On the Royal Wedding

The Royal Wedding is over, and Britain can go back to its routine celebrity obsessions and police excesses. I’ll be raising a glass to Ian Bone, whose hit “Better Dead than Wed” dates from the last royal wedding, of which I was reminded by Red Pepper magazine. Best lines:

‘We’ve got a wedding present,
On this we’re very keen,
It’s built to last for frequent use,
It’s called a guillotine.’

It’s a good day to be a republican democrat.

Turns out that the new royal couple are neck-deep in the global land grab though, of course, when William’s predecessors did it, it had a far more dignified name . More here.

Best royal wedding tweet:

RT @zainyk: Kate wearing a veil. SOMEONE ALERT SARKOZY

3 Replies to “On the Royal Wedding”

  1. The article cited in the Update says *nothing* about the couple having anything to do with the land grab, merely that
    William proposed to Kate in an area in which land grabs *by others* are taking place.

    I’m astonished and distressed to read something so patently false on this site.

  2. “When Prince William proposed to Kate Middleton in a luxury game ranch in Kenya – on a continent he regards as his ‘second home’ – did they realise that they were at the centre of one of Africa’s land grab hotspots?”

    I just read the article quickly, but I don’t think it confirms that the royal couple did know. Perhaps William would be sympathetic to the problem if it was politely and fully explained to him – togther with the proposed solutions.

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