In Defense of Food Sovereignty: Stop Water Grabbing!

It’s too often forgotten that the land grabs happening around the world are always about land and something else. There is, after all, plenty of land, but no one seems to be scrambling to own large chunks of the Sahara, Moroccan conflicts notwithstanding. Land grabs are for land and future development prospects, land and oil, land and timber. Most often, land and water. Hence this press release from La Via Campesina, below the fold. Continue reading “In Defense of Food Sovereignty: Stop Water Grabbing!”

La Via Campesina and the International Women’s Day

—Via Campesina on International Women’s Day —

March 8th is International Women’s Day, a day on which we honour the memory of the many women workers, both rural and urban, who sacrificed their lives in the struggle for their rights, for justice, in order to end all discriminations and the social, economic and political inequalities that are among the underlying aspects of the development of global capitalism. It is also a day for celebrating the important progress that has been achieved in women’s struggles for emancipation.

Continue reading “La Via Campesina and the International Women’s Day”

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