2 Replies to “FYI: Children Prey for Fast Food Companies”

  1. Interesting article. I’ve been struggling with determining how I feel about the government telling people what to eat: on one hand, they’re defending children from predatory fast food corporations, but on the other hand, they’re telling people what to eat!

  2. You cannot correct a sucking chest wound by applying a bandaid.

    Few even recognize how serious this situation is nor how it interconnects with the other cancers now inflicting humanity.

    What is required is an aneitrely New Paradigm of thought from the ground up. Sounds impossible? Maybe it sounds impossible, but is that really true? Self knowledge is the basis of ANY knowledge whatsoever. Without self knowledge all other knowledge is skewed and misinterpreted.

    I submit that reality, truth and health will reign when people become informed instead of being dumbed down and used as willing cannon fodder for Corporatism and selfish interests which are the opposite of all Life itself.

    When some archeologist of the distant future digs up a mechanical Ronnald McDonald, he will think he has found one of the worshipped gods of our long buried civilization—a god which demands the human sacrifice of children.

    Yes, predators prey on children. Predators also prey on adults who most of the time are not even aware of it and having lost all critical thinking look to their tee vee and advertising slogans to inform them. Duh??

    Perdators prey, that’s what they do. And the predators are the most prestigous Corporatists, politicians, militarists and Banksters in our present world. However, they are rapidly being consumed by their own consumption and the present sitution is clearly shown to be completely unsustainable.

    The Titanic is NOT unsinkable after all and by all this dog-eat-dog philsophy sold through false advertising as the “American Way of Life” the course for the Titanic has already been long chartered. Now, the chickens come home to roost according to the Universal Law of Cause and Effect–something not recognized at all by the Dog-Eat-Dogists whose consciousnerss is consumed by the worship of $$$.

    http://nestingwave.wordpress.com <= leave a comment if you care to. In my view this abomniable situation CAN be solved, but it takes stepping back and first of all seeing how and why it got this way in the first place and exercising ones creativity and ceasing to allow others who are self-styled "experts" to do ones thinking for them. This present dysfunction did not happen over night, you know. It has a long and highly obfuscated history by the Predatory Powers That Be. No, a quick "fix" or more of the same old same old applications of sheer force, laws, regulations, bigger government or more strictness out of frustration will not work and indeed never has.



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