Here’s some of the writing I’ve been doing for the press.

2008 Food Sovereignty: A Brief Introduction, The Food Magazine, September/December.
2008 The WTO and Other Trade Tales,, December 3. Also in Spanish.
2008 Food from the Grassroots, Yes Magazine, Fall.
2008 Tortilla riots, mud cakes and why your food is so expensive, Mail on Sunday, 10 August.
2008 Muted Woe at the WTO, The Guardian, 30 July.
2008 Is Meat Off the Menu?, The Observer, 22 June.
2008 The Food Crisis is Over! (If we want it), San Francisco Chronicle, 19 June.
2008 A San Francisco Gin,, 16 June.
2008 A Man Made Famine, Comment is Free, Tuesday April 15.
2008 The Troubles With Food, Red Pepper, April.
2007 Bread and butter issues, Socialist Worker, 13 November.
2007 Turning out the lights, The Ecologist, November.
2007 Bitter Harvest, The Tablet, 8 September.
2007 Morals Make People Fat, The Guardian, 17 August.
2007 Anatomy of a Hunger Strike, Pambazuka News, 20 April.
2006 Growing Communities in South Durban, Sunday Tribune, 29 July.
2006 The End of Subsidies Will Not Solve Poverty, The Socialist Review , February.
2005 Strong-arming, sweet-talking and belly rolling – but no deal on agriculture in Hong Kong, Pambazuka News, 8 December.

2005 Somewhere to Live in Dignity, The Tribune, October 19.
2005 with Richard Pithouse, An Epidemic of Rational Behaviour, The Mail and Guardian, 20-26 May.
2005 Democracy and its simulacra, Pambazuka News, 3 February.
2003 Bad Farm Policies Starve Millions, Op-ed, Los Angeles Times, 26 December.
2003 Resisting, 19 September 2003
2003 Third World Needs a Diet of ‘Greens’, Op-ed, Free Lance Star, 29 June, 2003
2003 Three Cheers for Two Struggles with One Purpose: The Conversation between Land reformers and Trade Activists, Feature article, Debate Magazine, South Africa
2002 Beware Americans Bearing Gifts, Op-ed, Common Dreams and other international sources
2002 with Patrick Bond, Zimbabwe’s Rip-Off Poll, Feature article, ZNet and affiliated syndicates
2002 Independent voices: press crackdowns fuel online journalism, Feature article, New Internationalist, May 2002

2002 The Uses of Ali G, The Voice of the Turtle
2001 They Also Make Bombs Out of Paper, Znet, 28 November 2001 (translated into seven languages)
2001 Knowledge, Power, Banking– Feature article, Workers Online, Issue 111, 14 September 2001
2000 with Friederike Habermann, Identitäten, hört die Signale!, Dossier der Wochenzeitung Jungle World, Nr. 11, 8.Maerz 2000, 4.Jg

2000 Boys in Suits, Feature article, Ithaca Cobbler, Ithaca NY, Issue 3 March 2000
2000 The Middle Classes Kid in DC, Ithaca Online, Issue 1.
2000 A Prague Quartet – 1.Schizophrenia, 2. Amnesia, 3. Nausea, 4. Myopia
2000 After Seattle, The Voice of the Turtle

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