Agricultural Dreams: A Call for Research Help!

Are you interested in global food justice? Are you curious about how the world will eat in the future? Will you have some free time in the next six to ten weeks? Are you familiar with at least one of the countries listed below and/or knowledgeable about one of the topic areas? We are looking for interns around the world to do foundational research for a new trans-media project on the future of the global food system.













United States


Marketing, advertizing campaigns & psychology

Commodity Speculation


Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA)

Land Grabs

Indigenous rights

Consumer Food Legislation

Climate Change


Gender, women & food

Immigrants, labor & food

Soil, ecology & alternative agriculture

JOB DESCRIPTION: Research Associates will work part-time (approximately 20 hours per week), for six to ten weeks. They will work independently to gather in-depth information on the state of food systems research, and food justice movements, in their chosen country. Methods of research include but are not limited to: online databases (IMF, census information, World Bank, FAO, etc), scholarly journals, reliable news sources, interviews, and site-visits. Check-ins every couple of weeks will help keep research on track. At the end of the research period, the Research Associate will submit a literature review of food debates in their assigned country, as it relates to the larger Ag Dreams project. A properly-referenced bibliography and supporting materials, preferably made in EndNote, will accompany this review. While this internship does not offer any paid compensation, interns will be recognized in acknowledgements and credits for work using their research, and there is the possibility of salaried in-country research work as the project evolves.

EDUCATION: Minimum requirement of a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent, with exceptions for people with long-term involvement and experience working with and/or writing about the food justice movements of interest.

EXPERIENCE: Experience, involvement or familiarity with social movements and/or food system organizations. Preferably, you will have on-the-ground experience with the area that you are researching. Experience in research and in-depth investigation, ideally, using online databases, primary material, interviews, and site-visits to gather information. You should have familiarity with the country and/or topic being researched.

SPECIAL SKILLS & QUALIFICATIONS: Ability to communicate effectively, both verbally and in writing. Must be highly organized, analytical, and accurate. Must have some knowledge of standard reference/information sources and library skills; the ideal candidate will be familiar with and have access to EndNote for bibliographic references. Must be able to work independently. Must have internet access.


There are three parts to your application.

1. A CV or Resume.

2. A writing sample.

3. This online application (click here).

Please send the CV or resume and the writing sample to


December 15th, 2011


Please contact Meredith Palmer at if you have any questions!

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