7 Replies to “FYI: Farmers in Karnataka, India, protest against GM rice”

  1. Very pleased to see this.

    When I first heard about GM cotton and farmer suicides in my country, India, I almost panicked. I did not want my country and my people to face the menace that is Corporate/Monsanto fascism.
    I felt like Hobbiton was burning and there wasn’t anything I could do to protect it.

    Seeing people push back on GM crops and corporate pressure brings me hope that there’s some good in the world, Mr. Frodo, and it’s worth fighting for.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this video.

    As an American, I unfortunately have a lot of experience with GM crops. It is inspiring to see farmers protesting unfair/unsafe technology.

    As a student of food security and economics, the demonstration serves as an important caution against the power of multinational corporations in shaping (or taking advantage of) developing global economies.

  3. Are these courageous farmers getting any local or
    international support?

    What is the position of the Indian government?

  4. I’m so glad to see these farmers protesting. Let’s hope there will be more protests in other states of India – and in other countries too.

  5. This is yet another graphic example of what is happening all over the world. I am sorry to say that the people have been and will be totally ignored at the top levels of power.

    This is part of a long time agenda for world totalitarianism. Control over the world’s food and water produces slavery. Total slavery. So you have, food, energy, war, money, Corporatism, a Criminal Financial Cartel, continual theivery, blackmail, genocide and murder. All methods of manipulation to herd the masses into the chute of slavery without basic human rights.

    And it all has a purpose—to exercise total control over the bodies, minds and souls of men, women and children for the sake of a handful of elites who think they have the right to control the world and use other human beings as they see fit.

    And a part of that is to decide who lives and who dies, so many genocides are being carried out. They call it a “New World Order.” And, here it is.

    You see who totaly owns the police? You see who they are working for? You see how they serve the people? They arrest them for standing up for basic human rights. The police are neighbors. How about touching their conscience?

    What do we do about this? Well, waking up to what’s going on is the first step, boycotting GM grain, as the Chinese are doing, civil disobedience. JUst say no and be ready to receive the consequences for so doing.

    Here in the U.S. the long feared bill S510 is now on the Senate floor to be voted on in sixty days. Bye bye organic food cooperatives if this heinous bill passes. It would be ILLEGAL to grow some nice squash and give some away to your neighbor. That violates the Food Safety Act. Do you see? Monsanto and the other Demons want total control over the world’s food? And when you see who is behind this, it becomes clear. Follow the $$$—it all leads to the same place. So the problem is endemic and systemic and the rule of law totally gone which would put these very rich thugs and criminals behind bars for life where they belong. And it’s not as if there was no evidence, just the total breakdown of justice which allows High Treason with total impunity as the world leaders give allegiance to their Puppet Masters and totally betray their people who, in many cases, elected them.

    Is this doomsaying?

    Only when you attempt to solve the problem on the level of the problem. You cannot touch the end of your finger with your finger.

    What is called for is an entirely New Paradigm based upon basic human rights and at the same time the exercise of the most basic rule of law not subject to threats, bribes or blackmail.

    This is by far the greatest challenge the peoples of the world have ever faced. But face it we must. We have to get VERY creative indeed–and I believe we can.


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