Karl Marx was Right #2

It’s one thing when stock market clowns like Jim Cramer say that Karl Marx was right, but it’s much more interesting when you hear someone like Nouriel Roubini explain it.

The rest of the interview’s worth a look too.

3 Replies to “Karl Marx was Right #2”

  1. And I wonder what Marx would say about Private Equity, Power, Homeland Security and Capitalism?

    Monument Capital: Carlyle Group’s Homeland Security Franchise

    American Military University

    “Homeland security, logistics, and transportation/cargo security are among the fastest growing areas in the in the job market today. Graduates from these programs can find opportunities in both the public and private sectors; from local, state, and federal law enforcement; to emergency services and administration; to business intelligence operations and analysis.”

  2. Very well said.

    As this situation becomes worse we will have to build strong local economies. Each person has skills, products, and services that they can offer to those around them.

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