2 Replies to “Are High Food Prices Fueling Revolution in Egypt?”

  1. I don’t think food prices have much to do with what is happening in Egypt. Matter of fact it has so much more to do with the expansion of the gap between the haves and the have nots.
    While the “haves” invest heavily in market, the “have nots” watch as their commodity prices climb. This is true not only in Egypt but across the globe, and it has much to do with the value of a particular position. Is a welder worth less than a banker? Is a farmer worth less than a lawyer?

    The closer the median incomes become the more stable and lower the commodities, whereas the farther they separate the higher the commodities until such time as revolution.

  2. Egypt is #1 importer of Wheat. the price of wheat is up 62% in a year
    because of Russian drought. There is china drought happening
    right now.

    Egypt stopping export Crude.

    Egypt has a lot of educated youth. the youth bubble.

    Population is growing massively.

    Put it all together. you have a mild revolution.

    Yemen is in the same position as it will stop
    exporting oil in few years. As its reserves are dropping very fast.

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