FYI: Guidelines for Colonialism

Land, poverty and commerce have a website- On it, you’ll be able to register for the World Bank’s conference on these very subjects, and see the latest iteration of the Bank’s Responsible Agricultural Investment principles – a set of rules that’ll make colonial land-grabbing exercises feel much better. Read more here, as well as an analysis of the Bank’s approach to land grabbing here.

2 Replies to “FYI: Guidelines for Colonialism”

  1. “allow effective decentralization through collection of property taxes”… what? How does collecting property taxes allow for decentralisation? Do they mean, in comparison to direct state ownership?

    Last time I did any research on the World Bank was 2002, sounds like they haven’t changed their tune much…

  2. Well, it seems that the World Bank is unable to learn its lesson from myriads of unsuccesful projects they have mentored over the world… The thing that needs to be done now, is to ensure that each country is free to say “no” to the WB aid bids.

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