Feminist economists sing the blues

Not all economists are humourless apologists for the rich. From the feminist economics network comes this chronicle of a flash mob, at a post-Inside Job discussion. Admittedly, the internet has better examples of flash mobs, with better tunes and, frankly, better singing. But the sentiment’s right on, and the organization behind it eminently sensible. Check out Make Wall Street Pay, and get ready for some toe curling below the fold.

2 Replies to “Feminist economists sing the blues”

  1. I love the song, love the energy, love the message… BUT HOW? How do we make Wall Street pay and HOW do we do it today?? Lots of people want to know — and we are ready to do what needs to be done. So tell us. We’re listening…

  2. Susan,

    Organization, commitment, and constant and unrelenting pressure. By now, I hope America is learning at least a tad from the many courageous protest movements that are springing up (and being sustained) across the globe. We shouldn’t think a victorious battle vs. Wall Street would require anything short of the type of commitment seen in Tahrir Square. In other words… millions have to take to the streets – not just on one day, but until “the regime” is toppled. So, I guess maybe it’s a fib that we can “do it today.” But we can start today.


    Your “Make Wall Street Pay” link actually links to a YouTube video wherein 300 Swedes dance publicly and out-of-doors to Michael Jackson’s “Beat It,” which I suppose is somewhat in keeping with the previous links, and is certainly not a sight I would ordinarily think to be anything less than apt, but… nevertheless I thought I’d bring it to your attention.

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