban sqalor is an ignorace so dark as to be suicidal for the entire planet.

    These food crises will continue as long as the basic human right for food is disdained and ignored by the world’s Corporate Fascist Social Engineers. Or for as long as they are allowed to “socially engineer” without conscience or the most basic morals.

    I thank God for these organized peasant groups of the forgotten little people who stand up for reality and for the genuine justice that MUST COME. Hearing the voice of those crying in agony is a matter of developing HUMAN COMPASSION. And that only arrives with the AHA that all Life is totally interconnected with interfacing energetic resonance. And this necessary revelation will come one way or the other. Either a complete and total make-over in the present error of so-called “Globalism” or the complete destruction of humankind by mindless wealthy psychotics whose hearts have become totally petrified. Perhaps both must happen at once as an awakening occurs all across this planet.

    Unfortunately, things will get much worse before they get better simply because the world Masters of Money and War are stark raving mad and are fully entrenched in their robotic insane delusions. Many of them at the very top of the world pyramid scheme of control have deluded themselves into believing that they are a “superior” type of being having been “well born” with a silver spoon in their mouth. But, they are about to strangle on that silver spoon as the monsters they have created shove it down their throat crying “NO MORE!” All the police and Blackwater Security they can muster cannot prevent it.

    Violence is a bitch dog, it only spawns more of its own. It is a self-perpetuating dysfunction that solves nothing. Mercy is far better than revenge but if you start murdering Mama Bear’s cubs, expect to be torn apart.

    Of course, the totally deluded self-righteous think a brutal god of forces controls the entire Universe and feel justified in their propensity for violence against those they deem to be “inferior.” In their writings, they even call them “useless eaters,” which is a term originally spoken by Malthus about world over population.

    There is a pending world food crisis the likes of which none of us has ever seen. And it is all completely UNNECESSARY and due to the stubborn malignant egophrenia of those who live by a dog-eat-dog philosophy which is completely at odds with all Life, including their own, even though they are totally blind to it. It is suicidal self-destruction.

    And there will be much turmoil as this present rotting diseased “system,” based soley upon $$$ and brutal power over other human beings, totally self-destructs, being hoisted on the petard of its own selfish egotism and fanatical self-righteous arrogance.

    And people in the U.S.A. and other so-called “developed” countries WILL be greatly scourged and tested also. In fact the impoverished peasants of the world may be better off. They, at least, know how to grow their own food. After all we have assented to these travesties by allowing despots to do our thinking for us and even buying into their evil philosophy.

    I ask, exactly WHAT has the so-called “developed” U.S.A. developed into? Answer: continual warfare, crminal enterprize at the highest levels of leadership, thermonuclear fireballs and an ocean full of black death. Judge the tree by the fruit it bears. The whole concept of the “land of the free and home of the brave” was twisted into the “land of the freak and the home of the depraved.”

    “It’s only happening over there,” no longer has any relevance whatsoever. What’s happening “over there” is and always has been a mirrored picture of ourselves.

    So, even in the countries full of Walmarts and foodstamps, it is far wiser to grow FOOD, not lawns. This is to express solidarity with the world’s peasants and recognize the validity of the “forgotten little people” who work the land everywhere.

    There is a Universal Law of Cause and Effect in full and continual operation and the time has now come in that Great Cycle for all the chickens to come home to roost. Those wealthy elitists and their purchased sock puppet minions who only wish to feed their own selfishness and greed are about to come face to face with the horrors of their own creation. The worst nightmare of the World’s despots is to loose control over the bodies, minds and souls of their slaves. But, those who attempt to live by means of constant lies and deception are themselves the most deceived of all and must eat the lunch which they have so carefully prepared over many generations through the vain traditions of their fathers. Like all of us they cannot excape the consequences of their own actions.

    We now live in the most critical time in world history. But, in spite of all evidence to the contrary, I have a great inner hope for sanity on our Mother Earth for the sake of our children and their children. Peace on earth and goodwill toward men.



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