One Reply to “Not down with McDonald’s clown…”

  1. First of all it’s a goat. I think that parents should educate themselves on what is “ACTUALLY” nutritious for their children and make informed decisions based on that research. Using McDonald’s as a scapegoat (pun intended) for kids poor eating habits is quite ridiculous. We blame video games for the lack of exercise our children get also, so it must be the video game industries fault for having the kids sit in front of their televisions or computers for hours on end. Parents need to educate themselves and in turn educate their children ; if they aren’t doing that than they are failing their kids not McDonald’s. I believe it is human nature to blame our pitfalls on everyone but ourselves. When do we finally hold ourselves accountable as parents when making choices for our children? When do we educate ourselves before making decisions that affect our children’s health? We have gotten to a point where complaining is so much easier than actually finding a solution.


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