FYI – The value of open space

In Philadelphia, a report finds that open space

  • Increases homeowners’ property values by an average of $10,000;
  • Supports nearly 7,000 jobs and generates $271 million in annual salaries and $30 million in state and local tax revenue;
  • Generates more than $566 million in annual spending;
  • Saves businesses $500 million in workers’ compensation and costs related to lost productivity;
  • Spares local governments and utilities more than $132 million a year in costs associated with environmental services such as flood control and drinking-water filtration, and,
  • Helps open-space users avoid $795 million in medical expenses and businesses avoid $485 million in lost-productivity costs.

More here. [Via JJT]

One Reply to “FYI – The value of open space”

  1. This is sane and true and therefore will not be implimented by our present New World Order who wants people herded into large metropolitan cities where they are easier to drug, control and manipulate and not apt to exercise independent creativity such as growing their own food or deciding how to use resources by methods not sanctioned by the present Control Paradigm.

    But this sanity is the New Paradigm where basic human rights are not only recognized but practiced and no doubt about it—it WILL follow when the unsinkable Titanic goes to Davey Jones by the weight of its own corruption and violent self-destruction along with the severe earth changes which are already starting.


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