A Green New Deal for Agriculture

Here’s a piece run by Jacobin, written by Jim Goodman and me, on the history of the New Deal, and how it matters for rural America today. Agriculture policy in the original New Deal sprang from a heady mix of class struggle and uneasy alliances. The Green New Deal will have to stitch together a different coalition that can challenge the dominant mode of agriculture and create a more just food system.

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Chicken, for Christ’s sake

Below, an adaptation of part of A History of the World in Seven Cheap Things, written with Jason W Moore, published in The Guardian. If you’ve read the book, do look out for the post-publication addendum of the story of Oklahoma-based Christian Alcoholics and Addicts in Recovery. CAAIR was set up by chicken executives so that survivors of the opioid epidemic might pray by day and work on the understaffed night-shift at slaughterhouses. Do read the full story, as researched by the Center for Investigative Reporting. And, meantime, here’s the excerpt as published in the Long Reads series at the Guardian.

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Seven Cheap Things in Three Minutes Forty Five Seconds

Get a copy of A History of the World in Seven Cheap Things, which I wrote with Jason W Moore, at your local independent bookstore in the US and Canada. If you must, here’s the Amazon link (I’ll get a referral fee which I’ll give to La Via Campesina).

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Developing the Syllabus for an Agroecology Course

Bob St Peter, activist and farmer in northern Maine, is working on developing a syllabus for an agroecology course.  Miguel Altieri sends these two sources to help. What else can Bob look at to develop his own curriculum? Please share your ideas in the comments and if you want to join the school, more details are below, and you can contact Bob  at Agroecologymaine@gmail.com

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Ask Not What Refugees Can Do For Us…

Co-written with Eric Tang, and published by Reuters on World Refugee Day, 2016. 

Today is World Refugee Day, the most contentious one in recent memory. Refugee resettlement once enjoyed bipartisan support in the United States, but in the wake of terrorist attacks in Paris and Orlando there are few issues more polarizing in this election year. At the center of the storm are Syrian refugees fleeing persecution, many of them making the deadly passage across the Mediterranean. Fear-mongering conservatives demand that all Syrians be kept out of the United States. Liberals call for granting entry to a select few, albeit under strict guidelines.

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