Breaking news: Fifty Million Food Insecure in the US

The latest food security report was released this morning by the USDA – the headline is that 50.2 million people were food insecure in 2009, up a little from the previous year’s 49.1 million. Read it here, and watch this space for more analysis.

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  1. We have food insecurity because our society has forgotten where food comes from.

    Mother Earth produces abundance when her sacredness is acknowledged and respected. This includes the respect for all life including all animals.

    The answer is really quite simple. It is to teach, participate and enjoy eco-friendly local agriculture. Get involved. Grow food not lawns and do it without poisons. This seems difficult because we have forgotten how to do it.

    However, there are those among us who DO know how and are doing it. I have a neighbor who has eaten from his small property for fourteen years, shared with his neighbors and helped others to start their own gardens, big or small. Support them, learn from them and participate. And if you can only grow something, anything, do it and do it right now. Take up the mattock and sing. Even if it is some winter spinach or winter carrots indoors, or outdoors or a single aloe vera plant if that is all you can do. Love it. Appreciate it. Thank it. Learn from it. Listen to its voice. You have no idea how important this is and what the blessed fruit of it will be. Experience that, you will never eat another McDonald’s dollar cheeseburger again.

    Share what you can, even if the government makes it illegal, as indeed it very well might considering the contiued downward slide into Corporatism and its Fascist Control Paradigm over the bodies, minds and souls of human beings. See bill # S510–already passed the house. There is much resistance but it is getting weak. Strongly resist it and all things to do with Codex Alimentarius. These can only be called Food Totalitarianism.

    Our Mother Earth needs an entirely New Paradigm and it can only come from you and I.

    Become less and less dependent upon the government and all its corrupt agencies, such as the USDA and FDA and all the Monsanto minded falsely so-called “scientific” propaganda.

    Another important thing you can do is demand the legalization of HEMP which is one of the most miraculous plants on Mother Earth, it is easily grown, very efficient as to the quantity that can be produced per hecter, provides fuel, food, fabric and medicine and has been used by cultures throughout the world for thousands of years, if not tens of thousands of years. See the fine documentary film “The Hemp Revolution” if you doubt that. China and other smart countries use hamp because they are rational not irrational. Think about the experiments already going on regarding LOCAL ECONOMIES. Learn what the Bill of Rights IS. Learn why and how it got destroyed. Do not allow it to be thrown into the trash as some of your leaders are trying hard to do.

    Only support elected officials, local, state or national which see how this one thing, the legalization of HEMP, could transform our land and way of life. Demand the release of energy technologies now being hidden from you for military purposes. Check me out and see if that information is true or not.

    This is the way to prepare for what is about to come upon America. It is quite serious. What I have suggested is the only thing that will make a difference. America is now corrupt from the top to the bottom. It has become a huge dog and poney show for public consumption. It is far more serious than most folks can imagine. The government cannot and will not help you, only herd you and continue to deceive you, if you continue to allow that.

    You will be required to make important decisions. Keep a low profile and just say NO to tyranny. Become so engaged in taking care of our Mother Earth and all her children that you do not have any time to worry. Be not afraid. You will be greatly blessed.

    Peace be upon the earth and among all beings.


  2. Hello Raj! Felt like giving a nod for the good work you are doing! No wonder people confuse you as Maitreya – even in their dreams!

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