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  1. Workers that work hard to create profits, deserve a living wage!

    Sure profits are good, and that is the purpose of business, but the profits earned need to be distributed wisely, so the workers have a living wage, the business can invest in new technologies, and the greedy CEOs can have some pocket change as well.

    President Obama is talking about the creation of jobs, but it still comes down to the greed of the CEOs and for the lust of more money by corporations. Take Wal-Mart for example, they are cutting hours and letting people go and making the few do the work of three people, and for what? To meet the bottom line. To make that extra profit margin. So I ask once again, how much profit can one make? Eduardo Castro can’t live on $10 million? He needs to have $30 million? Why does he not put the $10 million or $20 million back into the payroll and give the associates that bust their rears a living wage?

    Be it Wal-Mart, or any other major corporation, as long as the lust and greed for more profits exists at the expense of the workers, there will never be job creations.

    In order for everyone to survive and move forward in the years ahead, humanity must learn the concept of sharing and leave the selfishness and greed behind.

  2. Greedy CEOs ( around the world) are not listening to Warren Buffet. Why should they; they are living the “American Dream”–get as rich as you can.

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