FYI: Car Sharing in California

Is it an intensification of capitalism to be able to rent out your property by the minute? Or is it a suspension of private property when strangers are able to enter one of America’s most private spaces, albeit for a fee? Read about California’s new personal car sharing law and decide.

One Reply to “FYI: Car Sharing in California”

  1. It would be nice, if California (and other states) would devise a plan for pay-at-the-pump auto insurance. There’s some guy in CA who has been pushing this for decades. Last time I checked, insurance was priced with a big fixed fee, and a much smaller per-mile cost, presumably because mileage is self-reported.

    Doing this would substantially raise the price of gasoline, but would also give people the chance to directly save money on insurance by not driving. The result ought to be somewhat reduced traffic and oil consumption.

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