Aubergine, Eggplant, Brinjal, GM

Protests against genetically modified crops in India are getting increasingly creative. Earlier this week, the world’s largest quantity of aubergine curry was cooked by New Delhi’s top chefs yesterday to accompany a 100,000 signature petition protesting the Indian government’s support of GM crops. But the clipping below, from the Times of India, isn’t just an interesting report – it’s an anthropological trove. FYI, the Limca in the “Limca Book of Records” refers to an Indian brand of lemonade. [H/T:JH]

Giant Baigan ka Bharta makes for a delicious record

The Times of India, September 7 2011 [extract]

NEW DELHI: It was a grand lunch fit to feed an army. Chefs from Le Meridian, Indian Institute of Hotel Management and Indian Culinary Forum prepared two mammoth containers of mouth-watering, traditional Punjabi style ‘Baigan ka Bharta.’ What made this simple dish made from organic brinjal [eggplant/aubergine] spectacular was that it made its way into the Limca Book of Records on Tuesday.

To protest the tabling of the Biotechnology Regulatory Authority of India (BRAI) Bill in the monsoon session of Parliament, Greenpeace organized a cook in protest where a 342.5 kg dish was made from scratch with organic vegetables in Dilli Haat. A portion of the dish was delivered to the Prime Minister’s residence along with a petition containing the signatures of one lakh citizens.

“The draft that is to be tabled is draconian and undemocratic. It not only violates the Right to Information Act but will also lead to a substantial increase in the use and commercialization of genetically modified crops,” said Kapil Mishra from Green Peace.

“Our request to the government is not to present and pass the bill in a hurry. We are just asking them to conduct proper studies and research before introducing crops that can have a long-term effect on consumers,” added Mishra.

After preparation, the Baigan ka Bharta was savoured by spectators at Dilli Haat and distributed to orphanages across the Capital.

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  1. A recent study released by the International Journal of Biological Sciences found that Monsanto’s GM Corn causes liver and kidney damage in lab rats. Monsanto only released the raw data after a legal challenge from Greenpeace, the Swedish Board of Agriculture, and French anti- GM campaigners. I’m sure the corn is fine to feed to our cattle or eat ourselves though. Right?

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