I’ve managed to flit around a number of academic domains, including mathematics (at which I was rubbish, though which I enjoyed a great deal), philosophy, politics, and economics, sociology and public affairs. Here are some of the academic articles, chapters and reports I’ve had a hand in over the past few years.


2021 Rupa Marya & Raj Patel, “Inflamed: Deep Medicine and the Anatomy of Injustice”. New York: Farrar, Straus & Giroux.

2017 Raj Patel & Jason W Moore, “A History of the World In Seven Cheap Things: Capitalism, Nature and the Future of the Planet”. Berkeley. University of California Press. . Chapter 1: “Cheap Nature” .

2010 Raj Patel, “The Value of Nothing: How to Reclaim Market Society and Redefine Democracy”. New York. Picador. (19 editions, 14 languages) Available here.

2009 Eric Holt-Gimenez and Raj Patel with Annie Shattuck, “Food Rebellions: Crisis and the Hunger for Justice”. Oakland, California. Food First Books. (4 editions, 2 languages) Available here.

2007 Raj Patel, “Stuffed and Starved: Markets, Power and the Hidden Battle for the World Food System”, London. Portobello Books. (10 editions, 8 languages) Available here.

2006 co-edited with Peter Rosset and Michael Courville, “Promised Land: Competing Visions of Agrarian Reform”, Oakland, California. Food First Books. Download here.

2000 Deepa Narayan with Raj Patel, Kai Schafft, Anne Rademacher and Sarah Koch-Schulte. “Voices of the Poor: Can Anyone Hear Us?” New York. Published for the World Bank by Oxford University Press. Download here.


2023   IPES-Food, Breaking the Cycle of Debt, Poverty and Hunger to Build Resilient Agroecological Food Systems, Brussels.

2022   IPES-Food, Another Perfect Storm? How the failure to reform food systems has allowed the war in Ukraine to spark a third global food price crisis in 15 years, and what can be done to prevent the next one, Brussels.

2022   IPES-Food, The politics of protein: examining claims about livestock, fish, ‘alternative proteins’ and sustainability. Brussels.

2021   IPES-Food & ETC Group, 2021. A Long Food Movement: Transforming Food Systems by 2045. Brussels.

2016 Sugar-Sweetened Beverage Taxation: A Policy Guide for India. Sarah Stein-Lobovits , Cameron Lagrone, Raj Patel, and Amit Srivastava. July 2016. India Resource Center.  Download here.

2016 The Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs Policy Research Project Co-directed by Erin C. Lentz Raj Patel  for the City of Austin, Office of Sustainability , “Food For All: Inclusive Neighborhood Food Planning In North Austin.” Download here.

2009 Radhika Balakrishnan, Diane Elson and Raj Patel, “Why MES with Human Rights? Integrating Macro Economic Strategies with Human Rights.” Download here.

2007 Raj Patel, “The World Bank and Agriculture: A Critical Review of the World Bank’s World Development Report 2008”, ActionAid International, October 2007. Download here.

Articles & Chapters

2024 Raj Patel, Hunger, debt and interest rates. Nature Food Download here.

2022   Raj Patel, Physicians, Climate and Revolution: Notes on systemic approaches to climate change, Wits Journal of Clinical Medicine, 4(3): 187-89. Download here.

2022 Raj Patel, Land in World-Ecology Perspectives, The Oxford Handbook of Land Politics, Saturnino Borras and Jennifer C Franco eds., Oxford University Press, Oxford. pp C18.N1-C18S1. Download here.
2021 Raj Patel, A Democratic Alternative to True Cost Pricing. Nature Food 2, no. 9 (2021): 632-34. Download here.

2021   Maninder Kahlon and Raj Patel, To Bring Food Into Health, We Must Bring Health To The Food System, Health Affairs Forefront, doi:10.1377/forefront.20210921.715421 Download here.

2020 Raj Patel & Jim Goodman, The Long New Deal, The Journal of Peasant Studies, 47:3, 431-463, DOI: 10.1080/03066150.2020.1741551 Download here. 

2018  Erin, Lentz, Bezner Kerr Rachel, Patel Raj, Dakishoni Laifolo, and Lupafya Esther. 2018. “The Invisible Hand that Rocks the Cradle: On the Limits of Time Use Surveys.”  Development and Change  doi:10.1111/dech.12426. Download here.

2017 Raj Patel, “Practice Reparation”, in Letters to a Young Farmer: On Food, Farming and Our Future, Martha Hodgkins, ed. pp 43-45. New York. Princeton Architectural Press. Download here.

2016 Raj Patel, “How Society Subsidizes Big Food and Poor Health”, JAMA Internal Medicine, July 5, DOI:10.1001/jamainternmed.2016.3068 Download here.

2014 Sam Grey and Raj Patel, “Food sovereignty as decolonization: some contributions from Indigenous movements to food system and development politics.” Agriculture and Human Values. October 2014. Download here.

2013 Raj Patel, “The Long Green Revolution.” Journal of Peasant Studies. 40:1, 1-63. DOI:10.1080/03066150.2012.719224 Download here.

2013 Raj Patel, “El papel del Poder, el Género y el Derecho a la Alimentación en la Soberanía Alimentaria”. Mundo Siglo XXI, revista del CIECAS-IPN, Núm. 31, Vol. IX, 2013, pp. 5-10. Download here.

2012 Raj Patel, “Food Sovereignty: Power, Gender, and the Right to Food.” PLoS Medicine, 9(6): e1001223. Download here. Y aquí en español.

2011 Raj Patel, “Survival Pending Revolution: What the Black Panthers Can Teach the US Food Movement.” In Food movements unite! : strategies to transform our food systems, edited by Eric Holt-Gimenez. pp 115-137. Oakland: Food First Books. Download here.

2011 Raj Patel, “Fairytale Violence or Sondheim on solidarity, from Karnataka to Kennedy road.” In Searching for South Africa: The New Calculus of Dignity, edited by Shereen Essof and Dan Moshenberg. pp190-220. Pretoria: UNISA Press. Download here.

2010 Radhika Balakrishnan, Diane Elson and Raj Patel, “Rethinking Macro-economic Strategies from a Human Rights Perspective.” Development, 53(1), pp27-36. Download here.

2009 Raj Patel and Philip McMichael, “A Political Economy of the Food Riot.” Review, A Journal of the Fernand Braudel Center, 12(1), pp9-35. Download here. (Published 2010).

2009 Raj Patel, “What Would Food Sovereignty Look Like?”, Journal of Peasant Studies, 36(3), 663-706 (Guest editor for Grassroots Voices Section). Download here.

2009 Raj Patel “Food riots”, The International Encyclopedia of Revolution and Protest. Ness, Immanuel (ed). Blackwell Publishing. Blackwell Reference Online. Download here.

2008 Raj Patel, “The Unthinkable in Pursuit of the Eatable”, Development, 2008, 51(4), pp442-449. Download here.

2008 Raj Patel, “The Hungry of the Earth”, Radical Philosophy, September/October 2008. Download here.

2008 Raj Patel, “A Short Course in Politics at the University of Abahlali baseMjondolo”, Journal of Asian And African Studies, Feb 2008, v43, pp95-112. Download here.

2007 Rajeev Patel, “Transgressing rights: La Vía Campesina’s call for Food Sovereignty”, Feminist Economics 13(1), pp 87–93. Download here.

2006 Rajeev Patel with Harald Witt and Matthew Schnurr, “Can the poor help GM crops? Technology, Representation and Cotton in the Makhathini Flats, South Africa”, Review of African Political Economy, 109, pp147-163. Download here.

2006 Rajeev Patel, “International agrarian restructuring and the practical ethics of peasant movement solidarity”, Journal of Asian and African Studies 41, 1/2, pp71-93. Download here.

2005 Rajeev Patel, Robert J. Torres and Peter Rosset, “Genetic engineering in agriculture and corporate engineering in public debate: Risk, Public Relations, and Public Debate over Genetically Modified Crops”, International Journal of Environmental and Occupational Health, 14,4, October-December, pp428-36. Download here.

2005 Rajeev Patel, “Global Fascism, Revolutionary Humanism and the Ethics of Food Sovereignty”, Development, 48, 2, pp79-83. Download here.

2005 Raj Patel, “Faulty Shades of Green: The World Bank Dissembles the Environment”, Review of Radical Political Economy, Volume 37, 3, Summer 2005. Download here.

2004 Rajeev Patel and Philip McMichael, “Third Worldism and Lineages of Global Fascism: Neo-liberalism and the Regrouping of the Global South”, Third World Quarterly: Journal of Emerging Areas, Special 25th Anniversary Issue, 25, 1, January 2004. Download here.

2002 Anne Rademacher and Rajeev Patel, “Creating Global Poverty – Reading Local Experiences, Creating Global Discourse: Reflections on Re-Contextualizing Participatory Research Data for Global Policy” in Knowing poverty : Critical reflections on participatory research and policy, K. Brock and R. McGee (eds.), London: Earthscan. Download here.

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