It *Is* Micro Usury

My new friend Ananya Roy was on DemocracyNow! yesterday, talking about the links between microfinance, sub-prime lending, the recent news of farmer suicides assisted by microcredit lenders, and the transformation of poverty into global big business.
Her latest book, Poverty Capital, is fantastic. I’m learning not just about the ambiguities of microfinance, but about the organisations that promote it. For instance: the largest microfinance lender and urban developer in the Middle East? Hezbollah. Find out more here.

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  1. Jct: Yunus’ Grameen Bank getting a Nobel Prize for micro-lending at 20% usury sure cinches the claim that Turmel’s UNILETS Timebank will get a Nobel Prize for macro-lending at 0% usury.

  2. When a person steals money from a bank, they are called a “thief” and “bank robber” and put into prison. When a bank steals money and all human dignity from the poor, its called “business as usual” and they congratulate each other and are rewarded for their “success.”

    The predator does not leave even a tiny drop of blood untouched. It could be an ocean of blood amounting to trillions or a ten cent drop.

    It is the “Capitalization of EVERYTHING” including the human body, mind and soul. Nothing can “fix” this continual predation by blood sucking and very wealthy parasites except…a total makeover of the entire financial system of error that sells the most basic human rights exactly as they sell tee vees and ipods.

    Alan Greespan admitted before congress that his philsophy, based upon Ayn Rand, had now proven to be “flawed.” He also said in his book that “IRAQ WAS ABOUT OIL AND WE ALL KNEW IT.” Of course, that went convieniently ignored.

    Ayn Rand reportedly wore a solid gold dollar sign as a pendant around her neck. This says it all. It is the philosphy of predation and materialism which now nearly controls the entire planet.

    However, something that these predators forgot in their arrogance is that there remains the Universal Law of Cause and Effect and as sure as the sun will rise, the chickens will come home to roost.

    To be an adversary of the entire Great Creation and the web of life itself due to the self-induced tunnel vision of malignant egophrenia is complete blindness. It is induced by embracing “Greed is good” and it is most unwise. It is sheer ignorance and totally destructive, even on the planetary level.

    So, now that they are realizing that their financial system of error is completely unsustainable, what is their answer?

    Why, do more of the same, of course. While thinking they are “free: and can act with impunity, they are actually in the cage of their own creation riding a rapidly accelerating downward spiral toward total self destruction while selfishly entrained upon their own image in the pyramidal hierarchy of world Fascim and totalitarian control over the bodies, minds and souls of other human beings and with no regard for Mother Earth nor any of her children as well. And this disconnection is the very source of their disease.

    On the positive side of the coin, this vile situation is a great (and final) catalyst for transdimensional creativity among those now finally beginning to see this systemic FRAUD for what it is and always has been from its beginning.

  3. Thanks for that, very interesting interview. Will try to get our Uni library to get the book!

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