3 Replies to “Genuine democracy takes time. …”

  1. It’s encouraging to see people getting off their butts
    for something beyond their home team or Lady Gaga and
    company. Imagine the world if 99% of us actually voted!

  2. Slow politics indeed. This is a movement, not an event.

    What’s all the talk about “what are their demands?” As if the demonstrators have taken hostages or something. No one is naive enough to believe any specific “demands” will be taken seriously at this point.

    No, this is a drawing of battle lines. This is an insistent daily reminder of where the problem lies. This is about raising awareness and raising enough voices to the level it will take to start an open-ended and ongoing dismantling of US corporate rule.

    Yes, it’s the one thing that keeps the elite awake at night: Feet in the Street.

    Coming soon to a city near you…

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