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  1. Dear Raj,

    I’d like to ask you to help us, if possible, regarding the problem of the chemtrails. I live in Brazil and they’ve been already spraying those chemtrails all over here. I don’t know what exactly they are trying to do, but the odour after the rain provoked by chemtrails is terrible, as if it were sulfur, and it causes liver pain and headache, it’s definitely not good at all. These waters have been analysed and they found barium (!) and even many radioactive elements such as uranium in these samples! I don’t know why, I can be wrong, but, for me, it has something to do with depopulation, that “Jesus Christ Man 666” said that 66,6% of the world population would be wiped out, and all his talk about ‘radioactive bodies’ and so on…perhaps he was joking on the fact that he is using the money the followers give him to finance the depopulation by criminal means! Even if it’s not related to him, those jets are all over here, chemtrails are a threat and they’re already here, all over our heads and should be stopped right now! I ask you to seriously consider the issue and research about it and help us against this lethal spraying. Here are some serious videos I’d like to share with you, please watch when possible:






    Thank you in advance for anything possible you can do to help stopping the chemtrails.

    Samuel Pelegrini

  2. Thank you, Dianna. Don’t get me wrong, please, but, just asking: Are you against or for chemtrails? Sorry if it’s an idiotic question, but, your linked site is about hegemony (?!), so it caused me doubt. Sorry if I’m being silly, and clarify me if possible. Thank you. Regarding the chemtrails, well, it’s not exactly about being creepy, you know? It’s about real threat to life. I live in a place surrounded by green, no pollution at all, and now those damn jets spray chemtrails all over here at least two times a week, it’s turning this green paradise into a polluted shit. That’s why I questioned about the hegemony word there, because, if hegemony in this case here, for example, means that the place here must be equally grey like the big cities, so to hell with hegemony. You understand? Diversity is the main characteristic of nature, trying to turn it into what a hegemony wants is like driving life on this planet towards an end. What people everywhere need while the system is like it is now is money, nothing else. If they have money all ther problem is solved. If some group can make the waste collector, for example, and everybody, earn the same as the president, so they have my praise. Until then, no hegemony can be good. Unless they are for such a financial and not cultural equality, so that would be fine. The same about democracy – democracy where if people can’t even choose if they want to go there to vote or not (in Brazil voting is still compulsory)? So, I’m skeptical of everything, including democracy, hegemony, all the “y’s” and “isms” and so on. That’s why I’m asking you, because if it’s about a hegemony for the right thing, then it’s a different matter, of course. But if it’s for what a group want to impose on others, so it’s not. Simple. Well, thank you for your interest. Keep in touch. All the best.

  3. And now that the exposition of chemtrails is done, we should just leave it behind and keep on going on with our own lives, positively, happy, because the more we concern about the body and pay attention to those craps, the more we suffer their effects. And the human species kill billions, perhaps trillions of animals every year, so we have nothing to lament if something wipe us all out.

    Thank you Raj for the space here, the opportunity, and thank you Dianna for your interest too. Please, contact me via this address – samuelpelegrini [at] hotmail [dot] com, I’d like to keep in touch, your site has a very precious content, your heart is noble (written there: “We must work with a collective intention of creating a healthy environment for all living things.”, true and very beautiful), I’d like to engage if possible. Thank you. 🙂

  4. If (I’m using if because we’re not sure about their nature) chemtrails are really a means that governments found to try to prevent us from being burnt by the intensive heat of the sun this year, so unfortunately we will have to face possible consequences and accept that they keep on being sprayed, otherwise we are going to be fried soon. Two days without chemtrails and it’s very, very hot here, and we are in the winter, it should be cold. If the heat is due to the absence of chemtrails, then I think they will be necessary indeed. But our air forces should be very alert to prevent that some evil group may use the traffic of jets spraying chemtrails to try to send their own jets to spray evil things to harm us too. But if we don’t believe that they can harm us, they can’t cause us anything either.

  5. CHEMTRAILS are yes, toxic toxic! Hegemony Project is about Media Literacy and the NEED for it. Please check out my site and you will quickly understand that I am all about LIFE! Thinking! Honoring Nature and Humanity.

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